PRESENT:     John Angotti, Chairman   Alfred Richens           Penny Sampinos           Gary Lyon                                            Francis Duzenack         Jeanne McEvoy            Larry Bruno      Frankie Sacco                                     Laurie Tryon


OTHERS PRESENT: Terry Willis, Willis Works                   Bruce Childs, Rugrats                          

Terry Jones& Fred Jones, Auto Alley                           Rick Carlton & Gary Cholk C.V.LLC

            Roberta Hardy & Melissa Jeppson -Pinnacle Academy

            Mark Grable, DCA Architects (Pinnacle Academy)      Art & Joyce Daniels, Concerned Residents

            Ken Kirkwood, Finish Line Promotions Motocross



            The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairman, John Angotti.


II         ROLL CALL

            The above members were in attendance and a quorum present.


III        MINUTES OF MARCH 7, 2005

Gary Lyon moved to approve the Minutes of March 7, 2005 as amended.  Penny Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


IV        HOME OCCUPIED BUSINESS FINAL-WILLIS WORKS- Located at 941 Wadleigh Lane. Owner- Terry Willis. An on demand business of paintings, glass etchings, woodcarving and metal sculptures to be sold at art festivals and interested businesses. Only inventory will be limited to materials used to create customer requests of art pieces. Ms. Willis may be working on 4 or 5 orders at one time using the necessary supplies. Inventory will be classified as supplies in this case as retail sales of items used will not be sold from her home. Almost all of the business and advertising related to Willis Works will be through the internet and art festivals. Terry Willis informed the committee of the availability of fire extinguishers in the home and the minimum amount of traffic that will be traveling to her home. Larry Bruno motioned for a favorable recommendation for a Home Occupied Business Final for Willis Works. Alfred Richens seconded the favorable motion. Motion Carried.


V         HOME OCCUPIED BUSINESS FINAL- OFFICE USE ONLY-RUGRATS CLEANING SERVICE- Bruce Childs-Owner. 584 N.Windsor Rd. A cleaning van drives around and cleans carpets. The dirty water will be emptied into an R.V. dumpsite or PRWID dumpsite. A favorable recommendation for a Home Occupied Business Final for Rugrats Cleaning Service by Penny Sampinos. Gary Lyon seconded the favorable motion. Motion Carried.


VI        CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- A-FRAME SIGNS -FINISH LINE PROMOTIONS MOTOCROSS. Owner-Ken Kirkwood. Signs used to advertise Motocross Racing during the summer of 2005 located at fairgrounds. Expected crowds of 600-800 people each event. Dates signs will be used: March 22, April 5, May 16, June 8 and 27th, July 12th. Temporary signs (4x4) will be set on the following properties, 10 days before event and 1-2 days after event for removal: 1st North by Wendy’s Restaurant, between 3rd-4th east and Hwy 10 Carbon Ave. A permit from UDOT, Tony Basso and Dino Kiahtipes will be needed to use the property. As long as signs do not obscure sight for traffic and are away from corners and sidewalks, the signs may be placed outside of a triangle of space required by city. Larry Bruno motioned for a favorable recommendation to approve the A-sign use by Finish Line promotions. Motion seconded by Penny Sampinos. Motion Carried.


VII      CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT- BUSINESS & SIGN FINAL-TACO EXPRESS. Owner not present. Project no longer being pursued.



Owner-Terry Jones and Fred Jones. 150 N.Carbonville Road. (previously Oil City). Proposed used car lot with up to 12 used vehicles from auctions and local purchasing. Mr. Jones has painted both the interior and exterior of the existing building. The interior of the building has been cleaned and refinished in order to open the new business. A privacy fence will be added to the upper area of the property to conceal any non-working vehicles. The existing sign will be used (copy change only) with no alterations of poles etc. The name of the business, phone number and bonded dealer number will be placed in different locations on 12 x 12 signs that will hang on a perimeter chain link fence that is required by state. A tow truck service will be available and parked behind privacy fence. A fire inspection has been done by the Fire Marshall and a list of corrections was provided to Mr. Jones. This inspection needs to now be rescheduled. Mr. Jones stated that a Fuel storage area will not be necessary with the work they will be doing. A Business License cannot be issued until this is done as well as proof of a State Dealer License and bonding, sales tax license. There is appropriate parking in the front and back of the building. The back section of the building has a right of way owned by the Union Pacific Railroad. If they are willing to lease the Jones’ a section of property, more vehicles may be placed on that section.  Larry Bruno motioned for a favorable recommendation for Auto Alley contingent on a limited 12 vehicles until future property is obtained and proper licensing from state is issued. Penny Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion Carried.



