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Welcome to the Price City Business Center

Looking for a place to start a business
or build an industrial or technical facility and
a great place to raise a family with
open spaces and close to scenic attractions?
Price is Perfect!!!

Price City means business and actively promotes use of the Price City Community Development and Urban Renewal Agency (RDA) and the Price City Economic Vitality Fund (EVF). The RDA provides grants for visual and structural improvements to areas and buildings while loans from the EVF can be used for almost any business need. Click on the links to the right for information and applications.Businesses also can take advantage of tax credits available for locating in Price.

The new Economic Activity Security Price City (EASY) program provides grant-based reimbursement for tangible property improvements for commercial, industrial and retail businesses located in Price City. It's EASY, to get to business in Price City, just click on the application and flyer listed.

All within the heart of scenic Utah. Surrounded
by a variety of mountain ranges full of history
and recreational opportunities.

For more information contact:

Nick Tatton
435 636-3184
Shari Madrid

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