Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

College of Eastern Utah, Alumni Room: Price, Utah

February 6, 1997, 8:30 a.m.


Mayor Lou Colosimo


Roy A. Nikas, Betty P. Wheeler, Steve Bringhurst, Stephen L. Denison

Vernon W. Jones (Adminis. Assistant), Pat Larsen (Finance Director), Joanne Lessar (City Recorder), Cobb Johnson (Public Works Director), Aleck Shilaos (Chief of Police)

Absent and Excused: Councilmember Joe L. Piccolo

Others Present: Dick Perea, Paul Wheeler, Norma Procarione, Pat Colosimo, Gary Kutkas, Pam Moyes, Kathryn Burnham, Lyle Bauer, Suda Merriman, Dean Denison, Francis Duzenack, Robert Potts, Lt. Ed Shook, Lisa Petersen


The Council discussed the request for sponsorship for the CEU Founders Day Celebration. It was agreed that the Council support this event. As Councilmember Piccolo is absent, it was recommended that this item be tabled until the next meeting.


Mayor Colosimo opened the meeting to discuss the budget for FY1997/98. He turned the meeting over to Pat Larsen. Pat presented booklets containing requested projects and equipment and department goals for FY1997-98 and 1998-99. The supervisors discussed the needs in each of their respective departments.

Bob Potts - Discussed the need for computers and printers, fax machines, copy machines, scanners, phone system upgrades, and fiber optics in the Building Department, Utilities, Public Works, Swimming Pool, Police, Fire, Library, Finance, Administration, Engineering, Cemetery, Billing, and Information Systems.

Dick Perea, Streets/Maintenance/Irrigation. Equipment for 1997/98 - replace two 2 1/2 ton dump trucks, 10 wheeler, and cat loader. For 1998/99 - replace Tempco Sweeper, and two 2 1/2 ton dump trucks. Projects - widen Hospital Drive and Cedar Hills Drive, give merit increases to 5 of his employees, reclassify the Carpenter II position to Grade 8, and reclassify his position to Grade 18 with a $150/month increase.

Paul Wheeler, Water/Sewer. Equipment for 1997/98 - one 1/2 ton truck and man hoist and blower system for sewer manholes. Projects - replace old water lines in four streets and along Cedar Hills Drive, and repair or replace 4 or 5 sewer manholes. He would like to purchase a pup trailer for use in both the Water and Street Departments. For 1998/99 - replace part of the water line from the filter plant to the City. He would like to hire two more employees to work on the sewer system, and reclassify his position to Grade 18 with a $200/month increase. The Council questioned the need for a blower system if PRWID eventually takes over the maintenance program.

Aleck Shilaos, Police Department. Equipment for 1997/98 - three police cars and related equipment, hand held radios, radar, weapons, interior painting, a storage shed for bicycles and a covered carport. For 1998/99 - bullet proof vests and exterior painting. In addition, the Cops Grant funds ends June 30, 1998, so the City will have to pick up 75% of the salary for the officer hired under this program.

Norma Procarione, Library. Funding for craft items, Literacy, new technology, and current projects; increase the hours of two Library Aides from 19/hrs. week to 30/hrs.

Vern Jones, Administration. No new equipment is needed.

Pam Moyes, Swimming Pool. Equipment for 1997/98 - Telephones, snow blower, handicap lifter, indoor pool blankets, freezers, PH and ORP probes, vacuum, washing machine, and acid mixer. Projects - safety lighting, indoor and cason handrails, tubes and cason cement work, and preventative maintenance on motors. For 1998/99 - wave pool bubble, chemical control system for wave pool, overhaul heating system, interior painting, and fabricate electric roller.

Kathryn Burnham, Treasurers Office. Equipment for 1997/98 - computer desk and part time person (1,000 hours/year), and computer training. Project - more accuracy is cash receipting. A full time person will be needed for 1998/99, as Kathryn will be retiring.

Pat Larsen, Finance. Equipment for 1997/98 - computer desk. Projects - organizing the file storage in the basement of the library, improve the budget process, cross training, improve programs and reports, and to have everyone on the same PC computer programs.

