Minutes Price City Planning and Zoning
Price City Hall 

October 25, 1999 6:00 P.M.





John Angotti, Chairman
Larry Bruno, Vice-Chairman
Laurel Marinos
Penny Sampinos
Alfred Richens
Francis Duzenack, Zoning Administrator
Carolyn Vogrinec, Secretary
Gary Lyon
Councilmember Joe Piccolo
Excused: Vern Jones, Community Administrator
Others Present:
Mike Bingham
Diane Bingham
Ken Huntley
James R. Boud

  1. MINUTES OF OCTOBER 12, 1999

There were no corrections or additions and Gary Lyon made a motion to approve the minutes of October 12, 1999 as read. Laurel Marinos seconded and the motion carried.

265 NORTH 100 EAST

Mr. Bingham explained to the Commission that he has invented a product that he will be marketing overseas for international sales as well as domestic sales at a later date. The product is very small in nature and will take up little space. It is manufactured elsewhere and distributed through Mr. Bingham, so there will be some packaging and mailing along with pickup and delivery. There were no concerns or questions from Staff. Larry Bruno moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Home Occupied Business

Office Use Only for KDM Sales & Design. Penny Sampinos seconded and the motion carried.

240 SOUTH 400 WEST

Mr. Huntley appeared before the Commission explaining the nature of his business.

He will store all his tools and equipment in his van. Mr. Duzenack explained that as a Handyman Service, he will have a limit of $1000.00 per job, including labor and materials and is not allowed to do plumbing or electrical work. There were no concerns and Alfred Richens moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Home Occupied Business - Office Use Only for In Your Place - Property Maintenance. Gary Lyon seconded and the motion carried.

380 NORTH 600 EAST

Mr. Oldham was unable to attend this evening and Larry Bruno made a motion to table this item until the next meeting. Alfred Richens seconded and the motion carried.


Mr. Melo was unable to attend this evening and Gary Lyon made a motion to table this item until the next meeting. Larry Bruno seconded and the motion carried.


Francis Duzenack made the presentation as Mr. Kiahtipes was not present.

He explained they had previously appeared before the Commission to request a free standing pole sign for their car wash. After researching it with the Price City Attorney, the recommendation was made to split the property into two parcels thus having separate businesses and separate properties and allowing the use of a pole sign. Mr. Piccolo indicated this should be listed as a single lot subdivision. He feels it is in compliance with the Commission request. -The property has been surveyed, marked, clearly meets the minimum .75 acre and he is in favor of proceeding. Mr. Duzenack indicated he has no questions. The matter has been very well reviewed and the two lots meet all requirements of the CD Zone. There were no concerns and Joe Piccolo moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Conditional Use Permit for a Single Lot Subdivision and Sign as requested by Market Express. Penny Sampinos seconded and the motion carried.

  1. STAFF


Mr. Jones was unable to attend and the presentation was made by Francis Duzenack. He indicated Mr. Jones planned to discuss the continuation of Sagewood Road. The Episcopal Church owns the property at the end of the paved road. At this time, Sagewood Road and Homestead dead-end and the Episcopal Church owns the property south and east off of both of those roads. They are considering building a new church at this location and are looking for a site. There have been other proposals in the past. One was Castle Heights, Plat V, (copy attached) which had a road that would probably connect with the road in our Master Plan, further east. This is the Anadarko Road and it will eventually become a city street. The original road in the Master Plan was a little further to the east, but Anadarko has built their road and it is in place. The object is to try to help the Church locate a building site and still keep an access to facilitate our traffic flows needed in that end of town. A few years ago, there was a proposal from Northridge Subdivision (copy attached) and, it too, had the Sagewood Road progressing through to the east. In that particular subdivision, there was a church site just east of Homestead; (copy attached) with property of 3.15 acres. The question before you tonight is how does Planning and Zoning feel about the continuation of Sagewood Road.

At this time, Mr. James R. Boud asked if he could approach the podium and address the Commission. Permission was granted and Mr. Boud explained he is the owner of 90 acres of property, in and around, the area being discussed here tonight. He indicated he was attending to ask the Commission that, as they plan this subdivision, they encourage the Church to look to the future growth of Price. He has plans to develop housing subdivisions on it someday and right now, the road abuts the cemetery. There is sewer, water and gas in place and the top ten acres of his property can be developed within the next few years. Anything lower than that cannot be developed because the existing sewer cannot be reached. If the City requires the road to come through, (half on cemetery land and half on Pierce Property), it will open up another twenty acres for development. There is also a planned lower road in the subdivision and if Price City requires the road to go through to the edge of the Pierce Property and utilities come to the end of the road, that would also ensure additional future development. Mr. Boud is the owner of the Anadarko Road and Anadarko rents the road from him, paying a yearly nominal rent and maintaining the road. He would like to see this road become a Price City street with all surrounding property being annexed to the City as it is developed. The Anadarko Road could then tie into Airport Road, looping back into the City. Development is moving to the east and the lots in that area are some of the nicest view lots in town and a good place for development. However, the only way development can take place is if the sewer line is in place. If the City requires this road, the sewer could possibly be put in place and stubbed to the edge of the property. This would open up development for Mr. Pierce as well.

