PRESENT:            Commissioners:                                                    Nick Tatton, Community Director

                                Alfred Richens                                                     Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

                                Penny Sampinos

                                Ed Shook

                                Jeff Nielson


EXCUSED ABSENCE: Commissioner Lyon and Commissioner Sacco

OTHERS PRESENT:  Thomas McCrary, Don Nielson, Paul Simmons, James Cordova, Mike Milovich, Tracy Udink, Garry Farrell, Kathy Hanna-Smith, Mr. Nielson, Perry and Dot Fry, Jeanne and Grady McEvoy, Ken Patterson-via telephone, Nate Lechtenberg, Carrie Healy



                Chairman Larry Bruno led the Pledge of Allegiance


II             ROLL CALL


III            MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 12, 2007

A favorable motion to approve the minutes of February 12, 2007 as read was made by Commissioner Richens. Commissioner Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion carried.




Paul Simmons presented this request for an amendment to the current Conditional Use Permit of Extreme Automotive to accommodate automotive sales. The business currently does automotive bodywork, repair and painting. The amendment would allow for the current property and the additional lot next to Extreme Automotive to be used for Price Truck Sales owned by Tony Basso. The additional lot will require a hard surface which the property owner, Tony Basso, will have completed over the next several months, relative to weather conditions and contractor availability.  The business will be run as two separate entities with the appropriate licensing. Mad Man Basso Sales will be a different dealer license. Mr. Simmons reported that the state has inspected the dealership and Extreme Automotive and everything is in order. Extreme Automotive will repair the vehicles and prepare them for sale for Price Truck Sales.  The amendment would allow for the frontage and side property of Extreme Automotive to be used for Price Truck Sales displays and interaction, adding an element of activity to the property not originally permitted. MOTION. A favorable motion was made by Commissioner Richens to approve the Conditional Use Permit Amendment Final contingent upon completion of surfacing improvements to the lot within 12 months and to include all required public improvements per City development code. Commissioner Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion carried.




Tracy Udink presented a request for a Conditional Use Permit Business and Sign Final for a preschool to be located at 790 North Cedar Hills Drive (formerly Swifts Stop-n-Shop). The Building Inspector has inspected the building and given the list to Ms. Udink.   The property owner is working on the inspectors list which included some electrical items and ADA bathroom renovations. The Fire Chief has not yet inspected the building and will need to do so before the preschool opens. This building is a temporary location for the preschool to operate from while Ms. Udink is looking for a permanent building for the preschool. She would like a 12 month Conditional Use Permit for this building which will give her enough time to re-locate her business. At that time, Ms. Udink will be subject to submission of information relative to the proposed permanent location and pay the additional fees that will incur with a new building and Conditional Use Permit. Ms. Udink stated that preschools are not required to have a license or a food handler’s permit. A 4’ chain link fence will be placed around the back of the building to replace the wooden fence that has fallen apart which will provide a closed in area from the street. Ms. Udink stated that there will not be a play area as the children are only there two hours a day and do not need a playground. The traffic flow for the area will not be a problem as the preschool hours will be offset from the surrounding schools. There are two entrances into the building’s parking lot for exiting and entering. School will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. There are still underground fuel tanks that are neutralized every year to keep them from being harmful. The gas pumps have been removed leaving only the canopy and island. The sign for the building will cover the existing 4x4 sign. The sign will not be lit. Landscaping will be added as the weather changes for aesthetics to the property. The owner’s are being very helpful as to the maintenance and renovation of the property. The corner sign will be removed, and the walk in coolers will be locked at all times and only used for storage.  MOTION. A favorable motion was made by Commissioner Nielson to approve the Conditional Use Permit Business and Sign Final for 12 months (for the building) contingent on an inspection from the Price City Fire Chief. Commissioner Richens seconded the motion. Motion carried