1365 South Carbon Ave.- Rick Carlton, CV LLC presented this request. Staff has reviewed contingencies from the March 7th meeting and is satisfied with amendments made to plans of Utah Highway Patrol project.  A light pole has been installed to provide light to the UHP parking lot. The sewer sampling manhole needs to meet PRWID requirements. There is an 8” line that is shown as capped off on the east end which needs to have provisions made to flush the line when they chlorinate and sterilize it. The fire hydrant was placed in to take care of this problem. Contingencies from the March 7th meeting still need to be met: the Conditional Use Permit fee needs to be paid and the manhole needs to meet PRWID specifications. A motion for favorable approval of the Conditional Use Permit-PRELIMINARY AND FINAL was made by Alfred Richens. Motion seconded by Gary Lyons. Motion Carried.



            Currently-2553 W. 2275 North Helper- Proposed relocation to 210 N. 600 E. (old Notre Dame

School) Chief Administrative Officer- Roberta Hardy and Mark Grable presented this request. Remodeling (for occupancy) of the old Notre Dame School (9.87 acres) into a new Pinnacle Academy of approximately 320 (presently) students. There will be parking in front of the building with 62 possible parking spaces available. The current steps down to the street will be taken out and replaced with a retaining wall. There are no school buses with Pinnacle Academy. The upper grass area behind the school will be used for P.E. and no improvements will be done at this time. A new section will be added to include a one story connector to create a two story building. This school will include Pre-K through 9th grade with the younger students through 5th grade on the lower level. The upper level will be the Jr. High section and include the Phys Ed, Language Arts, and Computer Lab etc. The existing gym will remain the same and 21,000 square feet of space will be for classrooms. An elevator will be available for the 2nd story addition. The approximate date of opening is for the next school year after Labor Day. Pinnacle Academy currently has to be out of the building they are in by July 31st, 2005. . The starting date to begin the project is April 7th. The drop off area will be on the north side of the building or the back of building accommodating approx. 200 cars. Fire and Ambulance access will also be in the back of the building (per Fire Marshall approval). Vehicle congestion will usually be for about 15 minutes each morning and each day after school for parent pickup and drop off. A possible problem with the congestion will be the High School dismissal at the same time as Pinnacle. Crossing guards will be necessary and taken care of possibly by the city. Curb and gutter need to be added at time of building construction on the south side of 3rd north, as well as widening and paving the road. Expansion of parking lot will have to be done if a High School is added- 6 more classes would have to be added. Expected growth of school will add 30 new students per year. If money allows the school would like to eventually fix the upper grassy play area for playground and field, resurface the roads around the school and create the listed (on plans) Amphitheater.

The staff comments on plan review were regarding the pedestrian safety along 600 east. Pinnacle Academy would not use the access to 600 east therefore do not want to add curb and gutter at this time. A concern from a representing neighbor that lives across from the existing school would like to see something done to slow the traffic down that comes from the local high school traffic.  Although a school has always been at that location and speeding has always been an issue, the neighboring homes are worried about the children crossing the streets.  Another concern would be the amount of parking in front of residential homes surrounding the school. Pinnacle Academy reassured the resident and the committee that precautions will be taken to monitor the situation and to provide different solutions to each concern. The school only has 4 parent meetings and 2 parent-teacher conferences each year to cut down on night traffic and parking. The concerned resident would like to see definite guidelines documented for the school to follow. A motion for a favorable approval of CONCEPT ONLY was made by Gary Lyon. Larry Bruno seconded the motion. Motion Carried.


XI        STAFF – The Planning & Zoning handout which spoke about the involvement of children in the P&Z process was discussed among the committee. Mr. Angotti would like the committee members to review this issue and bring their ideas to the next meeting for further discussion.


There was no further business and Gary Lyons moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:11 PM.






John Angotti, Chairman









Laurie Tryon, Secretary