Price City Planning and Zoning

November 6, 2000

Price City Hall 6:00 P.M.

Present: John Angotti, Chairman Francis Duzenack, Zoning Administrator

Larry Bruno, Vice-Chairman Carolyn Vogrinec, Secretary

Laurel Marinos

Gary Lyon

Joe Piccolo

Penny Sampinos

Excused: Alfred Richens Vern Jones, Community Administrator

Also Attending:

Dennis Geary, CEU Lori Wood

Ronald Garff Larry Hunsaker

Jack Leautaud Rick Krompel

Tom Johnson

There were no corrections or additions and Gary Lyon made a motion to approve the minutes of October 23, 2000 as read. Laurel Marinos seconded and the motion carried.


336 EAST 200 SOUTH



Mr. Garff appeared before the Commission saying he had relocated his business to a new home at the address shown above. Everything else remains the same. There were no concerns and Larry Bruno moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Home Occupied Business - Office Use Only for AAA Production at the new address of 336 East 200 South, Price, Utah. Penny Sampinos seconded and the motion carried.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Ms. Moore explained she would be selling candles, oils, cards and clothes on consignment. If the Commission approves, she will purchase the signs used by Southwest Silks and install them in the same location. Francis Duzenack indicated these signs were previously mounted on the building by Southwest Silks. They moved to the east side of the building and installed new signs. The old signs are being sold to Lori Moore and will be mounted in the same place. Joe Piccolo asked that, if the signs were previously approved, could they be reinstalled without the Commission's approval? Francis Duzenack indicated this could be classified as a copy change, but once the signs are removed, they need a new approval. Mr. Piccolo said some development codes have a period of time that must pass before it falls back into a new application and it's usually one year. Mr. Duzenack indicated when a business relocates, Price City requires signs to be removed within 30 days. If the frames had remained, then it would be considered an existing sign case and a change of copy. There were no further concerns and Penny Sampinos moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Conditional Use Permit - Signs for Whispering Essence. Joe Piccolo seconded and the motion carried.





Joe Piccolo asked Mr. Krompel if there was already a sign on the property. Mr. Krompel explained there is a sign on the front of the property, but many people are still going to the old office location. The monument sign with the reader board will help direct people to their main office and eliminate any confusion. There were no further concerns and Larry Bruno moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Conditional Use Permit - Sign for the Greenwell Inn. Gary Lyon seconded and the motion carried.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Mr. Geary appeared before the Commission explaining the property at the above address will be used as a parking lot for CEU. He indicated there will be one entrance and one exit, with a right turn only sign, eliminating any left hand turns into traffic. The highways bordering the parking lot are state highways and this plan has been approved by UDOT. The State will pay for the improvements. There will be a colored stamped-cement parkway with three trees. Mr. Geary indicated the parking lot would be lighted and he had spoken with Community Administrator Vern Jones about the installation of yard lights on the four existing poles on the property.

Gary Lyon expressed concern for the 5% landscaping requirement. Mr. Duzenack indicated if the parkways were landscaped, it might count toward the 5% requirement. Mr. Geary indicated trees could be planted on the east side of the property, but it would compromise the parking and there are no water hook-ups available. In addition, there are power poles, down guys and a stop sign within the area. In order to keep it low maintenance, they would like to exclude landscaping, with the exception of the three trees in the stamped concrete parkway. Curb and gutter surrounds the entire parking lot and bumpers for the front wheels of cars are in place to eliminate parking on the sidewalk. There is also a chain link fence along the east side property. Francis Duzenack indicated . there is a catch basin in the southwest corner of the parking lot that will collect the drainage. When the canal is piped, the drainage may have to be directed back out to 300 East as it is the main water flow street through the area. All this will be dealt with once the piping begins.

Larry Bruno expressed his concern with the lack of landscaping. Joe Piccolo recommended using a tree that would block vehicular travel up on the parkway when there are events at the college. Mr. Geary indicated that UDOT has asked that only three trees be put in the parkway to prevent obstruction of traffic. If trees are planted up 300 East, motorists won't be able to see around the corner. The Commission asked if trees could be placed along the canal or fence line.

Mr. Geary said trees could possibly be placed on the east if it would not narrow the parking spaces. They are against the property line now, so they would be sacrificing parking spaces.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Joe Piccolo indicated that, in view of the landscaping that CEU has in general, perhaps this can be considered part of their overall property. If this parking lot is included with CEU's overall plan, you can still meet the requested 5% landscaping. He asked Mr. Duzenack if this could be done. Mr. Duzenack replied that since it is a parking lot that services the campus, he feels it could be justified by saying it services a building of some sort. Many of our parking lots don't have physical landscape around the lot itself, but it is around the overall properties or buildings. Larry Bruno indicated he would support this idea.

