Minutes of The Price Redevelopment Agency
City Hall: Price, Utah

August 25, 1999, 7:17 p.m.


Chairman Lou Colosimo






Roy A. Nikas
Betty P. Wheeler
Joe L. Piccolo
Richard Tatton
Stephen L. Denison
Vernon W. Jones, Executive Director
Joanne Lessar
Pat Larsen
Joe Piccolo
Nick Sampinos
Gary Sonntag
Keith Wight
Aleck Shilaos

1. MINUTES - August 11, 1999

MOTION. Boardmember Piccolo moved that the minutes of the August 11, 1999 meeting be approved as written. Motion seconded by Boardmember Wheeler and carried. Boardmember Nikas abstained as he was absent at the August 11th meeting.

2. OVERNIGHT PARK (WEST PRICE) - Allocation Of Funds For Engineering and Design

MOTION. Boardmember Tatton moved that Vern Jones be authorized to seek proposals from landscape/engineering firms to engineer and design the overnight park in West Price. Motion seconded by Boardmember Wheeler and carried.

MOTION. Boardmember Nikas moved that the meeting adjourn and that the Council Meeting reconvene. Motion seconded by Boardmember Denison and carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 p.m.

Council Minutes 08-25-99