May 10, 1995

10. WATER DEPARTMENT - Purchase of Aluminum Sulfate

Permission is requested to purchase 25 tons of aluminum sulfate for the Water Treatment Plant. Proposals were received from two different companies. The cost is $7,448.75.

11. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - A-Frame Signs For Black Diamond Stampede

The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the Chamber of Commerce to place 6 or 7 temporary A-Frame signs throughout the City TO advertise the Black Diamond Stampede. They are to be placed 40' from the corner of the street and removed by June 25, 1995.


The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for conditional use permits for the following requests.

a. J.C. Penney, 78 East Main - Sign Replacement

b. Greenwell Inn - New Fountain

c. Castleview Wellness Center - New Building Construction

(contingent upon approval of Letter of Credit and

Subdivision Improvement Agreement, and construction of a

ditch site.

13. ANNEXATION PETITION - Mark and Maurine Bingham

The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to annex the property owned by Mark and Maurine Bingham provided that there are no problems with the State of Utah. The State owns parcels of land to the north and south of the Bingham property. P&Z recommended using the Master Policy Declaration to annex the property.

14. FRANK E. MARKOSEK - Variance Request, Board of Adjustments

The Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for a variance request by Frank E. Markosek, 908 North 1st East, to build a 15 X 18 brick building in his back yard.

18. TOMMY MORRIS REQUEST - Medical/Dental Insurance For Spouse

Tommy Morris is requesting that his new spouse be added to the City's medical/dental insurance. The City currently pays the premium for Tommy as he retired with over 20 years of service. The current policy is being changed to reflect premium payments for dependents at the time of retirement. In reviewing this with Nick Sampinos, he recommends that the City add Mr. Morris' new wife and that the City pay the premium. Any requests after the new policy is adopted will follow the policy. It is also the decision of the Council whether they want to continue to pay the premium for Mrs. Morris in the event Tommy passed away before she did. The Council can stipulate that upon Tommy's death, that the insurance with the city cease.


This agreement defines the responsibilities of Price City, Carbon County, and the Southeastern Utah Association of Governments in relation to the management of the BTAC. Permission is requested to approve the agreement and authorize and Mayor and City Recorder to execute the documents.

21. BTAC MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT - Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments and Southeastern Utah BTAC

This agreement defines the responsibilities of the manager of the BTAC, which is the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments. Permission is requested to approve the agreement and authorize Vern Jones, Chairman of the BTAC Board, to execute the documents.

24. LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE - Permission To Complete Update

At the Planning commission meeting held Monday, May 8, 1995, it was pointed out that problems are being created because the general plan and overall land development code have not been adopted. It is suggested that Ken Millard be given what information we have to date, with instructions to finalize the general plan and land development code, and that it be submitted for approval. This should be done in the next 30 days. The code can be evaluated through use, and amended with the necessary policies and changes. Planning Commission Chairman John Angotti and Councilmember Lamond Williams will address this matter.

25. CITY PROPERTY APPRAISAL (700 EAST 100 NORTH) - Oliveto Purchase

Dominic Oliveto and June Oliveto have proposed the purchase of City property at 700 East 100 North near the Price Canal. An appraisal was recently completed by Johnson Appraisal Services, identifying the property value.


A pre-bid meeting on the Water Tank project is planned for Friday, May 12, 1995, at 10:00 a.m. The meeting will be held at the Public Works Complex. The meeting will be conducted by CRS Consulting Engineers. The pre-qualified construction companies and their subcontractors have been invited to attend. The bid opening is planned for May 24, 1995.

Redevelopment Agency Minutes