Minutes of The Special Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

April 28, 2003, 8:00 a.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                                                Joanne Lessar, City Recorder

Councilmembers:                                                Pat Larsen, Finance Director

     Betty P. Wheeler                                                Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director/City Engineer

     Stephen L. Denison                                                Keith Wight, Human Resource Director

     Richard Tatton                                                Nick Tatton, Community Director

     Don G. Reaveley, Jr.


Excused: Councilmember Elizabeth H. Kourianos


Others Present:

     Tamara Gray                        Kent Boyack                                    Francis Duzenack


 1.        BUDGET  RETREAT - FY2003/04


Tamara Gray, Aquatics Supervisor, discussed her concern regarding the elimination in her budget for the position of a Pool Maintenance Technician.  Chris Barnett has been performing the functions for this position the past 6 months and it has reduced the need for contracted labor.  The mechanical aspect of the pool has not been maintained properly in the past.  Chris is familiar with what is going on and with his expertise, everything is running a lot smoother.  Councilmember Tatton stated that the reason this position was eliminated from the pool as it was funded under Building Maintenance.  Mr. Barnett=s position as Facilities Specialist is for all City buildings, not just City Hall.  Once everything is running correctly at the pool, Mr. Barnett can then devote time to problems with other buildings.  His time could be split, such as working 3 hours/day at the pool, etc.


Tamara also discussed the elimination of plumbing for the indoor pool.  The underground exposed plumbing is badly corroded and if it breaks, the pool will have to shut down.  She suggested keeping the plumbing and eliminating painting and new doors for the wave pool bubble.  The old doors can be repaired.  The plumbing is top priority.  Gary Sonntag suggested replacing a section of the plumbing each year until its all replaced.  Councilmember Denison stated that he agrees with Tamara, that the plumbing is the main priority.  Once the pipe has been touched, it will all have to be replaced.  Gary recommended that a plumber be hired to investigate and give an estimate of what it will cost to replace the plumbing.


Fire Chief Kent Boyack discussed his request for a Fire Marshall.  It is difficult for him to keep up with the large number of inspections that are required within the City.  This needs to be done to keep a good fire safety rating.  Mayor Piccolo stated that this year=s budget does not support this position, but it will be looked at in the future.


Francis Duzenack, Zoning Administrator, discussed the elimination of the Building Inspector position.  He presented a list of future planned development within the City and stated that it would be impossible to operate the department with only one person.  He does a few inspections, but most of them are done by the Building Inspector.  Francis stated that most of his time is spent meeting with the public, reviewing plan checks, zoning issues, Conditional Use Permits, plan review meetings and updating the Land Development Code.  The current plan review meetings being held with the Water Dept., Fire Chief, Electric Dept., Engineering, etc., have been a great help coordinating projects.  Francis recommended that the zoning and Conditional Use Permit fee schedules be revised, as they haven=t been changed since 1982.  It is very reasonable with no impact fees.  At the present, the zoning fees are based on the value of improvements.  Contracting these services was discussed.  Francis stated that the department has never been fully supported by inspection fees alone.  It has always needed to be offset with additional funds.  It is not every year that we get a large project like WalMart.   Mayor Piccolo stated that a deficit in the budget has brought this to light, but we don=t want to inhibit a good department.  Francis stressed that there is a definite need for this position.  If not, zoning administration would have to be placed on the back burner.  Gary Sonntag supported Mr. Duzenack=s recommendation.  We need to look at what we are trying to accomplish.  Having two inspectors in place creates a team effort.  The Community Director and Zoning Administrator need to work together  We need to continue to move forward with the Master Plan and continue to update the Land Development Code.  This all ties in with the goal process with Kresha Eastman.  The Master Plan, the interchange, Main Street, the Parks, etc., all fall under these departments.  Economic Development needs the man power to be able to do that.  We will be taking one large step

  April 28, 2003


backward if we reduce the manpower we have.  The planning end has always been a forgotton child as long as he can remember.  He too recommended increasing fees.  Mayor Piccolo stated that the Council will do all they can to maintain the department.


Mayor Piccolo informed the Council that he received an e-mail from Councilmember Kourianos on April 25, 2003, indicating that she was resigning from the Council.  He has not received an official written resignation.  He will look into this further.


Pat Larsen stated that the budget is $2,743,000 out of balance.  She has forecast $900,000 less revenue than last year.  Gary Sonntag recommended that as part of water conservation and to save money, that the downtown planters be removed and that we back off planting other spots.  He suggested looking at laborers in the Parks, Cemetery, and Maintenance Departments,  backing away from tree trimming, from expanding Cliffview Cemetery, and from the concrete replacement program.  Pat stated that the wages and benefits of temporary employees total $170,000.


The following capital projects were either reduced or deleted:

Annexation costs - $10,000 deleted

Display/backdrop - $4,000 deleted

Economic Development Loans - $50,000 deleted

Storm water collection system - $20,000 deleted

GIS Software - $5,000 deleted

Land Use Development Code Update - $10,000 deleted

Carpet replacement in Police Department - reduced from $5,000 to $3,000

Carpet replacement in the Library - $6,000 deleted

Taser M-Series Units - $5,000 deleted

Police Department Evidence Locker System - reduced from $8,000 to $2,000

EMT Training for Firefighters - reduced from $5,000 to $2,500

Landscaping and sprinklers at Terrace Hills Park - $5,000 deleted

Emergency phones at parks - $5,000 deleted

New Library books - reduced from $62,000 to $50,000

Architectural work for Library elevator - $10,000 deleted

City Hall, Library, Civic Auditorium fire alarm system - $7,500 deleted

Police Dept. remodel (basement/ceiling) - reduced from $10,000 to $2,000

Reseal of Public Works Complex buildings - $15,000 deleted

Meads Wash repairs and stabilization and culvert replacement - reduced from $50,000

to $30,000

600 West Drainage - $75,000 deleted

Purchase of tack oil trailer - $6,200 deleted

Re-roof of Washington and Pioneer Park pavilions - reduce from $13,000 to $5,000

Storm detention basin park - $5,000 deleted

Replacement of 1975 Ford and 1979 Toyota trucks - $20,000 deleted

Restroom for Cliffview Cemetery - $35,000 deleted

Cemetery improvement project - $5,000 deleted

Improve road in old cemetery - $5,000 deleted

Cemetery area lighting - $5,000 deleted

Cliffview Cemetery landscape - $5,000 deleted

Cliffview Cemetery lighting - $5,000 deleted

Re-roofing of five city buildings - $35,000 deleted

Electrical system evaluation including substations - $10,000 deleted

Power distribution line extensions - $60,000 deleted

Street light replacement program - $reduced from $10,000 to $5,000

GIS - GPS program set up - $100,000 deleted

Automated Meter Reading System - $10,000 deleted

Water activity features - $5,000 deleted

New windows for indoor pool - $14,000 deleted

Paint interior walls of indoor pool - $38,000 deleted

Replace wave pool deck lighting - $10,000 deleted

New doors for wave pool bubble - $10,000 deleted

Laptops for Police Dept. vehicles - $5,000 deleted

Three flat screen monitors - $1,500 deleted

Communications access to City Attorney, BLM and PWC - $6,000 deleted

HEAT software program - $6,000 deleted

IP Phone system - $50,000 deleted

  April 28, 2003


Besides the above, a hiring freeze was implemented.  Pat stated that the total adjustments reduces the budget by $1,197,000.


A continuation of this meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 5, 2003, at 8:00 a.m.


Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.







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Joanne Lessar, City Recorder