Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

March 20, 2001, 7:00 a.m.


Mayor Lou Colosimo Vernon W. Jones, Community Administrator

Councilmembers Joanne Lessar, City Recorder

Roy A. Nikas Pat Larsen, Finance Director

Betty P. Wheeler Gary Sonntag, PWD/City Engineer

Joe L. Piccolo Keith Wight, Human Resource Director

Stephen L. Denison Aleck Shilaos, Chief of Police

Others Present:

Norma Procarione Lisa Petersen

Pat Larsen presented a list of requested changes and reorganizations in personnel in the budget for Fiscal Year 2002.

Library - Norma Procarione presented the requested changes in the job description for a Library Aide to reflect the requirement for computer knowledge, high school graduation, preferably with some college and previous experience. This changed the grade from a 2 to a 4. The other item is a Library Technician. This position was never filled. A former employee was to have taken this position but remained as a Library Aide. She would like move to one of her Library Aides into this position, plus add one more Library Aide. She is hoping to utilize the basement since they are out of space upstairs. If this happens, it will be necessary to move an employee downstairs to oversee that operation. In addition, the job description for the Library Technician was changed to reflect education requirements and increased computer knowledge. Pat Larsen explained what the increased costs would be to implement the above requests.

Police Department - Aleck Shilaos reported that he has rewritten all of the job descriptions in the Police Department. He would like to implement a new job description called Police Officer II, and eliminate two job descriptions that are no longer in use. Both he and Keith Wight applied the point system to all new job descriptions. This resulted in a one step upgrade for all sworn officers. The Ordinance Compliance Officer resulted in a two step upgrade. The new job description for Police Officer II would be a Grade 14. If these changes are accepted, there would need to be a slight wage adjustment for the Sergeants. In addition, there would be a slight increase for one of the Police Secretaries to reflect longevity. The last time job descriptions were reviewed was 15 years ago. Since that time, things have changed. Pat Larsen explained what the increased costs would be.

Pat Larsen reported that the cost of living reflected in January is 4%. The retirement rate is going down approximately 2%, and insurance rates could go up anywhere between 10 and 20%.

Building Maintenance Department - Councilmember Wheeler reported that with Building Maintenance taking care of all the buildings, there has been increased duties and responsibilities. As technology has changed so drastically, there is a need for a person with a mechanical background. This person would be a permanent full time employee to help with repairs in all buildings. There will also be more duties if the City takes over the old Bureau of Land Management building. It was recommended to prepare a job description for a handyman, a semi-skilled person, etc., someone that could work with wood, patching walls, etc., and determine what this classification would be.

Engineering Department - Gary Sonntag reported that the Drafting Technician position under the Engineering Dept. has been vacated. He does not intend to fill the position. He would like to propose two new positions. One is a Deputy City Engineer. Upon passing the Professional Engineers exam, he would like to promote the Engineering Assistant to Deputy City Engineer with a salary adjustment. The other position is an intern, possibly a college student to work part time to assist both the City Engineer and Deputy City Engineer. This would help fill some of the void previously performed by the Drafting Technician.

Public Works Department - Gary Sonntag stated that he would like to create a Public Works Administration Assistant position. This person would report to him and would assist in planning, organizing, scheduling, reporting, coordinating, corresponding and all phases of the Public Works Division. This assistant would help with the work that needs to be accomplished. This person would be more of a clerical type person and help with correspondence, reports, communication, etc.

Streets Maintenance Department - Gary Sonntag discussed changing the titles of operators in Streets Maintenance. The operators have different titles and are not inconsistent with what we are trying to accomplish. This would change to Operator I, Operator II and Operator III. It will provide a better understanding of what one operator can do as far as advancement and distinguish it from there. The same philosophy goes for Laborers I, II and III. All of the temporary Laborers would be Laborer I. Carpenters would also be listed as I, II and III. He would like to include a temporary intern that would work with the Street Supervisor on projects such as pavement management and data collection. This would most likely be a part time student.

Fleet and Shop Departments - Gary Sonntag discussed a temporary part time Shop Assistant to help the auto mechanics and upgrade the facility, such as painting walls and floors, the welding room, fuel aisle, putting down floor markings identifying safety areas, organizing the parts and tool room, identifying inventory, detailing and shuttling vehicles.

