Minutes of the Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

April 23, 2008 at 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                                                                         

Councilmembers:                             Kevin Drolc, Police Captain

Jeff Nielson                                           Nick Tatton, Community Director

Richard Tatton                                    Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

Jeanne McEvoy                                   Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

Rick Davis                                            Pat Larsen, Finance Director            

Kathy Hanna-Smith                           Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director                                                             


Excused Absence: John Daniels, Human Resource Director, Aleck Shilaos, Police Chief and Bret Cammans, Customer Service Director


Others Present: John Gurule, Connor Jensen, Kelly Vansickle, Gary Blake, Ronald Johnson, Bob Peirce, Matt Rentschler, Wade and Peggy Williams, Kobi Marchello, Travis Hansen and Victor Hansen


Connor Jensen, Boy Scout Troop #283 led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called with the above Councilmembers and staff in attendance.


1.             PUBLIC COMMENT- Ronald Johnson, residing near 500 S. 100 E stated that he is having problems with vehicles passing his home playing loud, thumping type music. The music is very disruptive to his home life and is happening at all hours of the day and night. He has called the police and even approached the drivers of the vehicles. Mr. Johnson stated that the drivers told him that there wasn’t a law against loud music in a vehicle. He stated that he does not want to listen to something others are listening to in his private home, especially when it is loud enough to vibrate his windows. Captain Drolc offered to meet with Mr. Johnson at his home on Thursday, April 24, 2008 to discuss and possibly resolve the issue.  


2.             COUNCILMEMBERS REPORT- The Mayor and Councilmembers presented an update on the activities and functions in which they have participated.


                Councilmember Nielson disclosed his interest in items 12 and 10b on the agenda. He stated that he would excuse himself from the meeting at the presentation of each item.


3.             PUBLIC HEARING- To Receive Input on the Proposed Pinion Drive Subdivision at Approximately 1600 East 600 North

                MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to open the public hearing at 6:12 p.m. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried. Public comment was received from Angelo Konakis. Mr. Konakis lives on Windsor Road near the proposed subdivision. He is concerned about the adjoining property being cut to grade which may cause water to come into his yard and cause his carport to eventually sink. He stated he has a 4’ elevation change on his property. Mayor Piccolo would like this issue to be taken into consideration for all adjoining property owners, not just Mr. Konakis. He thanked Mr. Konakis for bringing the item to the attention of the Council and developers that attended the public hearing. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to close the public hearing at 6:18 p.m. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith and carried.


4.             BID OPENING- Class C Road Improvements #8C-2008

                Class C Road Improvements include crack sealing, slurry sealing, road reconstruction and traffic

               paint striping. Bids were received from the following companies:

                                                                Schedule A              Schedule B               Schedule C               Schedule D

                Premier Striping                       $                                                                                              $20,221.05

                Superior Asphalt                      $29,360.00

                Kilgore                                     $52,000.00

                Nielson Construction                               $                                                              $138,002.00

                Interstate Barricades                                $                                                                                              $22,116.78

                M&M Asphalt                         $51,800.00              $50,622.00

                Morgan Pavement                    $41,000.00              $45,760.00

                Peck Striping                            $                                                                                              $21,800.83

                Intermountain Slurry Seal        $                              $58,344.00                                              $58,344.00

                Hot Asphalt Services                               $25,600.00

                Staker/Parsons                         $                                                              $181,372.50


                MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved for Gary Sonntag to form a committee from within the

              Public Works Department, Street Department and Council to review and award the bid within

              budget. Motion seconded by Councilmember Davis and carried.


5.             VISIONARY SERVICE LEADER AWARD- Wade Williams

                Wade Williams received the award for April 2008 for his service in all aspects of the community and special effort with the Carbon High School Girls Softball.


