Minutes of The Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

May 24, 2006, 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                                          Joanne Lessar, City Recorder

Councilmembers:                                               Pat Larsen, Finance Director

     Richard Tatton                                              Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

     Jeanne McEvoy                                            Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director/City Engineer

     Kathy Hanna-Smith                                       Nick Tatton, Community Director

     Rick Davis                                                    John Daniels, Human Resource Director

                                                                        Bret Cammans, Customer Service Director

Aleck Shilaos, Chief of Police


Excused: Councilmember Jeff Nielson


Others Present:

     Sue Christensen                   Rita Alderson                 Bruce R. Bryner             Claude H. Wheeler

     Phyllis Wheeler                    Scott Wheeler               David Wheeler               Kelsey Wheeler

     Nancy Cammans                  Parker Cammans           Ted R. Cahoon               Bob Peirce

     Norma R. Procarione             Grady McEvoy  


Parker Cammans, Boy Scout Troop #283, led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll was called with the above members present.  Mr. Parker was at the meeting to thank the Mayor and Council for their support on his Eagle Scout project which was to build a kiosk at the Price Cemetery.  The kiosk will help visitors to the cemetery find grave sites both alphabetically and numerically.


 1.        PUBLIC INPUT - Update On Carbon School District Agreement For Baseball Field Usage


Grady McEvoy, Carbon School District, reported that he met with Councilmember McEvoy and Bret Cammans regarding the agreement between the school district and Price City for usage of the baseball field.   The school board has approved the agreement and it will be placed on the agenda for the next  Council Meeting.  The only change was clarification on the mutual understanding of the automatic renewal.  Unless written concerns are brought before either the Council or the school board, the agreement is automatically renewed. 




The Mayor and Councilmembers presented an update on the activities they administer.


 3.        BID OPENING - Class AC@ Road Improvements - Committee Appointed


The following bids were received for the Class AC@ Road Improvements


Bonneville Asphalt - Schedule A - $35,625.00

Hot Asphalt Services - Schedule A - $28,200.00

Superior Asphalt, LC - Schedule A - $31,700.00

Kilgore Paving & Maintenance - Schedule A - $42,350.00

M & M Asphalt Services - Schedule A - $50,000.00

            Hales Sand & Gravel - Schedule D - $67,140.70

Staker/Parson Companies - Schedule B - $191,102.37

Nielson Construction - Schedule B - $146,585.25

        - Schedule C - $13,792.00

                                  - Schedule D - $69,914.08

        - Schedule E - $26,856.09


MOTION.  Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that a committee, comprised of Councilmember Davis,  Gary Sonntag, J. Scott Olsen, John Procarione, and Pat Larsen or Lisa Richens, be appointed to review the bids and given the power to act if they are within budget.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.




May 24, 2006




Mayor Piccolo presented the Visionary Service Leader award for May, 2006, to Scott Wheeler.  Mr. Wheeler has volunteered numerous hours on the trail systems around Price and adjoining towns.


 5.        POLICE DEPARTMENT - Establishment of Traffic School Approved


Police Chief Aleck Shilaos requested permission to establish a traffic school which is a combined effort between the City Attorney=s office, the Carbon County Justice Court, and the Police Department.  Individuals who receive moving traffic violations could request that they be allowed to attend traffic school for consideration on their citations.  The City Attorney and the Justice Court Judge would approve their attendance.  It is a 2 2 hour class with a fee of approximately $35.00.  This would be in addition to their court fees.  After the course is completed, the individual would receive credit through the courts.  Police Chief Shilaos felt it is a good public relations tool.  To begin, they would like to hold a class every other week at the Police Department.  Nick Sampinos stated that the benefit to those individuals who participate in the class is that the conviction would not appear on their records.  This is a way to avoid a conviction for insurance purposes.  Pat Larsen indicated that if this is approved, it will be necessary to establish a fund to keep a record of revenues and expenditures.  MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that the traffic school be approved and that authorization be given to establish a new accounting fund.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith and carried.   


 6.        CASTLE COUNTRY NUTURAL - Conditional Use Permit - Struck  




Mayor Piccolo reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the following requests for Conditional Use Permits.


Curves dba D2 Wilson Enterprises, LLC. - 95 East Main, Business, Change of Ownership

Southwest Hypnosis - 90 West 100 North - Business and Sign

Krompel Subdivision Phase I Amendment - Sagewood Area - Preliminary and Final

Bicycle Works - 640 East Main - Business and Sign


MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that the requests be approved and that Conditional Use Permits be issued.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


CONSENT ITEMS -  MOTION.  Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that Items #8 through #14 be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Davis and carried.


