Minutes of The Price City Council

City Hall: Price, Utah

January 25, 2006, 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                              Joanne Lessar, City Recorder

Councilmembers:                                   Pat Larsen, Finance Director

    Jeanne McEvoy                                 Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

    Kathy Hanna-Smith                            Nick Tatton, Community Director

   Jeff Nielson                                         John Daniels, Human Resource Director

Aleck Shilaos, Chief of Police


Excused: Councilmember Richard Tatton

   Bret Cammans, Customer Service Director


Others Present:

     Greg Marsing                        Rex Sacco                    Joe Iriart                        Melanie Steele

     Dana Young                         McKet Young                Paul Bedont                  Delia Paletta

     Lisa Richens                                    Samantha Gibson          Kayrene Gibson


Mayor Piccolo led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll was called with the above members present.




The Mayor and Councilmembers presented an update on the activities they administer.




Mayor Piccolo presented the Visionary Service Leader Award for the month of January, 2006, to Mr. Rex Sacco.  Mr. Sacco received this award for his dedication to public lands in Carbon County.


 3.        CARBON RODEO CLUB - Contribution Approved


McKet Young and Dana Young requested that the Council consider contributing towards the joint Carbon High School /Emery High School Rodeo to be held at the Carbon County Fair Grounds April 14 and 15, 2006.  Carbon High and Emery High take turns hosting the rodeo, but this year it will be combined.  There will be approximately 500 to 600 contestants plus their families.  They  stay in motels Thursday through Saturday, eat in our restaurants and purchase fuel.  MOTION.  Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that a $500 contribution be approved in the form of advertisements for the Desert Wave Pool.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.


 4.        SMUIN, RICH AND MARSING - Annual Audit Report Approved


Greg Marsing, Smuin, Rich and Marsing, presented and reviewed the audit report for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2005.  Mr. Marsing reviewed the financial statements, individual fund statements and schedules,  the statement of net assets, which included assets and liabilities, and reports according to governmental auditing standards.  The auditors Unqualified Opinion is that the City is doing everything  they should be doing.  The audit did not find any material instances or weaknesses in internal control.  MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved that the audit report be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith and carried.  Mayor Piccolo thanked Mr. Marsing for his report.


 5.        JOE IRIART - Request To Block Access Across City Owned Property Approved


Joe Iriart, 7465 South 1500 East, stated that he owns property in Miller Creek next to two parcels of ground owned by Price City.  Several years ago, a waterline (Allen Lateral Pipeline) was constructed across this property.  As the construction took place, a road was carved out of the weeds.  Approximately one year ago, individuals who live in the Golding Subdivision started to use this road as a short cut to reach the Feichko Subdivision.  An oiled road is available, but it takes longer to travel from one subdivision to the other.  He would like to stop access across his property as well as the City=s ground by posting no trespassing signs.  He has experienced vandalism, littering, and his fences being cut.  The road is only to be used as an access for  those who own the property, and is not a right-of-way.  He has contacted other property owners and they are all in favor of closing the road.  They all have their own access.  Mr. Iriart presented a map and pointed out the areas of concern.  Nick Tatton stated that he, along with Carbon County staff,

January 25, 2006


Dave Levanger and Rex Sacco, drove to the area and that Carbon County indicated they are desirous of stopping access as well.  MOTION.  Councilmember Nielson moved that Mr. Iriart=s request be approved and that he be permitted to seek lawful means to restrict access into and through Price City=s property.  Further, that a letter from the City be prepared to that effect so that Mr. Iriart can present it to the Sherif=s Office in the event of a trespass, and if necessary, that the land be posted.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.    




          Delia Paletta, Business and Technical Assistance Center Program Manager, presented the 2005

          Year End Report , which is consistent with the operating agreement.  The report detailed                           expenses, what was budgeted and the current fund balance.  There was an increase in utilities                 and a few other line items.  Mayor Piccolo explained the operation of the BTAC and the need for               an attorney, and recommended Christian Bryner.  MOTION.  Councilmember Hanna-Smith

          moved that the report be accepted and that Mr. Bryner be contacted for his acceptance as the                  BTAC attorney.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.   


