Minutes of The Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

June 11, 2003, 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                                                Joanne Lessar, City Recorder

Councilmembers:                                                Pat Larsen, Finance Director

     Betty P. Wheeler                                                Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

     Stephen L. Denison                                                Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director

     Richard Tatton                                                Keith Wight, Human Resource Director

     Don G. Reaveley, Jr.                                                Nick Tatton, Community Director

     Jeanne McEvoy                                                Aleck Shilaos, Chief of Police


Others Present:


     Ken Larson               Francis Duzenack                        Bob Bennett                        Marilyn Bennett

     Jack Leautaud            Travis Leautaud                                    Robert Strong                        Angelo Kiahtipes



Mayor Piccolo led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll was called with the above members present.




The Mayor and City Council presented an update on the activities taking place in their individual departments.


 2.         BID OPENING - Two Metal Rock Bed Liners For Dump Trucks - Committee Appointed


The following bids were received for two metal rock bed liners for dump trucks.


Tesco Williamsen, Salt Lake City

Bid #1 - $6,225.00;    Bid #2 - $6,225.00


Barney & Sons, Price, Utah

Bid #1 - $10,742.36; Bid #2 - $10,742.37


Badlands Fab & Machine, Helper, Utah

Bid #1 - $4,952.50; Bid #2 - $4,952.50


MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that a committee, comprised of Councilmember Reaveley, Gary Sonntag, Harold Valdez, and Pat Larsen, be appointed to review the bids and given authorization to award the bid if it is within budget.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Reaveley and carried.


 3.         MINUTES - May 14, 2003, May 22, 2003, May 28, 2003, June 3, 2003, June 5, 2003


MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the minutes of the May 14, May 22, May 28, June 3, and June 5 meetings be approved as written.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.




MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the verbal approval given to Carbon High School to move their baseball scoreboard be ratified.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.



& Luce, Inc. - Partial Payment #27


Councilmember Wheeler presented requests for partial payments submitted by Hansen, Allen & Luce Engineering, Inc.  The first request in the amount of $41,792.32 is for construction services on the Water Transmission Pipeline and the second in the amount of $4,959.28 is for the Helper Interchange Connections.  MOTION.  Councilmember Wheeler moved that the payments be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.



  June 11, 2003


 6.                 SWIMMING POOL BOILER REPLACEMENT, #4E-2002 - US Mechanical - Change Order, Final Payment


Councilmember McEvoy presented a change order submitted by US Mechanical for their contract on the swimming pool boiler replacement.  The change order increases the contract $1,432 for the installation of an additional 2 inch testable backflow preventer on the domestic water supply line.  The final payment is also in the amount of $1,432.00.  MOTION.   Councilmember McEvoy moved that the change order and final payment be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


 7.         RESOLUTION #2003-14 - Increase In Swimming Lessons and Age Group Swim Team


Councilmember McEvoy presented Resolution #2003-14, authorizing the increase in fees for swimming lessons and age group swim team.  This increases swimming lessons from $20 to $25 for 8 lessons and age group swim team from $25 per year to $35 per year with the purchase of a child lap swim pass.    MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved that Resolution #2003-14 be approved effective June 16, 2003 and that the Mayor and City Recorder be authorized to sign the resolution.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


 8.        RESOLUTION #2003-15 - Adoption Of Budget For Fiscal Year 2003/04


Mayor Piccolo opened the Public Hearing at 6:02 p.m. to receive comments on the proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2003/04.


Angelo Kiahtipes - As a contractor, business owner and developer, he opposed the reduction in the Building Department.  The Price City Building and Planning Department is helpful, courteous and professional.  It is excellent by all standards.  He doesn=t understand why the Council wants to deliberately cripple it.  If Price City moves forward with this cut, he believes it will be regrettable.  Everyone who deals with the Planning Department will pay for it.  He asked the Council to not cut Human Resources and jobs and focus more on keeping employees productive.  Perhaps the Council should talk to those that deal regularly with Francis Duzenack and Bob Bennett.  Find out how they are going to feel when it takes 3 days to get an inspection, or when you call them and cannot get a timely answer or advice which regularly happens.  There have been times during projects when they have had to speak with Francis and Bob both four or five times a day.  They have had to come out, talk to them on the phone and do research.  They have been very helpful.  He appreciates all they do.  He asked the Council not to vote to create hardship upon perspective growth on our already struggling economy.  Lets keep the proven Building Department intact and continue promoting growth instead of hindering it.  He believes this cut will hinder growth.  We deal with these people all the time.  If a project is being considered, there are people to talk to.  It helps.  If there is only one of them, it will take 3 or 4 days to meet with someone, whether it be him or someone from out of the area.  It will definitely be a deterrent.