6.             TOY ATWOOD BASEBALL COMPLEX- Request from Connor Jensen to Place a Bronze Statue at the Toy Atwood Baseball Complex

                Connor Jensen explained the details of his Eagle Scout project. He would like to place a bronze statue of a young boy running to catch a fly baseball made by Gary Prazen, dedication plaque and narrow flower planting area in front of, the existing Toy Atwood Ball Complex rock monument. The statue has been paid in full by donations. A ceremony will be held in recognition of the project. Gary Sonntag stated that the planting area by the statue could be maintained by Price City. Suda Merriman, Parks Supervisor, would like to plant rose bushes in the area to distract vandalism. Connor’s mother, Kelli Vansickle stated that the rose bushes and cement have all been donated and that they are now working on the funding for the plaque to be placed on the statue. Gary Sonntag commended Connor for his notable work done on this project. Mayor Piccolo recognized all of the hard work and time that Connor has put into the project at the baseball complex. MOTION. Councilmember Hanna Smith moved to accept and approve this project from Connor Jensen. Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.


7.             TENTATIVE BUDGET 2008-2009

                Councilmember Tatton would like to review the budget with the staff and Council for further discussion on the tentative budget. A meeting date was set for May 8th at 7 a.m. in Room 106. 



Nick Tatton reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave the following recommendations on

applications for Conditional Use Permits:



                a. Pinion Drive Subdivision-1600 E. 600 N.-Victor Hansen-Preliminary and Final with contingencies.

                Victor Hansen the project developer was present to comment on the project. He stated that the final grade and landscaping of each lot would be the decision of the lot owners. Council expressed a desire to address subdivision drainage issues prior to the final plat being recorded. Mr. Hansen stated that he would address drainage and slope issues in the final plat to minimize as much as possible any negative impacts upon any adjoining properties outside the proposal subdivision. The Council indicated they would like the issues addressed now to avoid damage that may be caused to the properties of abutting landowners affected by the new subdivision.

·          Completion of any and all public infrastructure development requirements necessitated by the Price City Public Works and Engineering Department(s), including compliance with storm water management recommendations, finding that completion of requirements suggested by Price City Public Works and Engineering

·          Completed Development Agreement between Price City and the applicant with appropriate surety guarantee for public improvements provided to Price City by applicant for all required public improvements.

·          Development in compliance with the data and recommendations stemming from the completed Geotechnical study.

·          Completion of final subdivision maps incorporating all required development elements submitted to Price City in Mylar or other acceptable format with appropriate signature blocks.

·          Recording of approved subdivision plat with the Carbon County Recorder within sixty (60) days of approval by applicant.

                b.  Eastern Utah Produce- 170 W. 100 N.-Jeff Nielson, Owner- Amendment-Final.

                Councilmember Nielson left the room for the discussion on this item. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval the amendment with the new information provided by Mr. Nielson. MOTION. Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved to approve the amendment request as recommended by the Planning Commission. Motion seconded by Councilmember Davis and carried.


                c. Krompel Subdivision-Rick Krompel, Owner- Plat Correction-Final

                d. Extreme Automotive- 410 E. Main- Paul Simmons, Owner- Tabled

                e. Huntsman Autoplex, Inc.-136 N. Main- Troy Huntsman, Owner- Temporary Use and New

                   Building-Concept Only

                f. Sorenson Communications-600 W. 200 S.-Ray Morley- Tabled


MOTION. Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved to provide final approval on items 8a and c as

recommended the Planning and Zoning Commission and contingent upon the applicant addressing

concerns regarding drainage and slope issues throughout the subdivision as addressed by the Council and

Mr. Konakis as discussed in Public Hearing item #3 for Pinion Subdivision in the public hearing. Motion

seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.


CONSENT AGENDA-Councilmember Nielson moved to approve items #11 through #27 on the agenda with items #12 and #22 removed for discussion. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.


