Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

March 13, 1997, 5:00 p.m.


Mayor Lou Colosimo

Councilmembers: Roy A. Nikas, Betty P. Wheeler, Steve Bringhurst, Stephen L. Denison

Vernon W. Jones (Adminis. Ass't.), Joanne Lessar (City Recorder), Gary Sonntag (City Engineer), Francis Duzenack (Building Insp.)

Absent and excused: Councilmember Joe L. Piccolo

1. CLINT SANDERSON - Reinstatement of Building Permit Denied

The Council met to review the issue regarding reinstatement of the building permit for Clint Sanderson, 326 East 200 South. This item was discussed at the Council Meeting held Wednesday, March 12, 1997.

Francis Duzenack stated that he received a request from Mr. Sanderson for a building permit to place a manufactured home at the above address. When he asked Mr. Sanderson if the improvements had been constructed on the lot, Mr. Sanderson stated that they were, but they were covered by the snow. He issued a permit on February 25, 1997. Later that same day, he drove by the lot and found that the improvements had not been constructed. The next morning, February 26, 1997, he called Mr. Sanderson and explained that because the property development was not complete, he would need to stop work until a Development Agreement and Letter of Credit were submitted to the City Engineer. Mr. Sanderson did contact Gary Sonntag for the information on development requirements. Mr. Sanderson's contractor requested permission to pour the footings, and as his equipment and forms were in place and the paperwork was in progress, he felt it wouldn't be a problem to approve the footings. On February 28, 1997, he approved the footings.

Councilmember Nikas asked Francis if Mr. Sanderson understood about the curb, gutter, sidewalk, and pavement? Francis stated that Mr. Sanderson indicated that there was curb and gutter on the west side, but not pavement.

Councilmember Denison stated that in checking the Deed of Trust and Warranty Deed with the Carbon County Recorder, he found that Mr. Sanderson purchased the property February 27, 1997.

Gary Sonntag stated that Mr. Sanderson called him on February 26, 1997. He wrote a letter to Mr. Sanderson dated February 27, 1997, explaining what needed to be done, and that he either needed a Letter of Credit or cashiers check.

Councilmember Denison stated that the entire street is the same way. There is a deep irrigation ditch on both sides of 3rd East. The property owner is responsible from the existing pavement to the curb.

After reviewing the information presented, the Council felt that the improvements will need to be completed and that they will not be able to assist Mr. Sanderson. They cannot violate the Land Development Code, and if they assist Mr. Sanderson, it will set a precedent and they will need to assist others. The Council recommended that a letter be sent to Mr. Sanderson stating the above decision, and that Mr. Sampinos, City Attorney, review the letter before it is sent.

Meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.