Pat Colosimo, Utilities. Equipment for 1997/98 - radio meter reading system. Projects - adjust all employees to mid range salary and recommend that accrued vacation after longevity be evaluated and adjusted. Pat will also be retiring in two years.

Gary Kutkas, Electric. Equipment for 1997/98 - one 4 wheel drive vehicle. Projects - current maintenance contract with PacifiCorp, Cedar Hills Drive electrical, contract to trim trees and repair street lights, and start upgrading the electrical distribution system in the old sections of town. Projects for 1998/99 - look into purchasing power from other agencies, upgrade the 4KV to 12KV and upgrade the Central Substation. Depending on the contract with PacifiCorp, it may be necessary to hire another full time Electric Dept. head and a full time employee for tree trimming and street light repair.

Lyle Bauer, Cemetery. Equipment for 1997/98 - edger, air broom and 1/2 ton truck. Projects - a building for Cliffview Cemetery, resurface roadways in the Price Cemetery, upgrade sprinkler systems, seal joints in the roadway at Cliffview Cemetery, insulate the building in the Price Cemetery, replace trees, a gate and sign for Cliffview Cemetery, and personnel training. For 1998/99 - a push mower and snow blower. Projects for 1998/99 - continue the same projects as for 1997/98 and pave area around the dirt shed.

Cobb Johnson, Shop Department. Equipment for 1997/98 - plasma cutter, one 1/2 ton 4X4 truck, air compressor, painting equipment, chop saw, impact wrench, and supervisor of Shop Department.

Suda Merriman, Parks Department. Equipment for 1997/98 - field groomer for ball parks, two-wheel trailer, one 1 ton dump truck, and one 2 1/2 ton dump truck. For 1998/99 - push mower, boom truck and chipper. Projects for 1997/98 - North Ball Park improvements, tree trimming, Rose Park pavilion roof, Pioneer Park grill and vent, Pioneer Park landscaping, recreation equipment, and personnel training. Projects for 1998/99 - add to greenhouse, softball field sprinkler system, recreation and playground equipment, trees, expand parking area of Washington Park, Washington Park pavilion roof, Pioneer Park, R.V. Park, and new park at 300 East 500 North. Personnel for 1998/99 - two tree trimming crews.

Suda Merriman, Weed Department. Equipment for 1997/98 - two string trimmers. Equipment for 1998/99 - roadside weed cutter and push mower. Projects for both 97/98 and 98/99 are weed control, and personnel training.

Dean Denison, City Hall. Equipment for 1997/98 - a used 1/2 or 3/4 ton truck, 6 folding tables and new settees. Projects for 1997/98 - upgrade the auditorium lighting, remodel the break room, replace the wall covering in Room 207, landscape the Public Safety building, and fire alarm and parking lot at Central School building. If the Chamber of Commerce moves out of City Hall, it may be necessary to redecorate that area. Pending disposition of Central School building, no personnel changes are foreseen. Dean will be retiring effective April, 1998.

Cobb Johnson, Public Works Complex. Equipment for 1997/98 - 10 conference chairs and voice mail. Projects for 1997/98 - reseal domes, replace ceilings in Conference Rooms, carpet Dome A, restore domes sign. Cobb recommended that because of the huge leaks and the damage being done, that a portion of the domes be resealed this current year and the remaining portion in 97/98. The company performing this work has agreed to work with the City on a carry-over to next year's budget. Pat Larsen stated that she placed $90,000 in the budget revision for this purpose. Cobb will be retiring effective January 1, 1998.

Francis Duzenack, Building Inspection. No equipment needed. Personnel for 1997/98 - full time field inspector and full time secretary. Francis recommended increasing building permit and inspection fees to correlate with the schedule in the Uniform Building Code 1994. These fees haven't been increased for several years. Carbon County is in the process of increasing them and most of the other jurisdictions in the State have adopted the new schedule.

Gary Sonntag, Engineering - Equipment for 1997/98 - plan and file storage cabinets. Equipment for 98/99 - new office desk. Projects for 97/98 - water management and maintenance program. Projects for 98/99 - street pavement management and maintenance program. Personnel - hire a City Engineer in November, 1997. Hire a Planning Consultant in 98/99 on an as-needed basis. Year 1999/2000 - survey and coordinate network throughout the City.

