Minutes of the Price Community Development and Renewal Agency Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

October 8, 2008, 5:30 p.m.



Chairman Joe L. Piccolo                                    Nick Tatton, Executive Director

Boardmembers:                                                   Aleck Shilaos

                Richard Tatton                                    John Daniels

                Rick Davis                                            Gary Sonntag

Kathy Hanna Smith                           Laurie Tryon

Jeff Nielson                                           Pat Larsen

Jeanne McEvoy                                  


Excused: Nick Sampinos


                1.             PAG HOLDINGS, LLC- Concept Approval on Overall Project and Reimbursement

                             for Phase I of the Project.

                                Boardmember Tatton moved to approve the reimbursement. Motion seconded by

                             Boardmember Davis and carried.


                Pat Larsen requested to use Wells Fargo Bank for the bonding CEA as they have worked with

              Price City before and the upcoming bonds because the City needs to move quickly. Boardmember

              Tatton suggested that Mayor Piccolo and Pat Larsen get together to review the matter and have it

               placed on the next Council agenda.  


                MOTION. Boardmember Tatton moved to close the Price Community Development and Renewal

              Agency meeting at 7:18 p.m. Motion seconded by Boardmember McEvoy and carried.







                                                                                Joe L. Piccolo, Chairman








               Laurie Tryon, Deputy Exec. Director