Minutes Price City Planning and Zoning

Price City Hall 6:00 P.M.

August 23, 1999




John Angotti, Chairman
Larry Bruno, Vice-Chairman
Alfred Richens
Laurel Marinos
Penny Sampinos
Francis Duzenack, Zoning Administrator
Carolyn Vogrinec, Secretary
Gary Lyon
Joe Piccolo

I.      MINUTES OF AUGUST 9, 1999

There were no corrections or additions and Penny Sampinos made a motion to approve the minutes of August 9, 1999 as read. Laurel Marinos seconded and the motion carried.


905 NORTH 600 EAST

Mr. Huefner explained that he has a Professional Engineering License and does engineering and surveying out of his home. He has no plans for a sign at this time. There were no concerns and Larry Bruno moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Home Occupied Business - Office Use Only - for Huefner Consulting. Gary Lyon seconded and the motion carried.



Due to the absence of Rodeo Chairperson Lisa Mendel the presentation was made by Francis Duzenack. He indicated the rodeo dates will be September 9 through 12, 1999. Signs will be set out on September 1 and removed immediately following the rodeo There were no concerns and Joe Piccolo moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Temporary Conditional Use Permit for A-Frame Signs for the Castle Country Round-up and Senior Pro Rodeo. Alfred Richens seconded and the motion carried.



Building Official Francis Duzenack and the State Fire Marshal toured several buildings around town. Their recommendation was the Greenwell Motel. It meets the time constraints and offers the least modification to the building as far as fire protection. The State Fire Marshal has written a letter stating the installed fire alarm system must include smoke detectors to increase the level of protection. The building itself is not totally one-hour rated sheetrock, but has backing behind the sheetrock making it equal to a 5/8" sheetrock and will be satisfactory. With the increased fire protection, the State Fire Marshal is comfortable with this building.

The school plans to fence and gate the east parking lot area so it will not have vehicle access, however, the Fire Department will still have access in the event of an emergency. There are eleven rooms along the east side main level to be used for the school. The question of access was raised and Mr. Duzenack said there were two possibilities - 1) dropping the children off in the lower level of the Greenwell Parking Lot; 2) using the west parking lot as well because there is an access through the middle of the building. This is the most preferred method as there is less traffic on 600 East. Joe Piccolo asked if any traffic surveys had been done to determine the impact of traffic for transporting 140 children. Both Mr. Duzenack and Ms. Hardy indicated there were no traffic surveys. School spokesperson Roberta Hardy indicated parents do not want to drop off children along 100 North because of its high traffic and no children will be walking to school. Larry Bruno asked if the possibility of car pooling had been considered to help mitigate traffic. Ms. Hardy indicated since students were attending from the surrounding towns, she was certain that car pooling would be a viable possibility. No child will be allowed outside the area unless their parents come for them. Discussion was held on the safest ways in which to approach the loading and unloading of the children at school.

Joe Piccolo expressed his concern for the safety of the students and recommended that school zone signs be in place and perhaps the use of a crossing guard during the times children may walk to school as well as a designated crossing walk across 100 North for the nine months time period. Ms. Hardy indicated she did not think there would be any students walking to school as there is not a "neighborhood" surrounding the Greenwell area. In the event of handicapped students, the west parking lot can be designated for teacher and handicapped parking, painted with red paint and signed appropriately. Gary Lyon asked Lt. Shook if there were any concerns from the Price City Police Department regarding the traffic pattern in that area. Lt. Shook told Commission Members there will definitely be an impact, however it would be only at certain times of the day and for short periods of time. He feels that most people, after going there a few times, will determine the best route for them.

Gary Lyon asked how long the school would occupy the Greenwell Complex and Ms. Hardy indicated this would be a temporary occupancy until such time as the new school is completed. The final date has not yet been set. Because of the difficulty in locating a temporary building, the start date of school has been extended to begin on September 7, 1999. The building contractor does not want to begin construction until a temporary location has been determined. At this time, the building plans are nearly done and school trust land on Fairgrounds Road has been selected and approved as the building site.

Joe Piccolo asked for the number of staff. Ms. Hardy indicated there would be one teacher for every classroom, three aides, a secretary as well as Ms. Hardy for a total of 15 staff members. While this portion of the Greenwell Complex is being used as a temporary school, no other rooms in this area of the motel will be rented and it will not be a mixed used building. A letter will be written, by owner Rick Krompel, to the State Fire Marshall, stating such. He will, at this time, renovate and redecorate the other rooms so by the time he completes this work, the school will be moving to their new building and Mr. Krompel will continue his renovation on the other eleven rooms.

Ms. Hardy also mentioned the letter from the State Liquor Commission regarding any legal ramifications of locating a school in proximity to a private club licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Everything concerning this issue complies with the code and there are no concerns.

The request tonight is for a Temporary Conditional Use Permit for nine months time, effective the first and ending at the end of the school year. Interested parties spoke in favor of this issue and asked that this matter be concluded at this meeting. They offered to do whatever was necessary to expedite this project.

Joe Piccolo indicated he has some serious concerns about the children's safety on 100 North and he can see precautions have been taken to limit the access, but he would like to see the signs that indicate that the area is now a school zone are in place. He would like to see a signed agreement with Mr. Krompel stating that he will not rent any more rooms in that section until the school is through. He also feels Price City will welcome this school as long as the children are protected and safe as they would be in any other school environment. Penny Sampinos concurred stating the Commission has no problems with the school, but would like to see concrete plans and all letters and information concerning the issues mentioned here tonight

Mr. Piccolo indicated that although the Commission was in support of this project, it was out of order to vote on an issue not on the agenda. A special meeting should be called for both the Planning and Zoning Commission and Price City Council whereby the matter can be treated as a special agenda item. After some deliberation, it was decided to call a Special Planning and Zoning Meeting for Thursday, August 26 at 6:00 P.M. - Price City Hall - for discussion as an agenda item, the Pinnacle Canyon Academy, and to grant a Temporary Conditional Use Permit for a period of nine (9) months time. A Special City Council Meeting will be tentatively planned for Tuesday, August 31 at 5:30 P.M. - Price City Council Chambers - for final approval of this permit. Notice of these meetings will be placed in a timely manner. The Commission thanked all those in attendance for their interest and comments regarding this matter..

Francis Duzenack reminded the Commission of the seminar scheduled for November 19 & 20, 1999. Applications must be in as quickly as possible as the classes are limited to 35 participants.

There was no further business at this time and the meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.