Minutes of the Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

July 25, 2007 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                       Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director/City Engineer                      

Councilmembers:                             Nick Sampinos, City Attorney

Jeff Nielson                                           John Daniels, Human Resource Director

Richard Tatton                                    Bret Cammans, Customer Service Director

Jeanne McEvoy                                   Aleck Shilaos, Police Chief

Rick Davis                                            Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

Kathy Hanna-Smith                           Nick Tatton, Community Director


Excused Absence: Pat Larsen, Finance Director

Others Present: Jane Rice


Mayor Piccolo led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called with the above Councilmembers and staff in attendance.


1.             PUBLIC COMMENT

                Jane Rice stated her concerns regarding the conditions of the neighborhood she lives in at 75 E. 300 S. The property owners and renters of the properties are not caring for the condition of the yards, sidewalks, gutters and the area in between. There are quite a few properties on the block  that have trash, stray cats, inoperable cars, cars for sale that are parked on the grass, and the remains of people moving in and out of homes. The weeds and trees are overgrown and out of control in the area. Mrs. Rice cares about her own yard and the neighborhood that she lives in and would like the City to assist her in cleaning the area or providing citations to property owners that are not complying with City ordinances. Mayor Piccolo requested that Mrs. Rice call the Price City Ordinance Officer with her complaints so the issues are on record and the process of contacting the property owners can begin. Mrs. Rice works extremely hard to care for her property and would like to see others doing the same. Mrs. Rice suggests that the City send a letter with the utility bills to clean their yards and comply with City ordinances. There are nuisance and abatement ordinances already in place in Price City. The Mayor and City Council will check into the matter and thanked Mrs. Rice for raising awareness on the issue and for being an involved and responsible citizen that cares for Price City. The Ordinance Officer will be contacted on this matter so that he may start the process of contacting property owners to request compliance.


2.             COUNCILMEMBERS REPORT- The Mayor and Councilmembers presented an update on the activities and functions in which they have participated.


3.             VISIONARY SERVICE LEADER AWARD- Leslie Jewkes

                The item was rescheduled to the next meeting.


4.             REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT POLICY- Draft- Councilmember Rick Davis


Councilmember Davis would appreciate comments and or suggestions as to how the final policy will read. The final will include an introduction, purpose and intent, terms and permitted use, general legal requirements, principals, definitions, practices and processes. This policy will fit into the general policy plan of Price City and will assist the City in evaluating Price City owned property to be surplus or maintained by the City. The policy will have major, moderate and minor objectives to determine property value. This is in draft form only and will need to be reviewed by the Mayor, Council and City Attorney before returning to City Council for approval.





                Councilmember Nielson reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave favorable recommendations for the following requests for Conditional Use Permits.


                a. G & A Window Cleaning- 1125 N. 200 E.- David Black, Owner- Office Use Only-Final

                b. KD Real Estate- 565 W. 800 S. – Kathy Diamanti, Owner- Office Use Only-Final

                c. Elkridge Subdivision Phase IV- T.H. and Linda Poloni, Owners- Preliminary and Final

                d. Florence Subdivision Phase II- (approx) 1440 E. 800 N.-Tony Basso, Owner – Final

                e. MSHA Building #3- 1365 South Carbon Ave.-CV LLC – Preliminary

                f. Georgetown Development- (approx) 1700 E. 400 N.-(within) American Dream Subdivision-Concept

                g. American Dream Subdivision- (approx) 1500-1600 E. 400 N.-Paul Washburn/Julie Smith, Owners


                MOTION. Councilmember Nielson moved to approve items a through d as presented by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Items e through g are for information only. Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton. Motion carried.


                CONSENT ITEMS- MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to approve items #6 through #16  with items #14 and #20 removed from the agenda for discussion. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.


6.             MINUTES –

                July 11, 2007 City Council Meeting


7.             MAIN STREET PROGRAM- Approval of Project Management Contracts between Price City and Independent Contractors for Activities Associated with the Main Street Program and to Authorize the Mayor and City Recorder to Sign the Contracts on Behalf of Price City and to Authorize the Community Director to Administer the Contracts


8.             STREET CLOSURE- Approval of a Street Closure at 100 East and 100 West on Main Street for the International Days Parade on July 28th at 10 a.m.


9.             PRICE CITY GENERAL PLAN AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CODE UPDATE- Approval for Utah Community Planners to Review and Update the Price City General Plan and the Price City Land Use Management and Development Code and to Authorize the Mayor and City Recorder to Sign the Contract on Behalf of Price City


10.          CAREER LADDER PROMOTIONS- Approval of Recommended Promotions for two (2) Street Department Employees


11.          TOBACCO CESSATION SUPPORT- Approval to Accept and Implement the 2007-2008 Tobacco Cessation Support Program for Price City Employees


12.          BUSINESS LICENSE- Approval of the Business- Utah Head and Neck Surgery, 945 W. Hospital Drive #1, Dr. Barry Peterson


13.          ADOPT-A-STREET AGREEMENT- Approval of Eastern Utah Parrot Heads Agreement with Price City for the area cleanup of 600 West and 200 South


