Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

February 12, 1997, 5:30 p.m.


Mayor Lou Colosimo

Councilmembers: Roy A. Nikas, Betty P. Wheeler, Joe L. Piccolo, Steve Bringhurst, Stephen L. Denison

Cobb Johnson (Public Works Director), Francis Duzenack (Building Inspector), Gary Sonntag (City Engineer), Nick Sampinos (City Attorney), Joanne Lessar (City Recorder), Pat Larsen (Finance Director), Vernon W. Jones (Adminis. Assistant), Aleck Shilaos (Chief of Police)

Others Present: David J. Byrd, John Byrd, Ed Shook, Charles Jankiewicz, Ed Shook, Kent Boyack, Cory Mortensen, Lacey Liddiard, Rose Liddiard, Suzanne Cartwright, Dave Cartwright, Mark Liddiard, Christy Malmgren, Richard Boyden, Bill Barnes, Tom Alexander, Louis Nickas, Henry Smith

Mayor Colosimo led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called with the above members in attendance.

1. MANTI LASAL NATIONAL FOREST - Presentation of Plaque

Charles Jankiewicz, representing the Manti LaSal National Forest, presented the City with a plaque in recognition of their support and participation in the Utah Centennial Tree. Councilmember Wheeler and several people did a wonderful job in hosting the reception in the Peace Gardens. There were approximately 500 people present. Kids danced and sang and bands played. The Police Dept. helped with security and everything went great.

2. MINUTES - January 22, 1997

MINUTES. Councilmember Denison moved that the minutes of the January 22, 1997 meeting be approved as written. Motion seconded by Councilmember Bringhurst and carried.

3. RESOLUTION #97-04 - Budget Revision FY1996/97

Mayor Colosimo opened the Public Hearing at 5:32 p.m. to receive comments on the proposed budget revision for FY1996/97. There being no comments, Mayor Colosimo closed the hearing at 5:33 p.m. MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that Resolution #97-04, adopting the budget revision for FY1996/77 be approved and that the Mayor and City Recorder be authorized to sign the resolution. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nikas and carried.

4. PUBLIC HEARING - Smith Annexation 1996

Mayor Colosimo opened the Public Hearing at 5:33 p.m. to receive comments on the Smith Annexation 1996. Gary Sonntag presented a map and reviewed the 10 acre parcel of property in north Price being considered for annexation. Gary stated that one of the items the Council needs to consider is the zoning for the annexation. If the Council does not designate the zoning, it will automatically take the zone that is most common to the present City boundaries. In this case, it would be SF12, which is 12,000 sq. foot lots. David Byrd, owner of the property considered for annexation, stated that there is an additional 34 acres adjacent to the 10 acres. Their intent is that it be zoned R1-8. However, the R1-12 does not effect them, because it is their intent to provide lots that are at least 12,000 sq feet or larger, especially since the 10 acres encompasses a hillside. He would prefer to have a more lenient zoning. In case the market changes, they would like the flexibility. Gary stated that the majority of the area being annexed abuts the R1-12 Zone, which is on the upper end of the earlier annexation. The lower part abuts the R1-8. The subdivision being considered, particulary the first 10 lots, is in the R1-8 Zone that is presently within the City limits. The other 4 lots, as well as future lots on the west side of 2nd East, are going to be along the slope of the hillside. As such, larger size lots would be better. MOTION. Councilmember Nikas moved that the Public Hearing be closed at 5:40 p.m. and that the City accept the Smith Annexation 1996, subject to consideration of any protests that may be filed within the next 5 days. Further, that the zoning be SF12, and that staff be directed to prepare the ordinance to adopt the annexation. Motion seconded by Councilmember Piccolo and carried.


Police Chief Aleck Shilaos presented the Meritorious Service Award to Officer David W. Cartwright for the professional manner in which he handled a hazardous, life threatening situation which occurred at the Carbon County Jail on January 23, 1997. The Council congratulated Officer Cartwright.

6. BUILDING INSPECTION DEPARTMENT - Increase In Building Permit Fees, Request For Personnel

Francis Duzenack, Building Inspector, discussed the need to hire a full time field inspector and full time secretary. He was overloaded last year and had a difficult time taking care of everything. Within a very short time, several new projects, such as two convenience stores, two restaurants, a large industrial project, several large remodeling projects on commercial buildings, remodeling of the Senior Citizen Center, three subdivisions, and a large remodeling project on the Days Inn. He will need a field inspector with a minimum of a Level 3 certification. He will also need a full time secretary. Everything is so far behind, it will take quite a bit of time to straighten everything out. The record keeping is a disaster. The same system has been there since he started and he has not had any time to do anything with it. Old building permits are basically stacked into carboard boxes. Francis also recommended that building and inspection fees be increased. The fees haven't been increased since 1978. This would bring the fees in line with those recommended in the 1994 Building Code. Carbon County is in the process of increasing their fees to correlate with this. The Council asked about contracting this out with Carbon County. Francis will check this out and report back to the Council. The Council directed that Francis get with Pat Larsen to determine the amount of funds that will be needed for his requests. MOTION. After further discussion on increasing building permit fees, Councilmember Nikas moved that a Public Hearing be scheduled for the March 12th meeting to consider the proposed increases. Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.

7. ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION - Local Consent For Single Event Liquor License and Beer Permit

MOTION. Councilmember Bringhurst moved that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation receive local consent for a single event liquor license and beer permit for their annual banquet at the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nikas and carried.


MOTION. Councilmember Denison moved that the City sponsor a table in the amount of $1,000 at the College of Eastern Utah Founders Day Celebration to be held in Salt Lake on Wednesday, February 19th. Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried. Councilmember Bringhurst abstained. Wives of the Council will pay their meal separately.

9. PRICE OFFICE BUILDING - Contract With Carbon County and Carbon County Development Agencies

Councilmember Wheeler presented the counter proposal between the City, Carbon County, and Carbon County Development Agencies regarding the rental of the Price Office Building (Central School Building). The counter proposal has been submitted to the County for their review. MOTION. Councilmember Bringhurst moved that the Council approve the counter proposal dated February 10th as recommended by the committee and attached to this minute record. Motion seconded by Councilmember Piccolo and carried.


Councilmember Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the following home occupied businesses.

a. Pillars and Petals, 725 North 600 East, Lanell Denison &

Kathy Walton-Partners, Wedding Consultants

b. Massage Therapy, 388 North 500 East, Cindy Butler-Owner

c. Cochrane Fence Company, 440 College Avenue, John R.

Cochrane-Owner, Fencing Contractor


The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the following conditional use permits.

a. Wadoryu Karate School, Larry Martinez-Owner - Relocate To

255 East Main

b. Notre Dame DeLourdes Catholic Church, Parish Office At 205

North Carbon Avenue

c. Deseret Industries, Steve Baldwin-Manager - Relocate To

1161 East Main

14. COBB JOHNSON, PAUL WHEELER - Travel Request - Utah Water Users Workshop, March 10-12, St. George, Utah

See attached schedule of workshop sessions identified as Item "B".

16. STREETS DEPARTMENT LABORER - Permission To Advertise

This position will be to replace an employee who was terminated after 6 months probation effective 1-31-97. Dick Perea would like to hire a replacement by March 1, 1997.


See attached letter identified as Item "C".


See attached letter identified as Item "D".

23. PURCHASE OF CONFINED SPACE RESCUE KIT - Permission To Prepare Specifications and Advertise To Receive Bids

Funds are currently in the budget for this item,which will cost $15,000.

27. WATER DISTRIBUTION LINE REPLACEMENT 1997 - Permission To Advertise For Bids

The Engineering Dept. is currently preparing the construction plans and specifications for this years effort to replace old and deteriorating water lines. The following water lines being considered for replacement are:

a. Cedar Hills Drive - 700 North to 800 North

b. 800 North - 400 East to 600 East

c. 500 East - 600 North to 700 North

d. 400 East - 800 North to 900 North

e. and possibly Castlegate-Ash haul road by the Carbon

Power Plant silo (400 ft.)

28. PRICE MAIN STREET PROJECT (RECONSTRUCTION) STP-1342 (1)0 - UDOT Cooperative Agreement Modification #94-3255 and City Payment

This cooperative agreement is a modification for construction and reimbursement. See copy attached identified as Item "E". It is a follow-up to an earlier agreement dated June 17, 1994, for design and reimbursement. The agreement explains the responsibilities of the City, Utah Department of Transportation and The Engineering Group in regards to work, liability and financing the project. The current project estimate is $697,741. This covers the design work, construction engineering, UDOT involvement, road reconstruction and replacement of water and sewer lines. The majority of the project is being funded through a Federal-Aid Highway Small Urban Road program. The City is required to pay $195,741 less a $4,000 payment for a balance due of $191,741. The project costs will be re-assessed once the construction is completed. Bid advertisement for construction commenced on Saturday, February 8, 1997. Bids will be received by the UDOT on March 11, 1997.

29. BLUE PRINT MACHINE - Report On Quotations

Quotations for a new blue print machine were solicited by invitation from two companies that specialize in this type of equipment. They each submitted a quotation as follows:

Diazit Omni 120E Blu Ray 55

Certified Supply Co. $1,650.00 $ 0

Monsen Engineering Co. 0 2,495.00

Permission is requested to review the quotations and award the purchase of the blue print machine.

30. ABATE MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Request To Sponsor Motorcycle Show (Fund Raiser)

Gene Kessler is requesting permission for the Abate Motorcycle Club to sponsor a motorcycle show May 2nd and 3rd in the old Safeway parking lot. He has received permission from the owner. This event will be a fund raiser for the Christian Motorcycle Association. Dealers from both this area and out of the area will be in attendance for this event.

31. PAUL D'AMBROSIO - Purchase of Savoy Club

Paul D'Ambrosio is purchasing the Savoy Club and the liquor license that accompanies it. Louis Nickas, owner of the establishment, has contacted the State and received their approval to transfer his license to Mr. D'Ambrosio.