Minutes Special Meeting of Price City Planning and Zoning
Room 106, Price City Hall 6:00 P.M.

August 26, 1999




John Angotti, Chairman
Larry Bruno, Vice-Chairman
Laurel Marinos
Francis Duzenack, Zoning Administrator
Carolyn Vogrinec, Secretary
Gary Lyon



Alfred Richens
Penny Sampinos
Joe Piccolo
Others Present:
Lisa G. Shook
Ron Bogdin
Roberta Hardy
Sandy Bertola
Robert Bertola
Wendy Hughes
Jody Cloward
Kelly Martinez
Melissa Jeppson
W. H. Johnson
K. Knoop
Bob Hagara
Cindy Smith
T. Grange
Vern Jones
Misty Matthews
Stephanie Dunlap
Jenny Nielsen
Stephen Denison
Marshelle Bogdin
Ed Shook
Mary Lynn Guderson
Jenny Gagon
Karen Bedont
Jill Korenko
Jeff Richens
Patti N.
Lori anderson
Sue Douros
Jolene McKinnon
Mike Smith
Wendy Hagara
Roy Nikas
Beth Poitras
Sally L. Maryboy
Jackie Anderson
Steve Lasslo
Leo Hardy
Steve Rigby
Janey Campbell
Pete Kilbourne
Michelle Howard
Andrea Swanson
Cindy Price
Scott Axelgard
Steve Bonacci
DaNelle Hackney
Kevin M. Burke
P. Brady
B. Brady
Tresa Hackford
Kimberly Parish
Russell Parish
Patty Rigby
Dee Gramlich
Ray Kirk



Chairman John Angotti called the meeting to order and referred the Commission Members to items of particular concern from the meeting of August 23, 1999 that needed to be addressed. He then turned the time over to Joe Piccolo and Lt. Ed Shook to report on their findings.

Mr. Piccolo indicated that several items had been requested from Planning and Zoning Meeting and he feels most of these concerns have been answered. He has worked with Lt. Shook on the issue of transporting the children to and from the Charter School and they have come up with what he feels is an acceptable route. It alleviates some of the potential traffic problems that might develop in meeting the student transportation needs. Signs have already been appropriated and, after this meeting, upon completion of the request from the school, those signs will be placed. The crossing guard on the corner will have to be studied and adequate need will have to be proven. So at this time, that request will have to be set aside.

He also reported he had the opportunity to walk the site and, in doing so, came across a 20"-24" open culvert at least 10' to 12' deep with a piece of plywood over the top in the southeast corner of the property. This hazard must be handled. He also discovered that, on the south end of the building, there is a 10' walkway or passageway that should be fenced. It is now landscaped and is entirely open, allowing entry into the playground. This is not indicated on the site plan as being fenced or gated and we want to make certain that something is done with this and the open culvert. There is also a question concerning the walkway located at the handicapped walkway between the front parking lot and the school. Ms. Hardy, school spokesperson, indicated it would be gated.

Mr. Piccolo indicated the rest of the site is completely acceptable and he has no other concerns and feels this is a workable solution. Chairman Angotti asked how the two items of concern, the open culvert and the fencing of the walkway, should be handled. Both Vern Jones and Joe Piccolo indicated this was on private property and should be handled by the property owner. There were no concerns from Price City Council Representatives Stephen Denison and Roy Nikas,

Community Planner Vern Jones, Price City Fire Chief Kent Boyack or Price City Police Lt. Ed Shook. Building Official Francis Duzenack indicated he had no questions, but there are some time constraints and their people will have to move quickly to get things done. The fencing needs to be completed immediately; the fire alarm has been dealt with by the State Fire Marshall, however, they can station a fireman on site if it is not complete and he must remain there until the fire alarm system is completed and in operation. The fire alarm system is now being installed.

Ms. Hardy told the Commission that she has letters from parents indicating that their children will not be walking to school. Joe Piccolo thanked them for the gesture, but all traffic liabilities have been met. If the study indicates that a crosswalk attendant is necessary, then that will take place. Jeff Richens suggested the crossing guard control traffic from both directions, ensuring student safety. Mr. Piccolo explained that although it was his request that a crossing guard be placed along 100 North, in other areas of the City, similar requests have been made. However, due to light pedestrian traffic, it is not warranted. If we put a crossing guard here, without a study to prove that it is warranted, then it will be unfair to those other people who have made those requests and have been refused.

Mr. Piccolo, in clarification, explained when Price City Council approves this item, it will be contingent upon those items which are not yet completed, so the Temporary Conditional Use Permit will be approved at a special meeting held before school begins. The permit will not be applicable until these items, not yet done, are completed as agreed.

There were no concerns or questions from the Commission and Joe Piccolo moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Temporary Conditional Use Permit for the Pinnacle Canyon Academy, contingent upon completion of the above items as requested and enforce for a period of nine (9) months, beginning September 7, 1999 through June 2, 2000. Gary Lyon seconded and the motion carried.

The Special Price City Council Meeting regarding this matter will held on Tuesday, August 31, 1999 at 5:30 P.M. in the City Council Chambers.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 6:20 P.M.