Robert (Corky) Strong - As an electrical and general contractor, he agrees with the same issues that Mr. Kiahtipes has said.  I have had many meetings with Francis and Bob and he would hate to see that job cut.  They have raised the standards in Price so that every resident could be rest assured that the buildings being built today are at current standards and are safe.  There are things that some contractors would like to get away with and he hates to see it open up to sub-standard work.  It would not be fair to the other contractors in this County, the State or the residents.  He feels it is a public safety issue.  The Council talks about spending money improving roads, etc., which benefits us all.  But specifically, what the Building Department provides for us in this City is safe, structural, sound buildings.  They don=t ask anything differently of contractors.  We are all treated fair.  Sometimes you may not like their answer, but if you research it, you are going to find out it is in the codes and all they are doing is asking them all to live by the codes.  He feels there are some special interest people that don=t like their answers or the way they are treated.  He has been on quite a few jobs and found that the same thing keeps coming up for all the people and they are all expected to live by it.  He would hate to see some of the low dollar contractors come in and run loose and do sub-standard work, as it hurts us all.  Then you start to take money away from this County and this town.  It is a real big issue.  He supports them 110%.  The turn around times from Price City for inspections and approvals, to get everything done, is a lot quicker.  He admires for what the two have accomplished with the limited resources they have.  He thinks the confidence we as contractors have in them, is outstanding.  There is not a time that we don=t ask a question that doesn=t get answered and is right.  Sometimes we are unsure of the interpretations.  These guys will research the interpretations and give us the answers.  He hates to say this, but he feels the standards and the turn-arounds in Price are actually a lot better that in

  June 11, 2003


the County.  The County=s  job and plan reviews are contracted out.  If this job does go away and the decision is already made, what alternative is there?  He came from a company where the big word was Aoutsource@.  We have to get rid of our own people.  What we lost when we went to an outsource, was a lot of inhouse expertise; people that were very familiar with current problems.  It took about a five year period to migrate back.  The outsource people quickly went away.  They came in on a low bid and gradually that bid came up and it was actually more costly and we didn=t have the expertise that we got within our department.  This would be a shame, and it is something that needs to be looked at.  He understands there are several proposals, that the City is going out and spending money, such as new trucks, and now new bed liners.  But that benefits a small group and he doesn=t know all the things that are a priority.  The work these two do effects us all and it should be a shame to let it go away.


Mayor Piccolo thanked Mr. Strong and Mr. Kiahtipes for being involved in the community.  He does not believe the intent of the Mayor, Council, or administration, is to reduce the quality of building inspection.  Building inspection will receive first priority if this budget is accepted in the state it is in.  There will be areas that will suffer because Francis and Bob both do a great job.  There is no argument about that.  He appreciates their input and effort to be here.


Councilmember McEvoy feels strongly about the need to eliminate unnecessary expenses wherever we can, such as if there are three people leaning on a shovel, then we need to get one guy on the shovel and the other two guys doing something else.  She is not sure that they have had complaints about the Building Inspectors leaning on their shovels all day, leaning on their notepads, etc.  She feels they have been working.  In other cities she has worked in, calls have come in about employees sleeping in the alleyways.  These kinds of things are not being said about our Building Inspectors.  She has heard many good things about our inspectors.  You rarely hear good things about City workers.  She has not seen significant data that justifies the elimination of this position.  There was not a Planning and Zoning meeting this week because there were no permits.  But this is an unusual week.  Some weeks there are seven and some weeks more or less.  Over the years, she feels the building permits have increased.  The revenues have gone up and down, but you don=t get a WalMart or an Albertsons every day.  That should be considered as well.  She feels that we currently have a well trained and dedicated, committed staff that works well with the public, progressively and friendly, to reach our goal of improving our economic situation so that we are not faced with budget cuts in the future and everything that it brings.  In checking with the unemployment office, this position would receive maximum benefits.  This would come to $19,400, of which we are not getting anything for.  This is a harsh way to look at it.  A persons position is much more than just dollars.  But $19,000 could possibly be going somewhere else and we wouldn=t be getting any services from it, as well as paying additionally for the contractors who come from the Wasatch Front.  This money would then go back to the Wasatch Front as where now, the salary is going to a person that is feeding back into our community.  She suggests that this might be a time that perhaps our Human Resource Manager works with the department to find and develop a more efficient system if there is some gaps where perhaps work can be done.  Possibly fill some gaps and deal with time management issues.  Keith Wight stated that he has talked to Bob and it seems he can be utilized part time in the Fire Department.  Councilmember McEvoy stated that issues such as this can be developed to increase the efficiency of the job if that is a concern.  She feels that the Building Inspectors are the liaisons between the businesses, between economic growth, etc.  They keep a smooth, friendly relationship to continue economic growth.  She does not feel comfortable eliminating the position as this time.