There were no further questions, and Joe Piccolo moved to forward a favorable recommendation to Price City Council for the Conditional Use Permit for the Armstrong Parking Lot for the College of Eastern Utah. Penny Sampinos seconded and the motion carried.



Mr. Leautaud appeared before the Commission and introduced Contractor Larry Hunsaker, contractor for the Leautaud Subdivision. Mr. Leautaud indicated he installed the sewer line and Thomas Development was to install the loop for the water line. However, they did not do so and consequently, he will now have to absorb the installation costs of both sewer and water line for a cost of $40,000.00. He feels Price City should share the cost and asked if anything can be done to rectify this situation. Gary Lyon suggested he contact Price City Council with his concerns.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Mr. Leautaud indicated both parties were in the wrong, but had he known Price City was not going to take the ball and run with it, he would have held back on the sewer connection until Thomas Development installed the water line. The agreement was that Price City was going to get everyone involved and have Thomas Development install the line, but they didn't do it.

Chairman Angotti asked Mr. Duzenack if he knew anything about this. Mr. Duzenack indicated that as part of the Thomas Development Apartment Project, we looked at this subdivision because this was the routing for the sewer line from Thomas Development to Fausett Lane. At one point in time, we even talked about extending the water line down there to try to get a loop system. It didn't happen. After they had the State Fire Marshall's Office come down and review the actual water flow and the pressures out there, they determined looping the line wouldn't increase any of the water flow or pressure to the area. So there was no way we could actually convince Thomas Development to put it in as part of their project. So, they basically walked away saying they had water to their project and what happens from here on is someone else's problem. The subdivision itself, was talked about on several different occasions during the Thomas Development Approvals and they presented several different concepts or possible layouts for the subdivision. This is the one that has been decided upon for the lower portion of the property. The property east of the Thomas Development Apartment Project hasn't yet been designed. Mr. Leautaud is here tonight for Concept Approval for the lower portion that will connect Fausett Lane to the Thomas Development Project.

Larry Bruno asked if the road, 1690 East, would tie into the existing road. Mr. Duzenack said it would. The road is actually 1700 East, but will tie into the road brought down by Thomas Development. Currently, it is a half of a road - the other half of the road will be developed when Mr. Leautaud develops the east side of the property fronting the road. Joe Piccolo asked if you could enter the project from Fausett Lane. Mr. Leautaud said you can enter from both sides. Mr. Leautaud actually gave an easement or right-of-way for the sewer line that went through his property in lieu of the water line that was supposed to have been installed. Mr. Leautaud indicated that was why he gave the right-of-way for the sewer because the water and sewer were supposed to go through and connect. He feels that, even though the Fire Marshall said the additional line would not help the situation, any time you have more water lines, it has to help because there is more water to use.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Joe Piccolo indicated he was present when the test was conducted and the State Fire Marshall contended there would be no additional flow. What is coming out of the two 6 inch hydrant lines on the property would not be increased by hooking up the loop line. He said that is all the water that can be supplied there, no matter how many lines are hooked up, without increasing some head pressure or changing something in the system. However, that doesn't help Mr. Leautaud and we need to find out if there is anything that can be done to help him with his subdivision.

Francis Duzenack made a comment on the water line, saying the explanation given to him was that the problem was not really with looping the lines in this particular area. The whole area from Airport Road all the way down through and in front of Wal-Mart, along with all of the Fausett Lane area is fed from one pipe up at the top end. So the bottleneck is from Airport Road to 300 South. That is the main feed line and the State Fire Marshall contends that the restriction is right there. He didn't feel it would help much of anything to loop the waterline, but he had no other suggestions. Perhaps we can get an additional line from another part of our system into that area of town, but that's a long way down the road.

Gary Lyon asked what kind of water do we have for additional developments like this - is it a concern at this point? Francis Duzenack replied there appears to be enough water volume out there, the question is about fire flow. We just barely made the fire flow with the Thomas Development Apartment Project. Something will have to be done at some point in time. We need to re-evaluate this situation so that we can see what effect these additional homes will have on the water line.