9.             MINUTES

                April 9, 2008 City Council Meeting

                April 4, 2008 Workshop


10.          BICYCLE WORKS- Authorization for Price City to Donate the Auditorium Fee to Bicycle Works for the Trailfest Kickoff Event on April 20, 2008 – Ratify from April 9, 2008 City Council Meeting


11.          LIBRARY- Authorization for Price City to Enter into a Partnership Agreement with Rural Utah Child Development


12.          UTILITIES- Authorization for “Tips on Saving Electricity” Information to be Added to the May Utility Bills


13.          PEACE GARDENS- Authorization for “Flags for Foster Care” to be Added to the Peace Gardens for the Month of May


14.          PLANNING COMMISSION EXPENSE-Resolution 2008-03 Authorization for a Resolution Establishing a Standard Expense Reimbursement Amount to be Provided to the Volunteer Members of the Price City Planning Commission.


15.          BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT APPOINTMENT- Authorization to Appoint Wayne Clausing and Boyd Bell as the Two New Members of the Price City Board of Adjustment


16.          WATER AND SANITARY SEWER REPLACEMENT PHASE I #9C-2008- Bid Award Report

                Schedule I for sewer and water pipeline replacement on 100 East was awarded to Nephi Sandstone

               for the low bid amount of $234,490. The contractor submitting the low bid for Schedule 2 did not

               want to accept the work. In order to stay within budget Schedule 2 will not be awarded. It will be

               incorporated into a project at another time.


17.          SOUTH PARK IMPROVEMENTS-CDBG #7C-2008 BIDDING REPORT- Authorization to Rebid the Project on May 14, 2008 as No Bids Were Submitted


18.          PRICE CITY PUBLIC WORKS WEEK, THE FUTURE IS NOW”- MAY 18-24, 2008- Authorization to Declare May 18-24, 2008 as Public Works Week

                 It is proposed that the week of May 18-24 be declared to be “Price City Public Works Week, the

               Future is Now”. The future of our communities is truly public works. Not only through

               innovation, invention & maintenance, but also with investment. The time to ensure a productive &

               safe future for communities all around the globe is to invest today in the infrastructure that is

               tomorrow’s world. This is reference to and  supported by the American Public Works Association

               2008 National Public Works Week. Price City Public Works is comprised of the following

               departments: Fleet, Parks & Cemetery, Public Works, Streets, Engineering, Building Inspection,

               Water & Sewer.


19.          PROGRESS REPORT -2008-2009 Benefit Portfolio


20.          DENTAL INSURANCE COST- Request Approval to use Benefit Portfolio Savings to Hold Employee Contributions to 2-Party and Family Dental Insurance Level with 2007-2008

Request approval to use overall benefit portfolio savings to maintain employee contributions to 2-party and family dental insurance level with 2007-2008.  The Price City cost to maintain employee contributions to last year’s level is $12,150.48.  This amount is offset by the overall savings to the city.


21.          BUSINESS LICENSE- Authorization to Approve a Business License for “Take a Break Spas and Billiards” a Temporary Parking Lot Sales Business


22.          TRAVEL REQUEST-

                Lisa Richens- Annual Gov. Auditing Update and Conference-May 7-8, 2008 SLC and Sandy

                Kevin Drolc- Liability and Risk Management- June 8-9, 2008- SLC

                Johnny Bowman- DARE Utah Training- June 2-13, 2008- SLC

                Robbins Radley- SRO Training- June 15-19, 2008- SLC


23.          EASTERN UTAH PRODUCE- Authorization to Grant an Easement to Eastern Utah Produce for a ADA Ramp in the Public Right of Way


                Councilmember Nielson left the room for the discussion on this item.

                Councilmember Tatton commented that the letter written by Mr. Nielson to the City Council had listed a proposed retail door on the north side of the business and a request for permission to build steps on the public right of way. He stated that if an ADA ramp was built on a public right of way there would be a concern for public safety and pedestrians using the sidewalk. There is no sidewalk on the west side of the property and the back property between the back of the curb to the building belongs to the City. Mr. Nielson would be responsible for funding construction of the ADA ramp and is requesting an easement from the City in order to meet the requirements. Nick Tatton stated that the Planning Commission approved the amendment with the condition that all ADA requirements were met, but the requirements were not specific. Councilmember Tatton stated that if someone is hurt in the public right of way then the City is liable. Nick Sampinos suggested relinquishing some of the public right of way and declaring it surplus for possible purchase by Mr. Nielson for his project. There are eleven feet of space from the building to the back of the curb. The proposed ADA ramp according to Mr. Sonntag would encroach upon the public right of way, one half of a foot. The City would require installation of a sidewalk approximately six feet in width. An appraisal of the property would have to be done to determine the value of the land within the public right of way. Councilmember Tatton would like to see the specifics on this with drawings and an easement description. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to table the item for further consideration of selling a portion of the public right of way to Mr. Nielson and requested Mr. Nielson return to Council with more detailed information. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith and carried.    


