Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

March 4, 1998, 4:00 p.m.


Mayor Lou Colosimo

Councilmembers:  Roy A. Nikas, Betty P. Wheeler, Joe L. Piccolo, Steve Bringhurst, Stephen L. Denison

 Vernon W. Jones (Adminis. Ass't.), Joanne Lessar (City Recorder), Pat Larsen (Finance Director), Gary Sonntag (PW Dir/City Engineer)


Pat Larsen presented the requested increases for personnel for the Fiscal Year 1998/99. The Council reviewed each one individually and the reasons for the increase, which were either for increased responsibilities or reclassification to higher grades.

The Council reviewed the amount of overtime for the year 1997 and what possibly occurred in each department to warrant the overtime. The percentage of overtime for 1997 increased significantly from 1996. It was suggested to hire temporary employees to help control overtime. Several ways were discussed to reduce overtime, such as compensatory time and staggering and arranging hours differently. Pat Larsen indicated that the overtime forecast for this budget is $123,200 with benefits at $27,000. Last years costs were $93,000. If the overtime and benefits totaling $150,000 were deleted, the Council would be able to give the employees an additional increase other than the cost of living. The Council understood that there are times when overtime can not be avoided, such as snow removal, huge rain storms, water line breaks, etc. Pat suggested that a meeting be held with the supervisors, inform them of what the costs of overtime are and what could be done with this money. The Council directed that this meeting he held on Monday, March 9th, at 9:00 a.m. The Council suggested that supervisors begin documenting all emergency overtime. The Council questioned if the overtime this past year has been for emergencies or non-emergencies. The Council directed that Pat conduct a study on this.

The Council discussed personnel changes in various departments, pending retirements and replacements for those positions. Hiring two part time employees versus one full time employee was also discussed. The concrete replacement program and hiring additional temporary employees was reviewed.

Pat presented a list of organizations where the City contributed funds over the last three years; 1995 totaled $6,100, 1996 $3,370, 1997 $6,255, and so far in 1998 $2,750.

March 4, 1998

This list of contributions will be reviewed further.

The Council reviewed the sidewalk and street lighting project from Carbon Avenue to the Carbonville Road and questioned if this project should be placed on hold and the park in West Price constructed first. Gary Sonntag stated that at the last Redevelopment Agency meeting, a motion was passed to begin specifications and advertise to receive bids. He has gone full speed ahead and is in the process of completing this project. He would not be able to stop this project and start another in time to finish it by the end of June, which is the deadline to spend this year's Redevelopment funds. With this in mind, the Council directed that Gary go ahead with the sidewalk and street lighting project.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.