PRESENT:     Francis Duzenack         Kathy Sherman             Laurie Tryon                 Alfred Richens              John Angotti            Penny Sampinos           Gary Lyon        Jeanne McEvoy            Frankie Sacco 


EXCUSED:    Larry Bruno


ALSO PRESENT:     T.H. Poloni       Phil Pendleton    Shane Henrie    Ron Bogdin    Lynda Poloni

                                    Casey Stevenson    Shellie Bonacci      



            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by John Angotti.                                 .


II         ROLL CALL

            The above members were in attendance and a quorum present.



There were no changes or corrections and Gary Lyon moved to approve the Minutes of February 7, 2005, as written.   Alfred Richens seconded and the motion carried.


IV        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- FINAL -TACO EXPRESS-MOBILE FOOD SERVICE located at 504 E. Main (John’s Auto Tech) Monday through Saturday. 102 W. Main previously (old Gas & Go) Friday & Saturday evenings. Owner- Antonio Juarez not present. Motion was made to table by Gary Lyon. Motion seconded by Penny Sampinos.


V         CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT – PRELIMINARY-FINAL -ELK RIDGE PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT-5 LOTS-PHASE II. Located at 400 W. 800 So. T.H. Poloni DBA Casa Bella Enterprises Inc. Project is moving to Phase II of the 20 lot subdivision. The private development began as an approximate 54-lot section of property. Since then each home buyer has purchased 2- lots bringing the total to a now 20 lot private development. The main road into the development has been given an additional 5-foot width of pavement for required space of parking on both sides of the road. The road will still be owned and maintained by the association of the development.  The next item to be completed during Phase II will be the private park paid for and maintained by the development association.  The entrance to the park will be a 4-ft walkway between lots 8 and 9. There will be a 12 ft. gate on fairgrounds road for large trucks and equipment to enter the park as needed for building purposes.  The park will be a fully landscaped, fenced in private area for the development association. T.H. Poloni will be responsible for the pavement of the roads and landscaping of the park. T.H. has offered to assist the association with a concrete slab for a future pavilion that may be placed in the park. All maintenance thereafter will be done with the association funds. Water to the facility will be culinary and metered.  T.H. would like to see possibly a ˝ acre of grass placed in the park on the one acre lot if approved by the association.

            Insurance and liability will be paid by association. Home owners pay association fees which pay for items such as: snow removal (currently being done by homeowners) and road pavement.

The drainage ditches included in Phase I down by fairgrounds road to the old river bridge have been improved. The rest of the curb and gutter will drain down and flow into the Price River. A gravel road will be placed in for secondary access.  All work trucks will enter from fairgrounds road not through the existing subdivision in front of homes. Paved road will not be used if at all possible. Curb and gutter will be on all roads in development.  Parking on either side of the current road still needs to be voted and decided on by the association and T.H. will then place signs on the street. 

If homeowners currently have gates behind their homes large enough to store a recreational vehicle they may do so now (a covenant is in place for homeowners to read regarding the r.v. parking rules). As soon as the sewer and water are placed underground, the gravel will spread for the r.v.’s to park.  If an additional garage is built on the homeowner’s property it must be aesthetic to their homes and surrounding property and within city standards. The Fire Department conducted flow test for pressure in fire hydrants (a 50 pound requirement on pressure) with 69 ˝ pounds found to be more than adequate. The private street lighting electricity bill is paid for by association. The city will pay for power the outside street lights on fairground road. No plans have been turned in yet for landscaping of the park. The association will need to meet on that item and get back to Planning and Zoning. A motion was made by Alfred Richens for a favorable approval with a contingency to complete a development agreement with city engineer on public improvements. Motion seconded by Penny Sampinos. Motion Carried.


VI        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- SCHEFFLER CASKET COMPANY-Business & Sign. Casket Sales – 140 E. 100 S. (previously Fred’s Glass Shop). Owner was not present. Motion was made to table by Alfred Richens. Gary Lyon seconded the motion.



Planning Commissioners Journal- Remaining journals were given to Penny Sampinos and John Angotti from previous meetings. 


There was no further business and Gary Lyon moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 6:33 PM.














John B. Angotti, Chairman









Laurie Tryon, Secretary