Parks and Weed Departments - Gary Sonntag stated that in keeping with other departments, it is proposed that all the permanent personnel in the Parks and Weeds Dept. be classified as Groundskeepers I, II and III. The temporary help in the Parks and Cemetery will be classified as Parks Laborer I and Cemetery Laborer I. The Weed Abatement has a separate account. Personnel in the Weed Abatement work under the direction of the Parks Supervisor and are listed as Cemetery/Parks Laborers. He suggested they be classified as Parks Laborer I and in addition, the account for Weed Abatement be transferred into the Parks Account. The Parks Department has a large number of parks to maintain, such as the Atwood Ball Park, Terrace Hills Park, Pioneer Park, Washington Park, Underpass Park, South Price Park, Rose Park, Public Works Complex, 400 West Park, detention basin park, future UDOT interchanges, Bicycle Park, future BLM, and restrooms and park reservations. Some of these are future areas, but they are all the responsibility of the Parks Department. Because of all this maintenance, Gary suggested that the City reduce the services offered under Weed Abatement. The Parks Department will still be involved in taking care of weeds, but the citizens will be responsible for maintaining the front of their yard. Parks reservations are handled at the Cemetery office and will continue to do so. The Parks Department will continue to take care of the restrooms in the shelters, such as janitorial work, painting, repair, etc. Gary recommended the watering of the Peace Garden flowers, the Main Street flower pots and parkway tree watering be turned over to the Cemetery Department. The hanging of holiday flags will continue to be performed by the Cemetery Department. In addition, he recommended that the Cemetery Department take over the hanging of banners. He also recommended that tree pruning and removal within the public right-of-way be turned over to the Cemetery. They have the ability, knowledge, and time to do this. The Parks Department will continue to trim trees, but only within the Park areas.

Cemetery Department - Gary Sonntag recommended that temporary Groundskeepers in the Cemetery be classified as Groundskeepers I, II and III and the Laborers currently listed as Parks/Cemetery Laborers be classified as Laborers I, II and III. One of the primary changes is that the Cemetery Department will take over the full responsibility for trimming and cutting the trees in the parkway. Primary responsibilities for this department are the Price Cemetery and Cliffview Cemetery. Some of the things to be looked at in the Price Cemetery are the stabilization of the east hillside, the unsightly shed and potential building expansion of the current Cemetery building. The Cliffview Cemetery is 25% developed with construction to continue and to expand. The Cemetery Department is currently involved in the preparation of floats. He recommended that this task be turned over to the Community Progress Committee. He suggested that the Cemetery Department continue to maintain the Water Conservation Garden. He also feels the Shade Tree Commission should be turned over to the Community Progress Committee.

Water and Sewer Departments - Gary Sonntag stated that Sam White has expressed his desire to improve the operation of his department by categorizing and developing crews - the construction crew, the maintenance crew and the water treatment crew. Each crew will be able to focus on specific things, become more professional and more efficient. Each crew will have its own manager who will be responsible for that crew. Sam White, who is Water/Sewer Department Supervisor will make sure all things are taken care of. The construction crew will help the maintenance crew and vice versa. These two crews will help the Water Treatment Plant crew. They will all work together. Identifying these crews in this fashion helps them to identify the work, become more focused on what their primary task is, and do a better job. In doing this, the workers will be classified as Operators I, II and III. This will give some distinction to those employees, help them understand who they are and where they fit in the program, and that there is the possibility for advancement. The Water/Sewer Operator III indicates a vacancy. This position will not be filled at the present, but it will be placed in the framework for the department as a spot for future advancement. Also the seasonal Water/Sewer Laborer I is vacant. Again, this will give the department a flexibility should we need to hire for that position. It will be put it in the framework so it is available. The vacant positions are not budgeted. Pat Larsen reviewed the positions requested for reclassifications in the Water and Sewer Department.

Swimming Pool Department - Gary Sonntag proposed that the permanent Office Clerk be changed to Office Manager. This will give a better distinction between that position and the Office Clerk. He also recommended a wage adjustment. The new position will be an Office Clerk I. It is recommended that the current part time Office Clerk, who is presently working in excess of 30 hours/week, be reclassified to permanent. This person is the primary backup to the clerks and is always available any time of the day or weekend and can fill in when others can't. This person has been working in excess of 30 hours/week for over two years and should be made permanent.

Pat Larsen discussed the creation of an internal service fund for the City's fleet, which would be similar to the one we currently have for our computers. The Shop Department Manager would control all the vehicles and equipment. He will actually be renting vehicles to each department. At the present time, the Shop Manager has to go through every departments budget and line items and handle their accounts for equipment maintenance. This will do away with that and he would handle it all. The only thing that would show up in department budgets would be the line item for rent, which would be in the same manner that the IS Department handles computer equipment. After considerable discussion, the Council felt that the City is too small for this type of system and that it should remain as it is.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.


ATTEST: Lou Colosimo, Mayor


Joanne Lessar, City Recorder