PRESENT:     Alfred Richens  Penny Sampinos           Gary Lyon                    Francis Duzenack

                        Jeanne McEvoy            Larry Bruno                  Frankie Sacco              Laurie Tryon


EXCUSED: John Angotti, Chairman (excused absence)


ALSO PRESENT:     Antonio Juarez Dick Godin                   Rick Carlton                 Dustin Heugly               Thomas McCrary          Bette & Jerry Faulconer            Gary Chock                 Wayne Clausing           



            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice Chairman, Larry Bruno.


II         ROLL CALL

            The above members were in attendance and a quorum present.



Corrections needed to be made on item V of the minutes of February 22, 2005, to show approval of the said Conditional Use Permit before the motion was carried. Gary Lyon moved to approve the amended Minutes of February 22, 2005.  Alfred Richens seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


IV        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- BUSINESS, FINAL -TACO EXPRESS-MOBILE FOOD SERVICE located at 504 E. Main (John’s Auto Tech) Monday through Saturday. 102 W. Main previously (old Gas & Go) Friday & Saturday evenings. Owner- Antonio Juarez .

Antonio Juarez presented this request. Mr. Juarez has a portable food stand that he would like to take from the given two addresses selling pre-cooked food. Planning and Zoning has requested copies of permission letters from the property owners of 102 W. Main and 504 E. Main. Mr. Juarez needs to have permission to sell his food on the property owner’s lots. Mr. Juarez said that all food is cooked in a restaurant in Wellington, Utah called the Hot Pepper Café. He had a copy of his Food Handlers Permit and had Francis Duzenack view the document for validity.  The owner’s of Big Dog’s Club (Bette & Jerry Faulconer) which is located next to 102 W. Main came to the meeting with disagreements to the location of the food stand.  Mr. Bruce Billings, owner of 102 W. Main property had called Francis Duzenack and requested that Mr. Juarez did not park on the 102 W. Main property unless he receives a phone call from Mr. Juarez and possible arrangements can be worked out.  Mr. Juarez told Francis that he had permission to park on the Liquor store parking lot after hours. Until permission letters are received, this item will be set aside. Motion to table by Gary Lyon. Motion seconded by Penny Sampinos. Motion Carried.




            File Withdrawn.



VI        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- SCHEFFLER CASKET COMPANY-BUSINESS & SIGN FINAL Casket Sales – 140 E. 100 S. (previously Fred’s Glass Shop). Not in attendance. Tabled by Gary Lyon until further notice. Motion seconded by Alfred Richens. Motion Carried.



VII      CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT – BUSINESS & SIGN FINAL– DOWNTOWN SELF STORAGE -30 SOUTH 1ST WEST – TONY BASSO, OWNER.  Mr. Tom McCreary presented this request for Tony Basso of AJB Property Management.  This will be a walk-in storage facility with 20 inside storage units.  The building will be painted and cleaned up with advertising on the outside of the building. A painted sign on the front of the building will be approximately 2’ x 16’ with coordinating signs on the sides of the building, approximately 4 x 8 each. A ramp will be placed for access into the building. The roof is presently being completed. A Conditional Use Permit and also a fire inspection will be required when building is completely repaired. There will be a 1 hour firewall between each storage unit. The building needs a new floor which is pending on engineered plans. There will be no need for plumbing and only a small amount of electrical work. There are no foreseen problems with parking as there is parking on the south side of the building. There is a wide sidewalk to allow for traffic. Alfred Richens motioned for a favorable recommendation for a conditional use permit, business and sign. Penny Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion Carried.



1130 SOUTH CARBON AVENUE (PREVIOUSLY KORETS). RICHARD GODIN-MANAGER –Relocation of business located at 935 E. 100 N. to 1130 South Carbon Avenue.

Mr. Richard Godin presented this request. Sign will be approximately 3 x 21 feet and placed on the front of building. The inside of the building will be used mostly for housing all tire inventory. The parking lot will be almost entirely for employees. This business services coal mines mostly and will have light traffic from the public. Francis Duzenack would like to see the rear driveway access onto fairgrounds road limited due to a large amount of present traffic.  Mr.Godin has plans to add a gate and anchored barriers to that particular outlet in order for vehicles to use the other access from the parking lot. The jersey barriers will protect the gas meter and sharp turn that is located by that access. The road will be paved to keep the dust down. A fire inspection needs to be scheduled. No outdoor storage will be needed-only to unload and store inside. During unloading it may be stored between two buildings away from public view. Gary Lyon motioned for a favorable recommend for GCR Tire move. Penny Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


IX        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT – CONCEPT ONLY-PROPOSED UTAH HIGHWAY PATROL BUILDING1365 South Carbon Avenue- Rick Carlton and Travis Ludlow-CV LLC, Owners. Rick Carlton and Gary Chock presented this request. This building will be placed east of the new probation building (owners of both buildings). Landscaping of both buildings will be completed once the weather clears up and a water break is fixed. Also, both buildings parking areas will be asphalted. Alfred Richens added that there are no existing light poles in the plans. The owners assured the committee that lights will be on buildings and flagpole to light up the parking lot. The flood lights come on automatically at dusk. More lights will be added in the future, if necessary. Francis Duzenack has requested that another sampling manhole (required by PRWID) be added by this second building and the elevation of sewer lines need to be checked for any slopes that may exist. The concept fee needs to be paid ($50.00) before moving to the next preliminary level and possibly final.  The company has yet to hand in the preliminary plans and have ten days prior to the March 21 meeting to do so. A monument sign will be added eventually. They will return for sign approval at a later date. The monument sign will be used for both buildings. CV LLC has plans for one more building in the future and the sewer lines for a 3rd building will have to be added as well as another fire hydrant. A favorable recommend was motioned by Penny Sampinos for CV LLC -CONCEPT ONLY. Gary Lyon seconded the motion. Motion Carried.





            HEUGLY & HEUGLY LAW OFFICES – 140 N. Cedar Hills Dr. STE #6B. Dustin Heugly-

Manager. (old clubhouse-upstairs). Dustin Heugly presented this request. The law offices are already set up and doing business. A 4’x 8’ sign will be mounted on 4” x 4” x 8’ posts to be visible from road (placed on side of road). A 2’ x 3’ building sign to match will be placed on front on building. Gary Lyon inquired about the parking and if there were enough spaces for public parking. Mr. Heugly has six reserved spaces and several for public. Lower level of building is not being used. At this time, parking is not an issue. The staff recommendations are for a fire inspection to be scheduled. The favorable recommend for Heugly Law Offices business & sign final contingent upon fire inspection motioned by Gary Lyon. Motion seconded by Penny Sampinos. Motion Carried.



Discussed an addition to Sutherlands previous approval. Wayne Clausing presented this request. Sutherlands has offered to place 4 street lights on opposite side of road instead of 2 proposed lights on same side in order to be consistent with existing lighting and not to disrupt landscaping. Lights will be mounted on existing power poles and give the city two extra lights on the main road. The lights will still be a part of Price City. Price city will be taking over this section of power system the first part of April. The light fixtures and labor will be paid for by Sutherlands. Ken Harney suggested that Sutherlands wait for Price City to take the system over, then install the lights. The poles are adequate for the lighting and the lights will blend in better with existing poles rather than add different light fixtures. Another issue Wayne Clausing had was regarding the dirt road behind property needs to be fenced off so people can’t get through lumber yard. The cost and labor of the fence would be up to Sutherlands. The commission approved this matter.



There was no further business and Alfred Richens moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 6:49 PM.










Larry Bruno, Vice Chairman









Laurie Tryon, Secretary