Chairman Angotti asked how the Episcopal Church felt about this suggested development. Mr. Duzenack indicated he did not know as he had not been involved in any discussions on the matter, but was asked only to gather information. Vern Jones has primarily handled this project.

Mr. Jones asked Mr. Boud to attend tonight's meeting because this issue was on the agenda for discussion. Mr. Boud said he was told that the Episcopal Church has waffled on the idea of developing the entire property and may build their Church and save development for the future.

Mr. Jones has encouraged them to bring one road up to the edge of the cemetery and the other road to the edge of the Pierce Property, along with the sewer line, so in the future, the roads can be extended over to the Anadarko Road and move development eastward. This could be a condition to development for the Episcopal Church.

Chairman Angotti asked Mr. Duzenack if he is supportive of this development. Francis Duzenack indicated he was in favor of this proposal and the area to the east has a very good potential for development. The problem is the sewer line, however, we are okay to annex and develop everything north of 800 North. This street has sewer, power, water and everything else is available. But as that property flows to the south, there is a crown in the hill and it is questionable whether or not the sewer can be extended to the Anadarko Road. It would take some investigation to determine how deep the sewer line is where the roads dead-end. We can get approximately a little more than half way across the cemetery and the hill breaks off and starts to drop away. However, more than half of the cemetery distance would be able to sewer from Homestead Blvd., which is not a problem because that property flows upward. From Sagewood Blvd., it flows upward for a ways and then crowns over and begins to drop downward towards the Anadarko Road. He doesn't know the depth of the sewer lines or whether or not they could get flow. Looking at the Anadarko Road, the top 30 acres are not flat and even if the sewer is fairly low, you could flow down the top. The problem is that, as you get closer to Airport Road, there's a very large rise and it's doubtful the sewer line could be taken through. The other alternative is to go further south where it becomes PRWID line, in what is locally known as Bawdenville. North of the Old Wellington Road, the sewer goes through there and dead-ends, so it would need to be extended from that point up to Airport Road. If that sewer were brought up, the entire property would flow and all the property being discussed would be developed.

Gary Lyon asked concerning a pump station. Mr. Boud indicated they are very expensive to install and a hassle to operate. He said if the sewer could be extended through Episcopal Church property, it would open the top forty acres of this property. It wouldn't open any property below, but would open both his property and the Pierce Property.

Joe Piccolo asked if any studies had been done to determine if the flow could be handled by the existing lines going through Sagewood. Francis Duzenack indicated no studies had been done; it was just a visual review He drove through on a little dirt road just south of the cemetery, going to the crest and looking back. It slopes and breaks and starts to drop to Anadarko Road. Everything from that point northward is probably in decent shape, but everything from approximately the cemetery south may have a difficult time getting sewer. Mr. Boud indicated the only possible chance of future development is what he is proposing and if you look at the way in which they plan the subdivision, the bottom road is close to the bottom of that 19.53 acres and could be extended to the edge of the properties. Larry Bruno asked if the Animal Hospital was on a septic system. Mr. Duzenack indicated they were on a septic system and in fact, they were recently able to hook on to Vulcon's water line. Mr. Boud mentioned, for future planning purposes, he would like to do a fifteen to twenty acre industrial park on Airport Road, but is limited now because of utility access. He once again encouraged vision in future planning

Joe Piccolo indicated that Price City wants to annex in that direction. That would be the first and most likely step to help develop this property. However, due to some recent annexation changes in last years legislature, it makes it quite difficult and they have met with some resistance in that area. Price City has made some plans concerning development from Airport Road up and running utilities to that particular area to develop an Industrial Park with an Impact Fee against the properties. He feels Mr. Boud's concerns are in line with Price City's future plans. There have been some through roads planned in that area, of which Sagewood Road is one, along with 800 North to Cardinal Wash. Price City will keep him in mind as they develop that area because Mr. Boud has valid concerns and it is a good area for future growth.

Francis Duzenack suggested Mr. Boud petition for annexation at this time, giving Price City a chance to give a better review on that area. Mr. Boud indicated he had no problem with annexing the ninety acres into Price City, but he was planning to do his development in stages. He has questions concerning an increase in taxes due to the annexation. If there is no increase in taxes, he will consider annexation seriously, however, the ground may sit for some time if there is no sewer. Mr. Piccolo said he did

not think the taxes were any higher. Looking at the tax structure in Carbon County and Price City, right now County taxes are not favorable to Price City taxes. If you annex and turn it into commercial property all at once, your taxes would go up. Mr. Boud said he would not ask for a zoning change until the property is developed. If you annex and leave it as such, it would be a Greenbelt, but is probably zoned as mining and grazing. However, State Law requires at the time a parcel of property is annexed, it must be zoned. Price City doesn't have a mining and grazing zone, so the closest thing would be Rural Residential.