Joe Piccolo asked, that with all the pending potential commercial and residential development in east Price, will it be possible to approach Price City regarding the connection of this water line? Can it be looked at for the overall betterment of everyone? Francis Duzenack indicated it could be and now would be a good time to do it and also look at that whole end of town because of the pending development. When asked about the size of the present waterline, Mr. Duzenack said he was not certain about the size, but thinks there is a section of 10" inch line and 8" pipe.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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We currently don't have anything out on Airport Road beyond the Felix Bruno residence. Everything from the Bruno home out is private line. A fire hydrant by the Bruno Home marks the end of our line. The private line coming from the other side of the road feeds Joy Manufacturing, Vulcon, etc. - all those people are on the private line.

Mr. Piccolo asked Mr. Leautaud if he was planning to come in from Fausett Lane and connect his water line. Mr. Leautaud said if Price City doesn't work with him, he's not going to connect to the water line - why should he? And he won't connect the road either. Larry Bruno indicated the road must be connected in order for this to go through. It will be too hard on Fausett Lane not to have two ways in and out. Mr. Leautaud said it should be connected and it should be done right, but he needs help from Price City. Gary Lyon said there are certain issues that must be addressed on this project - primarily water - roads and money.

Chairman Angotti asked Mr. Duzenack if, before this subdivision can be done, will there be an improvement in the water line. Mr. Duzenack said this is a possibility. All of these details will have to be reviewed during the process. Tonight, Mr. Leautaud is asking for a Concept Approval and, upon receipt of this approval, will go back and get into the planning stages and, once that is done, return for Preliminary and Final Approvals.

Joe Piccolo asked if this phase of the project would connect to the road. Mr. Leautaud said he would like to finish the road all the way through. Mr. Hunsaker approached the Commission to explain how Phase I of the subdivision would connect to Phase II. He told them there would be 20 homes, all of which would be high end homes beginning at $170,000.00 and up. They will use brick, stucco and siding building materials and the subdivision will have restrictive covenants. Mr. Hunsaker indicated he would like to use the rolled curb and connect the sidewalks to the rolled curb rather than have the parkway in between. With rolled curbs, they don't disturb the curb and gutters or sidewalks or do nearly the damage. Highback curb must be put in prior to construction and homes can be built, but not occupied until curb, gutter and pavement is in. When you're selling homes, you really don't know where the approach way will be and you take out two or three sections of curb in order to pour an approach. It can get very expensive when you start adding the cost for 20 lots. They would like to develop this subdivision with rolled gutter rather than the high back curb and bring the sidewalk out so there is no parkway.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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Joe Piccolo asked if, by moving the sidewalk closer to the traffic area, will it create any kind of a public safety problem. Mr. Hunsaker indicated it might create a problem if this were a high traffic area, but you will have limited traffic here with a residential 25 mph speed zone. Mr. Piccolo then asked where the utilities will sit if the sidewalk is next to the road and curb. They will sit inside the sidewalk and the City will still have a 10 foot right-of-way from the back of the curb and 5 feet to the inside edge of the sidewalk. When asked for the advantages and disadvantages of the rolled curb, Mr. Duzenack indicated there is an increased safety factor for pedestrians if there is a parkway, but he doesn't know how much of an increase it is. Putting the sidewalk right outside the gutter just puts the pedestrians that much closer to the street and traffic. He has heard pros and cons both ways. Curb, gutter and sidewalk are required in all of our subdivisions, so it is a matter of deciding on which type Price City will accept. Currently, our standard is high back curb, but he will check to see if there is some flexibility on this item. This street will become a City Street, with a public right-of-way and must meet all Price City Standards. Water meters will be located just beyond the sidewalk.

Gary Lyon indicated research will be done to see whether or not Price City will allow the use of rolled curb. Mr. Leautaud said since this would not be connecting to any high back curb, it didn't seem to be a problem, however, it was noted that the curb will be connecting to high back curb next to Thomas Development and somewhere in there, a transition would have to be made. Engineering would have to look closely at that and decide where the transition will come.

Mr. Duzenack suggested the contractor go ahead with the detailed plans and do them to the current Price City specifications and, then if a rolled curb is allowed, it can be changed by addendum down the road as part of the Conditional Use Permit process. He recommended Concept Approval on the Leautaud Subdivision. There were no further concerns at this time and Joe Piccolo made a motion to approve Concept Approval for the Leautaud Subdivision. Gary Lyon seconded and the motion carried.

Price City Planning and Zoning

Minutes of November 6, 2000

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the building. She will do a copy change and keep the existing signs.

There was no further business and Joe Piccolo made a motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.


John B. Angotti, Chairman


Carolyn Vogrinec, Secretary