24.          WAGE ADJUSTMENT AND FLEET DEPARTMENT SUPERVISION- Authorization to Adjust the Wage of the Street Supervisor, Scott Olsen and Add Responsibility for Fleet Department Employees and Performance to his Job Responsibilities

            John Gurule, Equipment Technician for Price City, came to the Council meeting to voice his opinion on the changes to the Fleet Department in which he is employed. Mr. Gurule stated that he does not agree with the supervisor of another department taking over the supervision of his department without the opportunity for others to apply for the position. He stated that the position should have been bid out for anyone to apply and that it wasn’t fair how the final outcome was decided. Mayor Piccolo stated that the change to the Fleet Department was a consolidation of departments not a position to fill. He stated that consolidations are done within management policies. Mayor Piccolo explained other examples of departments that were consolidated including, the Utilities and Customer Service Departments and the Parks and Cemetery Departments. Each of those was combined under one department head. The Mayor told Mr. Gurule that this decision is not set in stone and will be reviewed as necessary. Mr. Gurule is concerned that if the departments are consolidated then the shop employees would become a division of the other department and would then have to do the job of the street employees. The Mayor stated that the functions will not be combined. The supervision, the career ladder and job descriptions would remain the same. Mayor Piccolo gave the example that a mechanic would not be asked to pour concrete and a street employee would not be asked to fix a vehicle. John thanked the Council for allowing him to voice his concerns. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to approve the wage adjustment and Fleet Department supervision. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.          


                The project was advertised for bids to be opened on March 26, 2008. No bids were received. City staff contacted an interested contractor and negotiated a price in the amount of $17,000. The work is scheduled to start the week of April 21, 2008. 


26.          PRWID by Councilmember Tatton reported on the happenings of the last PRWID meeting.


27.          Community Progress Update by Councilmember Hanna-Smith

·         April 14th- Highway 10 work on planter near entrance sign- committee discussing the adoption and enhancement of the project

·         Placing logo flags in planters

·         Downtown planters will be placed soon with planting the first of May


28.          Power Board Update by Councilmember Davis

·         Meters and rate structures


29.          International Days Update by Councilmember Davis

·         Grand Marshall chosen

·         Theme: “Helping hands a community working together”

·         Neil Breinholt will provide the lighting and sound system

·         “Sun, Shade and Rain” will bring in own their sound system

·         Big screen project has been ordered



                a. Committee Review for Street Banners

                b. Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Improvements on 2nd South

                c. Basso Dino-Mine Playground

                d. Economic Activity Building-Office Space

                e. Property Purchase Discussion

                f. South Park Improvements- CDBG 7C-2008 


31.          NEW BUSINESS: The Greek Orthodox Church needs approval for a local consent single event

              permit for the Greek Festival Days on July 11 and 12, 2008. The item will be on the May 14, 2008

              Council agenda for ratification. The Mayor and Council provided a head nod for the Greek Church

              to proceed with their request.


                Travel Request: Bob Bennett, Building Inspector needs to attend the Intermountain Electrical

              Inspectors Training on May 4-7, 2008 to receive his electrical code certification. The item is

              budgeted and needs to be approved now and ratified at the May 14, 2008 Council meeting.


                The Friday morning workshop scheduled for May 2nd has been rescheduled for 7a.m. on May 9,



Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Piccolo pursuant to the motion by Councilmember Tatton.           


APPROVED                                                                                          ATTEST




___________________________                                                 __________________________

Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor                                                                         Laurie Tryon, City Recorder