Minutes of the First West Benefits Information Session

City Hall: Price, Utah

January 23, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                       Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director

Councilmembers:                             Aleck Shilaos, Police Chief

Jeff Nielson                                           John Daniels, Human Resource Director

Richard Tatton                                    Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

Jeanne McEvoy                                   Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

Rick Davis                                            Pat Larsen, Finance Director            

                                                                Nick Tatton, Community Director

                                                                Bret Cammans, Customer Service Director


Excused Absence: Councilmember Hanna-Smith

Others Present: Don Garlitz and Dave Jackson, Dana Young and Linda Allred


First West Benefit representatives Don Garlitz and Dave Jackson presented the data they received from the insurance survey and analysis completed with Price City employees and local market area.








                                                                                                Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor        








Laurie Tryon, City Recorder