PRESENT:            Commissioners:                                                    Nick Tatton, Community Director

                                Chairman, Larry Bruno                                        Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

                                Alfred Richens

                                Frankie Sacco

                                Ed Shook

                                Jeff Nielson

                                Penny Sampinos


EXCUSED ABSENCE: Commissioner Gary Lyon


OTHERS PRESENT: Stephen Manzanares, Clay Holbrook, Mayor Joe Piccolo, Kathy Hanna-Smith, Toni Johnson, Brenda and George Ingram, Doug Perkins and Jim Marrs



                Chairman Larry Bruno led the Pledge of Allegiance


II             ROLL CALL


III            MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2006

A favorable motion to approve the minutes of September 11, 2006 as read was made by Commissioner Richens. Commissioner Shook seconded the motion. Motion Carried.




                George Ingram presented this request to have a business in his home. The Ingram’s are moving from Roosevelt to Price with their business. The business is responsible for building speed signs, amateur radio accessories, remote controls and other electrical devices for cameras and such.  Most everything is built from a kit, using the occasional band saw or light welding.  There will not be an impact on the neighborhood. The only traffic generated will be from delivery trucks, approximately 3 times a week. Work will be done in the garage with an office set up in a room in the home. The home is set in a CD zone and has the appropriate favorable neighborhood signatures. Work is quiet and only done a few days out of the week, as most of the work is assembly of circuit boards. Storage will be minimal as product is ordered only as needed. A favorable recommendation for a Home Occupied Permit Business and Sign Final was made by Commissioner Nielson. Commissioner Sampinos seconded the motion. Motion carried.




Clay Holbrook presented this request to receive preliminary and final for his new building at 107 South 100 East. The final building plans are still being worked on but everything looks to be in order since concept was approved. The existing home on the property will soon be demolished. There will be a total of 9 parking stalls with some off street parking with 2500’ of useable space and storage. The building will accommodate one handicap parking space. There are 5 employees and Mr. Holbrook does not see a future need for additional employees. The signs will be located on the building with one on the 1st East side facing and the other facing 1st south. Sign dimensions will be reviewed with building plans. A favorable recommendation for a Conditional Use Permit Preliminary and Final was made by Commissioner Shook. Commissioner Richens seconded the motion. Motion carried




Toni Johnson and Doug Perkins presented this request for a new subdivision called Castle Ridge. The road for this first phase is already in with a 12’ strip that still needs to be completed. Phase II will be in the Spring of 2007 with Phase III in 2008. There are 15 acres total.  Phase I is the only phase being considered tonight for concept and preliminary with 9 lots. Commissioner Shook inquired about an EIS report and if they are required for subdivisions. Nick Tatton will check on the EIS requirements but feels that because this is private property it generally doesn’t qualify for an EIS. Soil compaction will be done before construction; this is just approval for subdivision and infrastructure. City standards will be verified by Gary Sonntag for the next meeting and added into final approval. This subdivision may not require a full bond and development agreement. The sale of lots may not be done until the subdivision improvements have been agreed upon. Staff recommends approval for concept and preliminary of Phase I.

A favorable recommendation for a Conditional Use Permit Concept and Preliminary was made by Commissioner Richens. Commissioner Sacco seconded the motion. Motion carried



On the September 11, 2006 Planning and Zoning meeting, a motion was made to forward the Castle Country Fencing recommendations to the City Council. Due to the item not being an official agenda item, the motion could not be officially documented and must be ratified at tonight’s, September 25, 2006 meeting. A ratification of the motion to cite Castle Country Fencing criminally and to revoke the Home Occupied Permit and Price City Business License was made by Commissioner Shook and seconded by Commissioner Richens and carried.


VIII         STAFF-

1.             Stephen Manzanares of Castle Country Fencing presented his plan to remedy the actions taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council as of September 12th, 2006. Castle Country Fencing has had the Conditional Use Permit and Business License revoked due to the conditions of the property owned by Stephen Manzanares.  Mr. Manzanares has been working very closely with Police Chief Aleck Shilaos the removal of the vehicles, materials and storage from his fencing business from his yard to another property. Due to this communication with the Police Chief, Mr. Manzanares told the Commission he did not feel he had to respond to the notices sent by the Planning and Zoning Commission to attend a meeting. Mr. Manzanares has had a Home Occupied Permit and business license within Price City for an office use only business at 337 N. 5th Ave since 1994. Due to the limits of an office use only business, there cannot be any additional vehicles, materials or storage on the property or employees coming to the home for work purposes. Recently, the property has been used as a storage facility for business and personal materials and vehicles, which have caused many problems for citizens accessing 5th Ave.  The Commissioners would like Mr. Manzanares to clean the property and street of vehicles and materials immediately in order to maintain compliance with the original Home Occupied Permit for approved in 1994.  Mr. Manzanares understands the requirements of the Commission and has been trying to clean the area and remove the items that are not to be on the property. He has purchased a home a few doors down and has been storing the items on that property. He is now selling that home to the Housing Authority and will need to move everything from there to another property. The Commission is now aware of the use of another home to store items and is requiring a Conditional Use Permit for that home also, if the materials and vehicles are to be stored there.  Mr. Manzanares has 4 company vehicles and 9 personal vehicles with a total of 13 registered, working vehicles on two lots.  He also has trailers and 4-wheelers for personal use. He has employees but does not have them come to the home for work reasons. Commissioner Sacco asked Mr. Manzanares if he had looked into renting another building, purchasing a commercial lot or using storage units to store the materials and vehicles. Mr. Manzanares has looked into all three options and is now looking at a lot next to the carwash on 100 North which is in a CD zone. He would like to bring his ideas to the next meeting for a new Conditional Use Permit for permission to build a metal storage structure on the property. The lot would be fenced and all materials and vehicles would be stored inside. He would like a 4x8 sign to hang on the building and begin working on this project in the spring.  As a remedy to the storage of materials and to keep his business license, Mr. Manzanares would like to have a temporary space in his yard to keep a minimal amount of supplies for jobs in progress. The Commission agreed to 100 square feet for materials, displayed and covered properly and presentably. Mr. Manzanares agreed to these terms with a “gentlemen’s agreement” for tonight as a motion cannot be made for permanent conditions until Castle Country Fencing is on as an agenda item.  Mr. Manzanares also agreed to keep two vehicles in front of his home and two in his driveway for a total of no more than 4 vehicles at a time. A new Conditional Use Permit must be turned in no later than 10 days to be placed on the next agenda for the Planning and Zoning meeting to discuss both addresses, storage conditions, parking and employees.  Mr. Manzanares wanted the minutes to show that he agrees to maintain the presentation of the temporarily allowed 100 square feet of storage area.  He is working very hard to comply with the rules of his permit and license and will continue to communicate with Price City. Price City is willing to assist Mr. Manzanares in all of his efforts as long as he does continue to do the things requested by the Commission and Council. Mr. Manzanares further agreed to present a new Conditional Use Permit application at the next meeting to avoid receiving citations.   

                2.             Storage containers and the use in a CD zone.

                3.             Sexually Oriented Businesses ordinance adoption into the Land Use Code Book

4.             Planning and Zoning Commissioners invited to the October 11th City Council Meeting for Homestead Blvd.

Loop Road, Environmental Assessment

 There were no further items on the agenda and Commissioner Nielson moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at

7: 16 P.M.



ATTEST                                                                                 Larry Bruno, Chairman


              Laurie Tryon, City Recorder