Minutes of The Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

April 8, 1997, 5:00 p.m.


Councilmembers: Roy A. Nikas, Betty P. Wheeler, Joe L. Piccolo, Steve Bringhurst, Stephen L. Denison

Vernon W. Jones (Adminis. Ass't.), Joanne Lessar (City Recorder), Pat Larsen (Finance Director), Nick Sampinos (City Attorney), Gary Sonntag (City Engineer), Francis Duzenack (Building Insp.), Aleck Shilaos (Police Chief)

Absent and Excused:

Mayor Lou Colosimo, Cobb Johnson (Public Works Director)

Others Present: Kent Boyack, Gary Ortega, Jeff Harward, Craig Olsen, Robert Potts, Jr.

Councilmember Nikas led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called with the above members in attendance.

1. MAYOR PROTEMPORE - Councilmember Roy A. Nikas

MOTION. Due to the absence of Mayor Colosimo, Councilmember Piccolo moved that Councilmember Roy A. Nikas be appointed Mayor Protempore. Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.

2. MINUTES - March 13, 1997

MOTION. Councilmember Wheeler moved that the minutes of the March 13, 1997 meeting be approved as written. Motion seconded by Councilmember Piccolo and carried.

3. BID OPENING - Water Distribution Line Replacement 1997, Project No. 1C-97 - Committee Appointed

The following bids were received for the Water Distribution Line Replacement 1997, Project No. 1C-97.

K & P Plumbing & Heating, Provo $ 98,513.00

Nelson Engineering, Springville 98,933.50

H & H Excavation, Payson 109,418.30

High Mountain Excavation, Salt Lake 99,948.20

MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that a committee comprised of himself, Councilmember Nikas, Cobb Johnson, Gary Sonntag, and Paul Wheeler, be appointed to review the bid and given the power to act. Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.

4. ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT - Integrated Resource Plan

Mayor Protem Nikas invited the audience to comment on the Integrated Resource Plan. There being no comments Vern Jones reported that as part of a Federal mandate under the Western Area Power Asociation, Price City has to develop an integrated resource plan. Certain aspects of power generating and power distribution systems have to be outlined within that plan. The purpose of this item is to accept public input on alternative resources that might be explored. Besides WAPA, which is Hydro power, Utah Power & Light provides the City with coal generated power. Vern stated that the public is invited to respond in writing by April 18th.

5. GARY ORTEGA - Tennis Courts

Mayor Protem Nikas presented a letter received from Gary Ortega regarding handicapp access to the tennis courts located at Washington Park. Mr. Ortega was at the meeting and discussed the possibility of installing restrooms in this area. The present facilities by the pavilion are quite far from from the tennis courts and the swimming pool closes at 8:00 p.m. He offered to assist in writing a grant to help fund construction of restroom facilities. Mayor Protem Nikas referred to Mr. Ortega's letter and asked if there are handicapped individuals who are requesting the ability to play tennis or just have access onto the property to view a tennis game? Mr. Ortega stated that normally tennis courts are screened out. He felt it would be convenient for those in wheelchairs to see what is going on. Mayor Protem Nikas thanked Mr. Ortega for bringing this to the Council's attention and suggested that the committee assigned on the corner property could view the options on the entrances. As copies of Mr. Ortega's letter was sent to the Utah Attorney General's Office, the College of Eastern Utah, Carbon Recreation and Carbon County Board of Education, Mayor Protem Nikas directed Mr. Sampinos to write a letter to the above entities confirming that this item has been reviewed by the Council and they will proceed to correct it.

6. CITY OF EAST CARBON COMMUNITY DAZE - Request For Contribution (Wave Pool and/or Library Passes)

MOTION. Councilmember Denison moved that twelve wave pool passes to contributed to the City of East Carbon for their Community Daze raffle to be held July 12th and 13th. Motion seconded by Councilmember Piccolo and carried.

7. VFW CLUB - Local Consent For On-Premise Beer License

MOTION. Councilmember Bringhurst moved that local consent be given to the VFW Club for an on-premise beer license. Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.


MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that permission be given to receive bids for the purchase of street lights and street light poles in order to convert from mercury vapor to a high pressure sodium. Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


Mayor Protem Nikas reported that the Carbon County Travel Bureau is requesting assistance from Price City Maintenance crews to construct cement driveways and bases for a pavilion, restrooms, and an amphitheatre. It will take 3 or 4 people approximately 2 weeks to do this. The Council discussed other ways to help, such as voluntteers from the Community Progress Committtee. As city crews will be quite busy over the next while, it was recommended that this item be placed on unfinished business until more information can be obtained, such as the exact time and the amount of time needed.