14.          STREET DEPARTMENT-Approval to Fill a Short-Term Seasonal Position in the Street Department with a Candidate from the June 13, 2007 Full-Time Hiring Process to Assist in Annual Painting Projects


15.          ORDINANCE 2007-003- Authorization to Approve Ordinance 2007-003 Concerning the Operation and use of Off-Highway Vehicles Within Price City and Designating Permissible Routes Within Price City


16.          LOCAL CONSENT- Local Consent for a Class C Beer License for Miguel Taberna, Owner of El Salto Café-Business Relocation from 19 South Carbon Avenue to 801 East Main


17.          CAREER LADDER- Resolution 2007- 17 - Approval of Resolution 2007-17 Adopting Revised Job Descriptions for Lifeguard I and Lifeguard II and Implement Associated Compensation and Performance Management


                Councilmember Davis had concerns regarding a section of the job description language and requested clarification from the Human Resource Director. The job description will include that all applicants have the ability to see and adjust visibility under water. MOTION. Councilmember Davis moved to approve the job descriptions and to include the change to underwater vision. Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


18.          GENERAL ENGINEERING SERVICES ADDENDUM- Authorization to Accept the General Services Agreement Addendum #03-07 for Design Engineering Services for South Park Improvements


                Councilmember Hanna-Smith had questions regarding the justification of the cost schedule for this project. The final costs for the project will be accounted for as this agreement sets a parameter for the costs that is not to exceed the amounts listed. MOTION. Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved to approve the agreement addendum. Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton. Motion carried.


19.          PRWID-Update by Councilmember Tatton

·         At the last meeting: swearing in of a new treasurer/secretary

·         An offer was declined from the prior treasurer to do consulting work

·         An approval was given for the development of 14 lots on Fairground Road

·         A majority of Board of Trustees elected to let employees use equipment

·         Discussion on Social Security and Medicare issue involving several employees

·         Discussion and evaluation of job descriptions and wage comparisons  


20.          COMMUNITY PROGRESS-Update by Councilmember Hanna-Smith


Two kiosks have been ordered for Heritage Park and the Peace Gardens for placement the first week in August. More flower pots have been ordered for 100 North.


21.          WATER RESOURCES- Update by Gary Sonntag


A Water Right 91-282 (A32802) Gordon Creek Application that is 50 years old was received by Price City. Proof of beneficial use is due on August 31, 2007. This has been turned over to Hansen, Allen & Luce Engineering for advisement as to how to handle the application. Mr. Sonntag will report the information to City Council as it is ready.


22.          INTERNATIONAL DAYS- Update by Councilmember Nielson


Hometown Amusements and Den and Jen’s Bouncers are both participating in the International Days activities planned for the weekend of July 27th and 28th, 2007. Both companies will need an agreement with Price City with proof of insurance. Hometown Amusements will bring their agreement with proof of insurance with them on July 26th as they arrive in town. Den and Jen’s Bouncers have the minimum required insurance requested by the State of Utah of $100,000 per person with a $300,000 aggregate. Price City’s required insurance differs in cost of $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate. The City Council needs to decide how to handle the insurance differences for this year as the event is already here and the agreement request is new for this year. Next year’s event will require the increase in coverage. Price City needs to be concerned with the liability of citizen safety especially with outside vendors and activities. Due to the timing of the event and the new agreement requirement, the vendor with the bouncers has not had adequate time to apply for the required amount of insurance. The Councilmembers felt that the increase needs to be sought after through the vendor’s insurance company for next year’s event. This year’s event will have to be covered by the amount of insurance required by the state of Utah held by Den and Jen’s Bouncers due to the time allowance. MOTION. Councilmember Nielson moved to have the owners of Den and Jen’s Bouncers approach and research the insurance increase with their insurance company. The time is not feasible for an increase for this year’s events.  Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried. The City Attorney, made the suggestion to add approving the contracts as presented and have the Mayor and City Recorder sign the contracts for terms of agreement. MOTION. Councilmember Nielson moved to approve the suggested motion. Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy. Motion carried.



                a. Committee Review for Street Banners

                b. Road Audit- 200 and 400 North- 100 E.

                c. Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Improvements on 2nd South

                d. Sale of Property- 6th South- Wetlands

                e. Sale of Property- West of Pioneer Park


24.          ADDENDUM ITEM- Resolution 2007-18

                Municipal Wastewater Planning Program Resolution yearly self-assessment report required by the Department of Environmental Quality. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to approve. Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy and carried.


25.          NEW ITEMS:


a. Rose Plants- Purchase of 1000 roses for the Dino-Mine Playground and Old Central School locations. The roses are on sale for a significantly discounted rate. This is a budgeted item and will be ratified at the August 8, 2007 meeting. The Mayor and Council gave a head nod to proceed.


b. Mayor Piccolo would like the Basso Dino-Mine Park added to the Unfinished Business section of the upcoming agendas. 


Meeting adjourned by Councilmember McEvoy at 7:04 p.m.







                                                                                Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor






Laurie Tryon, City Recorder