Robert (Corky) Strong - Pertaining to fire inspections, he does a lot of commercial work in the City and sees a lot of items that need to be taken care of, such as emergency exits.  A lot of the exit signs in buildings are burned out and not up to standard.  He feels it would be a good idea for public safety if one of the inspectors could be utilized part time for this.  There are a lot of commercial buildings that are being overlooked. 


Francis Duzenack asked the Council to fund this position?  Mayor Piccolo asked Mr. Duzenack if the department would be able to take on additional duties as Mr. Wight indicated at the current rate of pay and per Mr. Strong=s input.  Francis stated that the department could handle this. 


MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the Public Hearing be closed.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Reaveley and carried.  The Public Hearing closed at 6:20 p.m.           


MOTION.  Councilmember McEvoy moved to reinstate the Building Inspector position in the budget.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried by the following vote.

  June 11, 2003


Councilmember Wheeler - Aye                                    Councilmember Denison - Naye

Councilmember Tatton - Naye                                    Councilmember Reaveley - Aye

Councimlember McEvoy - Aye


MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that Resolution #2003-15, adopting the budget as presented with the amendment for the inclusion of the extra position within the Building Department be approved and that the Mayor and City Recorder be authorized to sign the resolution.  Further, that the Mayor and Finance Director be authorized to determine the funding source.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.  Pat Larsen noted that the budget includes a 3% water rate increase and is being adopted without the property tax rate.    Mayor Piccolo thanked Pat Larsen and her staff for all their work on the budget and the citizens and Price contractors for their input.  As you can see, the Council listened to the contractors.


 9.        ANNUAL CLASS AC@ ROAD MAINTENANCE - Permission To Advertise For Bids


MOTION.  Councilmember Reaveley moved that permission be given to advertise for bids for street maintenance improvements, which consist of crack sealing, slurry sealing, and overlays.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


10.        CITY PICNIC - Appointment of Committee and Date


The date of Thursday, August 14th, 2003, was chosen as the City=s annual picnic.  The departments in charge will consist of the City Council, Finance and Human Resource.  Mayor Piccolo reminded the Council of their commitment to contribute one months pay towards this picnic.


11.        COUNCIL REASSIGNMENTS - Approved


With the appointment of Councilmember McEvoy, Mayor Piccolo presented the following reassignments through December, 2003.  MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that the reassignments be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


Administrator                                         Primary                                                     Secondary           


Betty P. Wheeler                        Water, Sewer                                                Pool, Garbage

Stephen L. Denison                        Shop, Weeds                                                Building, Streets

Richard Tatton                                    Parks, Buildings, Library                        Cemetery, Customer

Services, Electric

Don Reaveley                                    Streets, Garbage, Cemetery                        Parks, Shop

Jeanne McEvoy                        Electric, Customer Services                        Water, Sewer, Library,

and Pool                                                Weeds


12.        PAUL GOODRICH - Eagle Scout Project Approved


As part of his Eagle Scout project, Paul Goodrich, Boy Scout Troop #299, presented his plans to construct a walking trail at the north end of Third East near the storm water detention basin.  He plans to dig down approximately 2 inches.  The trail will be 6 feet wide and filled with gravel and will go around the perimeter of the detention basin for a total of 300 feet.  Dal Hansen Construction has agreed to donate his dump truck.  He now needs to get someone to donate the gravel.  Gary Sonntag stated that he has talked with Paul and has agreed to his proposal.  The Council approved the project.                            



             CARBON COUNTY


Mayor Piccolo presented the cooperative agreement for consolidated dispatch services in Carbon County.  The documents have been reviewed by Nick Sampinos.  The contract represents an increase of $16,000 per year.  MOTION.  Councilmember Reaveley moved that the contract be approved and that the Mayor and City Attorney be authorized to execute the documents.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.   


14.        NEW LIFE MINISTRIES CHURCH - Tent Revival


Mayor Piccolo reported that the New Life Ministries Church plans to hold a tent revival on the

  June 11, 2003


northeast corner of the Nyal Samoulis property (corner of 1st North and 4th East) between June 15

and June 22nd.  Issues such as traffic and fire protection were discussed.  MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the revival be approved contingent upon an inspection by the Fire Department.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Reaveley and carried.