Chairman Angotti asked concerning water. Francis Duzenack indicated we have water capability in the area. Mr. Boud told the Commission he had researched the water issue. On Airport Road, a water line is being run to TerraGold. To bring water from TerraGold to Mr. Boud's property, would cost $50,000.00. The first quote was $170,000.00. After doing some talking, a source was found to do it for $50,000.00. Gary Lyon indicated TerraGold was beyond the airport and there may be a closer source. Price City's water line ends at the Felix Bruno home but the water line along Airport Road is a private line. Larry Bruno indicated the water line could possibly be brought from 800 North. Francis Duzenack told the Commission a water line is not available on Airport Road. The Price City water line dead-ends at Felix Bruno's property. Everything from Bruno's out to Joy Manufacturing is on a water private line as well as the Animal Hospital.

Joe Piccolo feels this is an opportunity for Price City because several property owners have projects in this area and the area south of Airport Road and could also benefit from utilities. Price City is trying to implement impact fees as done in other cities in the State and may be willing to partner with a project such as this. The first step would be to annex the property into Price City and have formal plans drawn so the Impact Fee Process can begin. Mr. Boud indicated he would like to look at the tax consequences of annexation. He was planning on annexing only the top ten acres, doing a subdivision and continuing on down, annexing as he goes. If Price City has some plans of its own and makes some agreements in getting sewer and water, then he will be very interested.

Mr. Boud indicated he would like to develop an Industrial Park in the lower portion of his property. He will consult the Price City Master Plan to see if there is a need. In the past, Price City has looked at a number of industrial operations along Airport Road. This has become their industrial corridor and both sides are zoned industrial out to the city limit line. If Airport Road gets a higher traffic load, it will need improvements and industrial growth will help to pay for these improvements. Even now, the Anadarko Road is used by residents as a shortcut to the landfill or businesses on the east side of town.

Mr. Boud brought up the proposed subdivision on the Pierce Property and said he understood Mr. Pierce had been exempt from the paving of the road. Joe Piccolo clarified the situation by explaining the layout of the subdivision had two cul-de-sacs running in the development, leaving a single lot against the back of the Anadarko Road. It was then proposed that future development allow for another lot to be at different location so the lot would not have a road on each side. Mr. Pierce was not excused from his portion of the development, but it was decided not to not allow for roads to be on both sides of the lot. This would create a problems for the next developer and the situation was handled in this manner. Mr. Boud told the Commission that the Anadarko Road needs to be paved and continued. Joe Piccolo agreed, saying it might actually be moved fifty or seventy five feet further to the east, at that point allowing development to take place properly. Mr. Boud indicated that Vern Jones was under the impression there would be an angle on the road and these changes would all end up on his property, which doesn't make sense because the road should go straight up. He also said he's aware of the law stating that if you don't build on a subdivision within a year, you must return for re-approval. If that happens and if that issue hasn't been work out, you may want to take a look at that time. Mr. Piccolo indicated some other considerations might be made on the City's part. If the they have to improve the road along the cemetery, they would be liable for a portion of the curb, gutter, sidewalk and street. If we moved it so there could be a row of houses along the back of the cemetery, facilitating further use of the front edge of that road, perhaps the City could contribute some part of that road that normally would not have been on your property. He feels Price City is in a position where they are willing and want to work with developers. It's nice to know we have somebody there we can count on to become annexed when the time comes. This will help the City to decide where they want to develop in that part of town.

Mr. Duzenack indicated that in checking the plat map, it shows the Price City Limit line running up the west side of the cemetery and the west side of the Pierce Property above the cemetery. Those two properties have been annexed, along with the cemetery itself, but the new city limit is not shown on this plat map.(Copy attached)

Gary Lyon asked if the Commission had accomplished what had been requested concerning the discussion of the Episcopal Church site. Francis Duzenack indicated the main objective was to determine the feelings of the Planning and Zoning Commission on the extension of these roads and growth in that part of town. There is potential there, but no concrete projects are proposed at this time. Going south from Church Property, there is a very sharp mountain ridge flowing down to Airport Road and it will be a difficult area to develop. Airport Road takes quite a rise as it goes out over that ridge, making it tough to get a sewer line through the area without a lift station. Lift stations are expensive to install and maintain, so it should be done without a lift station. The problem is by the time you crown over the hill and drop to where the Animal Hospital is located, you have major elevation and, even if you were able to get a major sewer line through, it would entail major excavation. It would be very deep and it may not work. Gary Lyon asked if the Episcopal Church plans on breaking ground this Fall. Francis indicated he did not know. They are trying to decide where to site their Church on this piece of property and one of the suggestions is to put the Church at the end of Sagewood Road, dead-ending Sagewood Road in their parking lot. This is not a workable solution for Price City. The planned subdivision with the extended road will still leave them a very nice site away from intersections and traffic hazards. Mr. Duzenack feels since they own the whole property, there are a multitude of places to site their building without blocking the road.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M.