10. BILL J. SISNEROS - Outside Water Users Agreement

Councilmember Piccolo presented a request from Bill J. Sisneros for an outside water connection for his home located at 813 South 3rd East. The connection will be made through the Riverview Water Co. MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that the connection be approved upon payment of all connection fees, that the Mayor be authorized to sign the Outside Water Users Agreement, and that a share of Price River Water Users Association Stock be turned over to the City. Further, if Mr. Sisneros is unable to obtain a share of water, that a fee of $1,300 be charged in lieu of the water share and that this offer be made for a period of 30 days. Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.


Councilmember Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the following request for home occupied businesses.

Lander's Lawn Care - 950 North 200 East, Vopel H. Lander, Jr.-Owner - Yard Maintenance, snow removal, tree trimming,

gardening work.

Rocky Mountain Industrial Maintenance & Welding - 596 North Cedar Lane, Bryon J. Jones-Owner - Maintenance Services

performed on job site.

Kerns & Kerns - 345 North 700 East, Tom Kerns-Owner - Locksmith services performed on job site.

The Connecting Point - 347 North 700 East, Linda Kay Kerns -Owner - Quilting, painting and handmade crafts.

Texan Services - 429 South Carbon Avenue, Kathleen A. Escoubat-Owner - On line computer service.

MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that the businesses be approved upon payment of the business license fee. Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried. Joanne Lessar requested direction from the Council regarding the Rocky Mountain Industrial Maintenance & Welding. This will be the third business at this location. The Business License Code states that two businesses can be operated by the same owner at the same location with only one paying the business license fee. It does not cover a third business. The Council directed that a license fee not be assessed for the third license.

12. BIG DOG'S CLUB - Conditional Use Permit, Sign, 27 North 100 West

Councilmember Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for a sign for Big Dog's Club, 27 North 100 West. The Commission expressed a concern for the parking situation. The existing business is using existing parking spaces they do not own, which could eventually be fenced off. Councilmember Piccolo questioned the policy regarding new businesses to comply with certain requirements. However, when a new business who has been in existance changes owners, they are not required to comply with those same requirements. He felt this should be reviewed. MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that the sign be approved and that a Conditional Use Permit be issued. Motion seconded by Councilmember wheeler and carried.

13. INTERWEST MEDICAL - Conditional Use Permit, 248 South Highway 55

Councilmember Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for Interwest Medical, 248 South Highway 55, to provide an oxygen fill station at their place of business. This would be for their use only. MOTION. Councilmember Piccolo moved that the request be granted contingent upon approval by the Fire Chief, and that a Conditional Use Permit be issued. Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.

14. CAMPBELL TRANSFER & EXPRESS - Conditional Use Permit, 375 South Carbon Avenue

Councilmember Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the request of Campbell Transfer and Storage to locate an office and a transfer point for freight at the Business and Technical Assistance Center, 375 South Carbon Avenue. The Commission gave a favorable recommendation for the office only and since this is located in a Commercial zone, that it be sent to the Board of Adjustments for a variance for the use of this . The present ordinance does not provide for truck parking in a Commercial Zone. MOTION. Councilmember piccolo moved for the request for office space only. Motion seconded by Councilmember denison and carried.

17. FMC/BEAN TRUCK WATER PUMP - Permission To Repair

Fire Chief Kent Boyack has received proposal from the following two repair companies:

Ross Equipment Company, Inc. - $4,059.46

Larsen Fire Apparatus Service Co. - Option #1 - $3,758.36

Option #2 - $2,687.13

Option #1 is all new parts

Option #2 is remachine old impeller

19. 600 EAST EMERGENCY WATER LINE REPLACEMENT, #3C-96 - Nelson Engineering Contractors - Final Payment

Emergency procedures were taken to replace the deteriorating waterline on 600 East between Main Street and 100 North. The project was completed last November, 1996. The contractor has submitted an invoice for final payment in the amount of $2,773.04. Staff is recommending approval.


Construction plans are being prepared for the installation of a hard surfaced parking lot at the North Baseball Complex upper parking lot. Construction is anticipated in June, 1997.

21. PRICE MAIN STREET RECONSTRUCTION, UDOT STP-1342 (1)0 - The Engineering Group - Partial Payment

The Engineering Group, design and construction management consultant on the Main Street reconstruction project, has submitted a request for a partial payment in the amount of $6,969.34. This will be an approval for a UDOT payment. Staff is recommending approval. The project has been modified to bring the cost down. It is being rebid with a bid opening scheduled for April 22, 1997.

22. WATER SYSTEM EXPANSION PROJECT IV, PHASE III - CRS Consulting Engineers - Partial Payment

CRS Engineering has sent the City an invoice for a partial payment in the amount of $245.00 for work rendered on the Telemetry (SCADA) System. Staff is recommending approval. The water tank is being cleaned and disinfected this week. It is anticipated that the tank will be completely filled next week. Site work outside the pump station building will be starting this week.


1. ALEX MARKAKIS - Request For Redevelopment Funds

Mr. Markakis turned down the offer from the Redevelopment Agency to pay him half of his request.