 8.        MINUTES - May 8, 2006, May 10, 2006


 9.        YOUTH CITY COUNCIL DANCE (SENIOR STOMP) - Permission To Use Swimming Pool Parking Lot - Ratification


10.        LIBRARY INVENTORY - Permission To Use Sidewalk On 2nd East


Use of sidewalk during inventory and sale of surplus library books to serve hot dogs, chips, drinks and cookies to the public (ALunch On The Library@).    


11.        ECONOMIC VITALITY LOAN FUND APPROVED - Piece of Mind Inspections


Approval of funding in the amount of $3,000.00.


12.        BUDGET REVISION FY2005-2006 - Public Hearing Scheduled for June 14, 2006


13.        PROMOTIONS APPROVED - Suda Merriman (Grounds Manager);  Tamara Gray (Facilities Manager);  Brianna Welch (Customer Service & Collections Specialist)


May 24, 2006


14.        RESOLUTION #10 - Adoption of Job Descriptions (Customer Service Director, Grounds Manager, Facilities Manager, Customer Service & Collections Specialist)


15.        BRYNER HOUSE PIONEER MUSEUM - Approval For Price City To Act As Fiscal Agent For Grant Funds


Sue Christensen, representing the Bryner House Pioneer Museum, requested that Price City act as a fiscal agent to receive grant funds in the amount of $25,000 from the Ashton Foundation for their museum project.  The Ashton Foundation needs a tax exempt organization to receive the money and disperse it.  The Daughters of Utah Pioneers was going to provide this service, but due to problems with the lease, they have declined.  Mayor Piccolo stated that this is a one time request and that the museum will eventually become a tax exempt organization.  Ms. Christensen stated that the grant application, which was due May 15th, was rejected in anticipation of a letter from a tax exempt entity indicating their participation as a fiscal agent.  Pat Larsen asked if there would be other grants?  Ms. Christensen stated that the reason Price City is being asked to handle this grant is that  the museum is in the process of obtaining tax exempt status which takes approximately three months.  If future grants are requested, the museum will be able to process them and will not have to rely on Price City.  Ms. Christensen stated that she will comply with Price City=s purchasing procedures.  MOTION.   Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that the City act as a fiscal agent to receive funds for the Bryner House Pioneer Museum, that the Mayor be authorized to sign a letter to that effect, and that authorization be given to set up a fund to handle the accounting details.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


Due to the conflict of Mayor Piccolo=s son-in-law being a candidate for the position of Price City Police Officer in Item #17, Mayor Piccolo left the meeting at 6:35 p.m.


16.        MAYOR PRO-TEMPORE - Councilmember Rick Davis


MOTION.  Per the provisions established in Ordinance #2002-001, Councilmember Tatton moved that Councilmember Davis be appointed Mayor Pro-Tempore.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


17.        NEW HIRE - David Wilkinson, Police Officer


Mayor Pro-Tem Davis presented a letter from Police Chief Aleck Shilaos reporting that the interview process to hire a new Police Officer has been completed.  It is Chief Shilaos=s recommendation that David Wilkinson be offered the job as he is a fully certified law enforcement officer in the State of Utah.  Also recommended is that Jesse Carlton be placed on an eligible hiring roster for one year from May 24, 2006.  Mr. Carlton is a fully certified Corrections Officer requiring him to return to Peace Officer=s Standards and Training (POST) to complete his law enforcement certification.  POST is backlogged statewide in their certification process.  If a job opportunity presents itself to Mr. Carlton and he successfully completes his physical, psychological, background and drug screen, it is his recommendation to offer him a position.  To expedite his training and benefit to the City and Police Department, Chief Shilaos suggested obtaining a slot in the training academy as soon as it becomes known of an opening to hire Mr. Carlton.  Additionally,  have Mr. Carlton complete as much of his field training as possible while waiting to enter the Academy.  Police Chief Shilaos stated that this roster method has been used in the past and has been very effective and saves a lot of time.  MOTION.  Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that David Wilkinson be hired as the new Police Officer and that Jesse Carlton be placed on the roster as recommended above.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried. 




MOTION.  Councilmember Davis moved that Mayor Piccolo return and chair the meeting.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


Mayor Piccolo returned to the meeting at 6:43 p.m.