Ken Patterson joined this meeting via phone conference as he was unable to personally attend the meeting. This new development will be a 33 unit housing project for low income, elderly citizens of 63 years of age and older. The qualifications were set based on the growing baby boomers population living below the poverty level. This is an independent, HUD 202 living solution for the elderly. The building will be a two-story structure with two sets of stairs.  The company owns the Wedgewood Villa housing project in Price and 7 other units in Utah.  Commissioners were concerned with the second floor and how the elderly tenants would escape the building if a fire were to start. Mr. Patterson stated that the building will be equipped with an elevator and generally allows only ambulatory persons to live on the second floor. The buildings are equipped with standard evacuation plans for all buildings. The units are all equipped with sprinkler systems to meet state fire codes. Staff recommendations are as follows: storm water drainage plan, a soil study, fencing size/type around development, location and connection to utilities, full size development map completed and submitted to Price City and submission of a separate application for subdivision of the property before a final can be issued. Additionally, all zoning fees must be remitted as soon as possible and prior to final approval. MOTION. A favorable motion was made by Commissioner Shook to approve the Conditional Use Permit Concept Only contingent upon staff recommendations as listed. Commissioner Nielson seconded the motion. Motion carried




Nate Lechtenberg presented this request for the new building and business of Dollar General. The building will be 9100’, surrounded by Balance Rock Credit Union, Sherald’s Burger Bar and residential homes in a CD zone. In order to meet construction time-lines and planning, the project is requesting concept, preliminary and final approval at this time. There are two entrances into the property, one from Main Street and the other coming in from 500 East. Staff recommends approval for a Conditional Use Permit Concept, Preliminary and Final based on the following: (1) submission of all necessary planning and zoning fees (2) soil analysis and study acknowledging the fill material to be imported (3) submission of storm-water drainage plan indicating drainage to Main Street (4) submission of copy of UDOT access recommendation on Main Street (5) completion of all necessary and required public improvements on both Main Street and 500 East frontages (6) mid-block 500 East street light installation (7) installation of sight obscuring fencing around project to include garbage dumpster area (8) indication of all utility connections within project site (9) obtain a demolition permit for removal of existing structure on property (10) landscaping plan for all planter areas, parking strips and south of development to minimize impact on neighboring residential units (11) submission of signage design and plan (12) submission of separate application for lot assembly (lot line) adjustment for parcels within development (13) finished stucco and rock facades on north and east facing sides (14) parking lot lighting angled away from adjacent residential properties to south (14) obtainment of all necessary construction and plan review permits. The City Engineer will assess all plans of development including soil and drainage evaluations. Mr. Lechtenberg stated there will be landscaping to match the surrounding areas with stucco and stone on the front of the building with a metal painted paneling to match stucco on east side of the building. Commissioner Richens reported dust control measures be used during demolition and construction. MOTION. A favorable motion was made by Commissioner Nielson to approve the Conditional Use Permit Concept, Preliminary and Final contingent upon completion of staff recommendations. Commissioner Richens seconded the motion. Motion carried.


VIII         OTHER BUSINESS- Carbon County Sheriff Intake Building

James Cordova and Tom McCrary led a discussion regarding the Carbon County Sheriff Intake Building that will be constructed in approximately 2 ˝ months. This building would be located north of Gas-n-Go on 100 West and used as a Carbon County Sheriff storage building with roll up garage doors. The storage would include any vehicles that need to be in a covered area protected from outdoor elements. The vehicles would be the mobile command center-trailer and motorhome, the mobile crime center, swat vehicle, and any future impound vehicles that need to be secured. Emergency vehicles would not be leaving the building at high rates of speed or a continuous use of sirens. In the building will be three offices for detectives and the county emergency manager, a conference room used for SWAT activation activities and restrooms. The landscaping will be similar to the surrounding area with planters, shrubs and plants which will cut down on the dust and weeds on the lot. Building dimensions are approximately 80 x 75 to fit lot and the entrance will be off of 200 West. Setbacks are all within requirements in this CD zone.  The parking lot will all be asphalt with parking stalls. There will be no training, generators or communication towers at this location.  

Commissioner Nielson motioned to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:05 P.M.



APPROVED______________________________ Larry Bruno, Chairman




ATTEST_________________________________Laurie Tryon, City Recorder