City Council Meeting

Tentative Budget

May 8, 2008 - 7 a.m.


Present:           Mayor Joe Piccolo


                        Jeff Nielson                                         Nick Tatton

                        Richard Tatton                                    John Daniels

                        Rick Davis                                          Aleck Shilaos

                        Kathy Hanna-Smith

                        Jeanne McEvoy


Councilmember Tatton questioned the transient room tax as to whether the amount was $67,000 or $71,000. Pat stated that it was averaged out and would be reviewed by the finance department before final budget.


Building Inspector position is budgeted for $47,500 which includes negotiated rate and the cost of living for this year.


Professional Services line item is used for projects that cannot be completed within the Building Inspector’s knowledge.


Mayor Piccolo led a discussion on possible impact fees for future projects coming into Price City as a source of revenue for the general fund.


A future project mentioned by Councilmember Davis would be a permanent roof structure for the Wave Pool. He suggested using the Zap Tax for possible funding. The energy study from Siemen Co. will help to decide what type of cover the pool will need. Pat Larsen stated that the Zap Tax is for infrastructure projects, not maintenance.


Councilmember Hanna-Smith discussed the health insurance savings that Price City received for efforts on the part of employees to stay healthy and use their benefits wisely. Employees are thinking about their healthcare and using better behavior and choices when it comes to their health. She hopes that Price City will return a portion of the money to each employee as a small token of appreciation and recognition. The Mayor and Council all agreed that it would be a great idea and hope that this awareness will continue.


The Youth Council of Price City was discussed and Councilmember Jeff Nielson will begin the process of recruitment and coordination of an area youth council.


The Community Progress Committee will be allowed to carry over funds from last year to complete projects with money left over.


Department Head Requests:

Building Supplies and possible carpet repairs or replace                                $10,000

Training for employees                                                                                     $1,000

Safety Shoes                                                                                                                    $200

Road Materials both years                                                                                $3,000

Actual cost for sewer T.V.                                                                                $6,000

Used truck for meter readers                                                                            $2,000

Temporary meter reader                                                                                    $5,900

Anticipated new construction                                                                         $50,000

Replace mercury vapor lights                                                                            $5,000

Street lights and poles                                                                                       $8,000


Pat Larsen stated that the City is $493,000 out of balance. Funds will be taken from the general fund and re adjusted at mid-year balancing.


General fund- beginning of 2007-08                                                              $1,032,860

Budgeted use of general fund balance                                                              $493,812


The use of general fund balance to this extent would make the general fund go below the statutory limit by 2010. 


The increase from Rocky Mountain Power will also be coming and will need to be reviewed as part of the budget.


Discussion took place on ways for each department to become more efficient in the services they provide and more economical ways to run their departments. Each department needs to review their expenditures. Possible rate increases of 5% for required fees may need to be reviewed for updates. A letter will be sent to all supervisors to evaluate their departments.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.