Kent Boyack, Fire Dept. - Equipment for 1997/98 - replace 3 breathing apparatus tanks, replace 4 turnout gear, hearing protection, carbon monoxide tank, roof saw and high volume foam unit. Personnel 97/98- increase the number of fireman to 21 Equipment for 1998/99 - replace 3 breathing apparatus tanks and 4 turnout gear. Personnel 98/99 - increase the number of fireman to 22. Equipment for 1999/2000 - replace 3 breathing apparatus tanks, replace 4 turnout gear, and new pumper truck. Project for 1999/2000 - look at another building to be used as a fire station, such as the BLM building, to house a couple of fire trucks. A fire truck is currently being housed at the Public Works Complex.

Meeting adjourned for lunch at 12:00 noon. Mayor Colosimo announced that after lunch, that the supervisors could be excused if they did not want to stay for the remainder of the meeting.

Meeting reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

Pat Larsen reviewed the budget revision requests. Some of those requests were to reclassify Wilma Barnett to a Grade 7, and a wage adjustment for the Police Sergeants; reseal the domes at $90,000, reroof the museum for $20,000, and overtime of approximately $17,000. The General Fund contributed $122,800 to the Capital Improvements Fund, $3,900 more to the Library, $8,900 to the pool, and $30,500 to fibre optics. With the above adjustments, the General Fund was out of balance $89,425. Due to the revision and additional revenue, $76,765 was moved out of Fund Balance in the General Fund to cover all of the above. This $76,000 did not hurt the fund balance, as the fund balance was over last year. This amount included the $40,000 received from the old water tanks.

Based on a phone call received from Ken Jones, Bob Potts stated that the $30,000 will not cover the costs for fibre optics. He asked that an additional $10,000 be added.

The Council discussed finishing the ball fields and resealing the domes. It was decided to place $90,000 in the budget revision for the domes and $50,000 for the ball fields in order to get as much as possible completed before the Little League games start.

The Council reviewed the projects and items requested by the supervisors for the 97/98 budget. Pat Larsen stated that the requested equipment totals $775,000. The priorities will need to be identified. The following decisions were made.

Treasurers Office - delete PC.

Engineering Dept. - switch street pavement to 97/98 and move the

water management and maintenance program to 98/99.

Building Inspection - Pat will work with Francis to come up with

the projected costs for a new inspector and secretary.

City Hall/Central School - parking lot to remain in the budget;

delete settees.

Police Dept. - delete one Police Dept. vehicle and associated

equipment; delete storage shed for bicycles and delete covered carport.

Fire Dept. - delete roof saw and move hearing protectors to the

next budget year; delete the requested fireman; find out more information on the BLM building for a new fire station. Public Works - delete the conference chairs and voice mail; restore the dome sign under maintenance in this year's budget.

Shop Dept. - delete 1/2 ton 4 X 4 truck; delete the compressor and

paint equipment and purchase them in this year's budget.

Street Dept. - one 2 1/2 ton dump truck (replace 304) to remain in

budget; Pat will check into a lease/purchase for the 2 1/2 ton dump trucks and cat loader; move the 10-wheeler to the 1998/99 budget year. Take $75,000 out of Fund Balance and increase the amount of $60,000 to $75,000 to lay 33 1/2 feet of asphalt from the east curb and gutter westward to widen Cedar Hills Drive. Place a hold on personnel reclassifications at this time.

Parks Dept. - delete Pioneer Park grill and vent.

Cemetery Dept. - building for the Cliffview Cemetery to remain in


The Council discussed the yearly cost of the pool. Pat informed the Council that this past years cost was $202,000 for benefits and salary. The deficit was $211,000. Councilmember Denison expressed concern over hiring employees for the summer months. He recommended that they be hired on a temporary basis so that when summer ends, there won't be 30 employees for a 5 hour/week job. It was recommended that safety lighting and handrails requested for the next budget year be completed this budget year.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.