Mayor Piccolo presented the following travel requests.


Mayor Joe Piccolo - Elliott School of International Affairs At George Washington University, Washington, D.C., June 19-21, 2003

Molly Penovich - Southeastern Utah Association of Governments Zoning Training, West Valley City, Utah, June 24, 25, 2003

Leonard Miller, Sid Nelson, Ron Stefanoff - Utah State Fireman=s Convention, June 12-14th, Ogden, Utah


MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the travel be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.


16.        RETENTION BASIN PARK IMPROVEMENTS - Ratification of Expenditure


MOTION.  Councilmember Wheeler moved that the verbal approval given to provide an expenditure of $7,500 for the Retention Basin Park improvements be ratified.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


17.        DRAINAGE MITIGATION PROJECTS - 400 To 600 West, 800 North Meads Wash


Gary Sonntag reported that staff has been pursuing plans to construct a drainage pipeline from 400 West 400 South to the Price River and picking up drainage and flooding water from 4th, 5th and 6th West at 350 South, as well as surrounding properties.  They also plan to complete a flood mitigation project on Meads Wash from 650 North to 850 North.  Estimated cost to purchase materials for the west Price project is $37,000, which will come from the General Fund.  Estimated costs for the Meads Wash project is $106,021 (partial grant).  In order to complete both projects, it will be necessary to obtain easements from the adjacent property.  The same person owns the property in both instances and he refuses to grant the City access. The property owner=s issues seem to revolve around his non-compliance with the City Land Use Management and Development Code and how he wants to develop his property at 600 West 350 South.  Gary requested direction from the Council in assisting him to get these projects completed.  The drainage situation in west Price creates a potential for mosquito infestation and standing water, as well as overtime costs to take care of the water on 4th, 5th and 6th West.  Due to the grade of the wash on 800 North, the culverts plug up and backs up causing flooding.  It may be necessary to take legal action on these issues, such as condemnation.  Mayor Piccolo stated that he has met with this individual at least twice and he was very agreeable, but then changed his mind.  A considerable amount of effort on the City=s part has been made.  MOTION.   As this issue involves the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Price City,  Councilmember Tatton moved that permission be given to move forward with a condemnation (eminent domain) if necessary,  for both projects.  Further, that permission be given to solicit for quotations for the purchase of materials for these projects and that it be brought back to the Council.    Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.


18.       CITY UNIFORM CLEANING - Permission To Advertise Approved


Pat Larsen requested permission to prepare specifications and advertise to receive bids to clean City uniforms.  This will be for a three year contract.  MOTION.  Councilmember Wheeler moved that the request be granted.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Denison and carried.


19.        FUND TRANSFERS - Approved


MOTION.  Councilmemver Denison moved that the following fund transfers be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Wheeler and carried.


Transfer $173,502 from General Fund to Library Fund

Transfer $14,500 from Redevelopment Agency to General Fund

  June 11, 2003


Transfer $1,095,812 from Electric Fund to General Fund

Transfer $182,000 from General Fund to Swimming Pool Fund

Transfer $27,925 from the General Fund to the Drug Task Force Fund

Transfer $1,050 from the General Fund to the CDBG Fund

Transfer $9,500 from the General Fund to the Central School Building Fund

Transfer $134,860 from the General Fund to Capital Projects


20.       HEATHER WICHMANN, WILMA BARNETT - Step and Salary Increases Approved


As both Heath Wichmann and Wilma Barnett have completed cross training for each others position, Keith Wight recommended that they each receive a one (1) step salary increase effective June 15, 2003.  This is a budgeted item for 2002/03 and would fall in the guidelines of 2%.  MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the increases be approved.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.




Councilmember Wheeler presented a report completed by  the Price River Water Improvement District regarding impact fees and asked for their input.  These fees will bring in additional revenue.


22.            INTERNATIONAL DAYS - Update


Councilmember Reaveley reported that meetings will be held next week for individual areas for International Days.  The contests, parades, etc., will be different this year than has been traditional in the past.  It was noted that $6,000 will be contributed from the Restaurant Tax committee for this event as well as $200 from Tram Electric and $500 from UAMPS. 





MOTION.  Councilmember Tatton moved that permission be given to the Police Department to submit applications for a C.O.P.S. grant and an overtime reimbursement grant.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Reaveley and carried.


MOTION.  Councilmember Denison moved that the meeting adjourn and that a meeting of the Redevelopment Agency convene.  Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Reconvened at 8:04 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.







ATTEST:                                                                       Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor





Joanne Lessar, City Recorder