PRESENT:           Commissioners:                                  

                                Larry Bruno                                          Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

                Robert Richens                    Nick Tatton, Community Director

                                Edwin Shook

                Kathy Hanna-Smith

                Frankie Sacco

                Gary Lyon


EXCUSED: Commissioner A. Richens

OTHERS PRESENT: Leslie Tolley, Dave Gerrard, Dusten Heugly and Sonny Olsen



                Chairman Bruno led the Pledge of Allegiance


II             ROLL CALL


III           MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 25, 2008

               Commissioner Hanna Smith moved to approve the minutes of February 11, 2008 as

                presented. Motion seconded by Commissioner Shook and carried.




                A Conditional Use Permit was submitted by Mr. Dave Gerrard for his business, Sign

              Edge. The business will be occupying the building located at 37 North 100 West, which

              is situated within the Commercial Development (CD) zoning district. Mr. Gerrard stated

              that the Price City Fire Chief had inspected the building. Chairman Bruno read aloud the

              recommendations for this CUP:

·         No on street parking permitted by employees or owners.  All employees and owners must park in off-street parking consistent with the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Code finding that off-street parking by employees and owners promotes a commerce friendly commercial area and facilitates economic activity within Price City consistent with the Price City General Plan.

·         Submission of final property signage plan to Price City planning staff for review and administrative approval of consistency with the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Code prior to installation finding that property reviewed and approved signage promotes improved community aesthetics and consistency.

·         No land uses inconsistent with the ongoing operation of a professional signage design and advertising business permitted at the subject property finding that only properly reviewed and approved land uses are consistent with the Price City General Plan.

·         Procurement of a valid Price City building permit for building renovations and improvements finding that properly permitted and inspected building renovations promote long-term quality development and redevelopment within Price City and is consistent with the Price City General Plan.

                Mr. Gerrard stated that he had received his building permit this week. He requested the

              Commission approve the three (3) trees in front of the building be removed and replaced

              with shrubs because it blocks the signage on the buildings. Commissioner Hanna-Smith

              suggested that he speak with Price City’s Park Supervisor, Suda Merriman for her

              landscaping recommendations. MOTION. Commissioner Hanna-Smith moved to

              approve the CUP Business and Sign Final for Sign Edge. Motion seconded by

              Commissioner Lyon and carried. ACCEPTANCE. The Commission confirmed the

             acceptance and understanding of the approval conditions by Dave Gerrard.




              TOLLEY, OWNER

                Leslie Tolley requested a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a daycare business land use

              at 1375 South 100 East.  The location is situated within the Manufacturing – Distribution

              (MD) zoning district.  Staff had concerns with the possible permitting of a daycare

              business and land use within the MD zoning district due to incompatible adjacent land

              uses now or in the future. Mrs. Tolley runs a home daycare and would now like to open a

              daycare center to accommodate the growing daycare needs of the community. To open a

              daycare center, she stated that she must follow strict guidelines from the State of Utah

              regarding everything from a Food Handlers Permit, a fenced in play area, special sinks,

              separated sections for infants/toddlers and older children and infant caretaker ratios. Mr.

              Sonny Olsen and Dusten Heugly are the current lessee’s of the building that Mrs. Tolley

              would be renting and represent her legally at this meeting. They would like to secure the

              daycare center in the building so that they can exercise their option to purchase the

              building once they have renters. They stated that they will then have the private road back

              to the building from Hwy 10 paved with help from the surrounding business owners and

              pave their own parking lot in front of the building. The building will be fixed up inside

              and out this year with stucco on the outside. The attorney’s stated that they want

              to enhance the building and improve the value of the area and feel that the daycare center

              will be an asset. Mrs. Tolley stated that the building is set to the back of the property and

              traffic will not be an issue. The play area will be at the back of the building in a fenced

              area. Mr. Heugly stated that he knows about the Fire and Building Inspection and that the

              building already has a fire sprinkler system. It is the be staff’s recommendation for Mrs.

              Tolley to petition the Price City Council for an amendment to the Price City General Plan

              and Land Use Management and Development Code that would change the zoning in the

              area or facilitate the daycare land use within the MD zoning district. She would then

              reapply to the Price City Planning and Zoning Commission and Price City Council for a

              CUP under the revised/changed Ordinance.

              Chairman Bruno read aloud the conditions set for the recommended CUP for the Daycare


·         Submission of current state daycare licensing and any Health Department food safety certifications

·         Fenced and controlled outdoor play area(s) without unauthorized access finding that fenced children’s play area(s) without access for unauthorized persons mitigates potential for unauthorized access to children;

·         Inspection of the location by the Price City Building Inspector and Price City Fire Chief for building and fire code compliance and completion of any recommendations set forth by the Price City Building Inspector and/or Price City Fire Chief regarding building and fire safety finding that properly inspected and renovated daycare facilities provide a safe environment for children;

·         Identified drop-off and pick-up parking and/or staging areas for parents to pick up and drop off children to the daycare business finding that a separate drop off and pick up location, separated from other parking areas, promotes safety of pedestrians and will mitigate potential negative impacts with adjoining land uses;

·         Submission of any business signage to the Price City Planning Department for administrative review and potential approval consistent with the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Code prior to installation finding that properly reviewed and approved signage promotes community aesthetics, economic prosperity and supports the goals of the Price City General Plan;

·         Acknowledgement by applicant that properly permitted land uses within the MD zoning district surrounding the location of the daycare business that may have a potential negative impact on a daycare business, known to exist by businesses typically locating in an MD zoning district, finding that MD zoning districts are established to be locations where heavy industrial processes necessary to the economy may be conducted and validly permitted by Price City in the future and that potentially permitted businesses in the MD zoning district may have light, noise, traffic, or other impacts that are not conducive to an adjacent daycare business.

             MOTION. Commissioner Lyon moved to approve the daycare center according to

             Section 11.3. of the Price City Land Use and Management Code. Motion seconded by

             Commissioner R. Richens and carried. ACCEPTANCE. The Commission confirmed the

             acceptance and understanding of the approval conditions by Leslie Tolley.


                Subsequent to the recommend approval, the applicant and the Planning Commission

              discussed the possibility of re-zoning the area from MD to CD to better accommodate

              current and future land uses in the area as well as the pros and cons of any potential

              rezone.  The applicant via legal counsel agreed to propose the discussed zone change in

              the next few weeks.           



                      1.  Pinnacle Canyon Academy:

                                         a. All plat revisions, public right-of-way dedications, improvement design

                                   completed by 12-31-07

                                         b. Completion of development agreement requirements by 7-1-08

                                         c. Completion of off street parking requirements by 7-1-09

                      2. Tom Richardson – Single Wide Trailer – 01-21-08

                      3. Price Auto Group- Pavement


Meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m. by Chairman Bruno pursuant to the motion by Commissioner




APPROVED: _________________________                  ATTEST: ________________________

                       Larry Bruno, Chairman                                                      Laurie Tryon, City Recorder