7.       MAIN STREET PROGRAM - Update


          Melanie Steele, Main Street Program Manager, presented an update on the activities of the

          program and plans for 2006.  She is searching for a new logo and is working with Peczuh Printing.

          It will be similar to Price City=s logo.  Ann Anderson from KOAL is taking over as chairman of the

          Promotions Committee.  She has some good ideas and we should see the results in upcoming

          activities.  Currently being planned is the St. Patricks Day Parade on March 18, 2006.  The design

          committee, which slowed down during the holiday season, is excited to get going again and plans

          to make a push to get their first activity underway.  Plans are to assist business owners in redoing

          their exterior designs and facades to continue to enhance downtown Price and the historic

          buildings.  She has applied for a grant to hire a historic consultant and feels it would be beneficial.

          Mayor Piccolo and the Council thanked Melanie for all she has done for the program.

          Councilmember Hanna-Smith recommended contacting Scott Yelonek, who works for Peczuh

          Printing, to help with the logo.      


8.       STURDY 1 SERVICE - Home Occupied Business Approved (Relocation)


          Councilmember Nielson reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable

          recommendation to the request of Harry A. Sturdy to relocate his business, Sturdy 1 Service, to

          494 South 100 West.  MOTION.  Councilmember Nielson moved that the business be approved

          upon the purchase of a business license.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and



9.       CITIZENS CREDIT BUREAU, ANTHONY BASSO - Conditional Use Permits Approved


          Councilmember Nielson reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable

          recommendation to the following requests for Conditional Use Permits


          Citizens Credit Bureau- 375 South Carbon Avenue (BTAC) - Business

          Anthony Basso - 325 South 4th West - Second Dwelling On Property


          MOTION.  Councilmember Nielson moved that the requests be approved and that Conditional

          Use Permits be issued.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


CONSENT ITEMS -MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved that Items #10 through #21 be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith  and carried.


10.      MINUTES - January 11, 2006, January 11, 2006 (Executive Session)


           The January 11, 2006 minutes were corrected per the following:

           Item #4, second page, second paragraph, line 10 - change Anegative to neutral@.

           Item #12, fourth page, third paragraph, line 5 - change Achairman from Lea Cotter to Norma



11.      NICK TATTON - Travel Approved - IEDC Certification Prep Course, February 12-14, 2006, St.                  Louis, Missouri


January 25, 2006          




13.        POLICE CHIEF, CITY RECORDER, CITY TREASURER - Reappointed For 2006-2007




15.        RESOLUTION #2006-03 - Adopting The Purchasing Rules And Regulations




17.        PUBLIC SAFETY BUILDING REROOF, #7C-2005 - Contract West Roofing, Inc. - Change Order  #1,  Final Payment


Change Order increased contract $300 to reflect as built quantities.  Final payment in the amount of $20,100


18.        DRAINAGE CULVERT AND RELATED EQUIPMENT - Permission To Purchase In The Amount of $3,898


19.        BUDGET REVISION FY2005-06 -  Public Hearing Scheduled for February 8, 2006


20.        NEW HIRES APPROVED - Travis Atwood, Chad Carlson, Part Time On-Call Fire Fighters


21.        STREETS DEPARTMENT LABORER - Permission To Advertise To Fill Vacancy


22.        APPOINTMENT OF NEW COUNCILMEMBER - Special Meeting Scheduled For February 1, 2006   


MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved that a special meeting be held Wednesday, February 1, 2006, to interview and appoint a new Councilmember.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith and carried.


23.        WATER DEPLETION AND RECOVERY STUDY - Direction To Withdraw Funds From Water Quality Board and Community Impact Board


Mayor Piccolo directed Pat Larsen to request funds used to date from the Water Quality Board and the Community Impact Board for the Water Depletion and Recovery Study.  He recommended that Gary Sonntag review the project with the Water Quality Board. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.








ATTEST:                                                                       Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor





Joanne Lessar, City Recorder