May 24, 2006




Councilmember Tatton reported that the Price River Water Improvement District held board training at their last meeting.  This was very beneficial not only to the Special Service District members, but also for Linda Ballard from the County Special Service District.  The District agreed to accept a payback agreement with Darlene Pennington and Lyle Hadden to extend a water line.  An item on the agenda involving Wellington City=s water share utilization request was approved with two voting for it, two against and one abstaining.  This will appear again for additional information.  The Scofield release is down.  However, it looked like it was back up today.  The. Helper Interchange bids were opened, however, the Utah Department of Transportation did not want water utilities to complete their connections at this time.  The preconstruction meeting will be held May 31st with the place and time to be determined later.  Inspections have been completed on the Castle Gate property which was purchased by the District and everything seems positive for the reclamation portion.  Rather than have an agreement with Helper City for emergency water, the District will set the rate for sales for non-contracted users.  Everyone will pay a specific rate.


20.        POWER BOARD - Authorization To Hire Bruno Engineering For Troubleshooting Services


Councilmember McEvoy reported that the Power Board met with Steve Forbes from Kee

Engineering.  No formal decisions were made as all members were not in attendance.  One of the issues discussed was the rebuilding of our substation and a concrete base versus a dirt berm.  The decision was made to rebid and hopefully the bids will come in lower by combining the bids and selecting various options.  Scott Bruno will assist the City in putting this together.  Another meeting will be held on June 1st to finalize the bids.  It was brought to their attention that there has been power outages on the City Hall Substation=s south line to the point that it is impacting businesses and their power equipment.  She asked approval for emergency trouble shooting services through Bruno Engineering as a cost of $5,000.  The Electric Department has funds in the budget to cover this expense.  Bret Cammans explained the loss in power and what has happened beginning with the end of last summer when the power bumps first started.  No problems were encountered through the winter, but started again this summer.  Out of the 3 phase feed coming from this substation, one of the phases keeps going down.  This means there is partial power which is worse on big motors.  Bruno Engineering has the equipment and can respond quickly to isolate the problem.  MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved that Bruno Engineering be hired to provide services up to $5,000 to determine the problem.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.          




Councilmember Hanna-Smith reported that the Community Progress committee will be meeting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.  The City Attorney has reviewed and approved the Adopt A Street application and agreement.  He suggested adding a tip sheet about safety concerns, such as wearing leather gloves, good shoes, hats, sunscreen, etc.  She met with Gary Sonntag and Dale Stapley of the Utah Department of Transportation to review a welcome sign at the East Price Interchange.  A couple of areas were looked at that would be adequate.  She will review them with the committee, get their input, and report back to Gary and Dale.


22.        INTERNATIONAL DAYS - Update


Councilmember Hanna-Smith reported that the next meeting of the International Days committee will be Thursday, June 8th.  The committee has talked about the carnival and new events, such as a kid=s cake decorating contest with Norma Procarione as chair.  There will be a new line of entertainment from what has been presented in the past.  To date we have 11 committed sponsors.      


23.        COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND - Update


Councilmember McEvoy reported that the playground committee has made application to the Special Service District to be on the agenda of their June 5th meeting to request funding..  The District requires that a maintenance and operation agreement be submitted with the application.

May 24, 2006


            She presented a draft of the agreement and asked for the Council=s input.  She will then have Mr. Sampinos review it.  The application is for $75,000.  At their meeting on June 5th, the Special Service District will review the application.  She would like the support of the Mayor and Council at this meeting, as the District may or may not ask questions.  If they would like to consider it further, the application will be placed on their July meeting agenda.  Councilmember McEvoy further stated that Commissioner Krompel is very excited about the project.  She is hopeful that it will receive funding.




Gary Sonntag stated that the Water Depletion and Recovery Study is complete.   A copy has been forwarded to the Mayor and Council.  The next step will be presented at the next meeting.  The City received an extension of 4 years on their water application on the White River.  We do not want to wait the last year before something is done.  We want to start formulating a plan now as to how the City wants to utilize that resource to our benefit.  This involves some of the recommendations that were included in the Water Depletion and Recovery Study.  It will provide  ideas of where we want to go.  


MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that the meeting adjourn and that a meeting of the Redevelopment Agency convene.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Davis and carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


Reconvened at 7:08 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.







ATTEST:                                                           Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor





Joanne Lessar, City Recorder