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Price City Mayor and Council

Price City Mayor and Council

Rick Davis, Terry Willis, Mayor Michael Kourianos,

Leif Nelson, Amy Knott-Jespersen, Layne Miller


The Mayor and five Council members

represent the residents of Price. They review public policy and adopt policies responsive to the community. The City Council meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers located at City Hall, 185 East Main Street. The public is invited to attend Council Meetings.


Mission Statement

"The mission of Price City is to protect and promote the welfare of all citizens by ensuring exceptional service and leadership through communication, cooperation and creativity."



Mayor Michael Kourianos

City Hall

185 East Main Street

Price, UT 84501

Phone 435 636-3185



Council Members

Rick Davis

Amy Knott-Jespersen

Layne Miller

Leif Nelson

Terry Willis



Mayor and Council





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