Minutes of the Price City Council Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

November 21, 2006 5:30 p.m.



Mayor Joe L. Piccolo                                           Gary Sonntag, Public Works Director/City Engineer                    

Councilmembers:                                                  John Daniels, Human Resource Director

Jeff Nielson                                           Aleck Shilaos, Police Chief

Richard Tatton                                     Nick Tatton, Community Director

Kathy Hanna-Smith                             Pat Larsen, Finance Director

Rick Davis                                             Laurie Tryon, City Recorder

                Jeanne McEvoy                                  


Excused Absence: Nick Sampinos and Bret Cammans


Others Present: Lezlie Wright, Toby Wright, Aimee Lauritsen, Larry and Verna Lauritsen, Annette and Bobby Etzel, Robbi Etzel, Paul and Ruth Ann Leturgez,, C.J. McManus, Mike Johnson, Mary Mortensen, Lynn Hunt, Delynn Fielding, Mike Johnson, Kirsten Etzel, Jeff Hansen, Annika Hansen, Lance and Tina Greener, Colton Greener, Janett  Saindon, Sherry McDonald and Valerie Johnson


Mayor Piccolo led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll was called with the above Councilmembers and staff in attendance.


1.             COUNCILMEMBERS REPORT-Update


                The Mayor and Councilmembers presented an update on the activities and functions in which they have participated.




Fifth grade students from Castle Heights and Pinnacle Academy were selected to receive an award from Price City for their winning essay titled, “Why I like Price City”. The winning students were: Jannicke Wright, Robbi Etzel, Colton Greener from Castle Heights Elementary and Annika Hansen from Pinnacle Academy. Each student read their essay for the Mayor and City Council and received a certificate and an award.




Delynn Fielding presented the Carbon County Economic Development Strategic Plan to the City Council for acceptance and approval. Business expansion in Carbon County has grown with more opportunities than ever adding to the local workforce strength, it is a very promising outlook for our labor force. There are more visitors traveling through the County and spending their dollars with our local businesses. The BEAR program has identified the strengths and weaknesses in our area with positive improvements and is the key tool to maintaining communication with our local businesses. Price City and Carbon County are working together to make the community stronger. Mayor Piccolo would also like to see an addition to the plan as item #10 for an Economic Downturn Plan. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to adopt the Carbon County Economic Strategic Plan into the Price City plan with the suggested addition from Mayor Piccolo. Councilmember McEvoy seconded. Motion carried.


4.             VISIONARY SERVICE AWARD- Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson received the Visionary Service Award from the Mayor and Price City Council for assisting to make Price City a progressive, friendly community and for his dedication to excellence in service.


5.             THE MANTHA COMPANY CONSULTING, TREND SETTERS – Home Occupied Permit


Councilmember Jeff Nielson reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave favorable recommendations for the following requests from The Mantha Company Consulting and Trend Setters for a Home Occupied Business Permit.


                a. The Mantha Company Consulting- 890 N. 1400 E.- Nick Tatton, Owner-Business-Final

                b. Trend Setters- 290 West 500 South-Terri Pierce, Owner, Business-Final


MOTION. Councilmember Nielson moved that the businesses be approved for Home Occupied Use Permits. Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy. Motion carried.




Councilmember Jeff Nielson reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for the following requests for a Conditional Use Permit.


a. Kara’s Counseling- 140 North Cedar Hills Drive- Kara Heugly, Owner- Business and Sign, Final

b. Four Seasons Country Homes-495 South Highway 55-Tony Basso, Owner-Business and Sign, Final

c. Subdivision Lot Line Amendment- Florence Subdivision- 890 N. 1400 E., Mike Jorgensen, Manager- Final


MOTION. Councilmember Nielson moved that the businesses of Kara’s Counseling and Four Seasons Country Homes and the Subdivision Amendment for Florence Subdivision be approved for Conditional Use Permits. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hanna-Smith. Motion carried.


CONSENT ITEMS – MOTION. Councilmember Hanna-Smith moved that Items #7 through # 18 be approved. Motion seconded by Councilmember Nielson and carried.


7.             MINUTES-

                     November 8, 2006

                     November 8, 2006 Price Community Development Renewal Agency


8.             CITIZENS SERVICE PROPERTY- Approval for the Eaton Architecture, Project No. S2005-1, Payment #5- Final


9.             ORDINANCE 2006-05- Adoption of the 2006-05 ZAP Tax Ordinance


10.           RESOLUTION 2006-28-Adoption of the 2006-28 Vote Canvass-ZAP Tax


11.           ORDINANCE 2006-06-Adoption of the 2006-06 Annexation Ordinance


12.           HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT- FY 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant


13.           SERVICE AGREEMENT- Wells Fargo Service Description Agreement


14.           BEAR- Contracting with two Additional Business Visitation Contractors to Complete the Grant Funded Project: Brandee Fausett and Tina Carter


15.           TRAVEL REQUEST

                Debbie Worley- SWAVO Quarterly Training-Crime Victim Reparations- December 7-8th, 2006

                Gary Sonntag- Utah City Engineer’s Association-January 25 & 26, 2007-St. George, Utah


16.           POLE RESTORATION CONTRACT-Agreement with Osmose Utilities Service, Inc.




                Planning & Zoning Meetings                            City Council Meetings                        Special Council

                January 8, 22                                                         January 10, 24                                       January 5

                February 12, 26                                                     February 14, 28                                     February 2

                March 12, 26                                                         March 14, 28                                         March 2

                April 9, 23                                                              April 10, 25                                            April 6

                May 7, 21                                                               May 9, 23                                               May 4

                June 11, 25                                                             June 13, 27                                             June 1

                July 9, 23                                                                July 11, 25                                              July 6

                August 6, 20                                                         August 8, 22                                         August 3

                September 10, 24                                                  September 11, 26                                  September 7

                October 9, 22                                                         October 10, 24                                       October 5

                November 13, 26                                                   November 14, 28                                   November 2

                December 10                                                         December 12                                         December 7


18.           MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING- The Carbon County Library Project


A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been created between Price City, Carbon School District, The College of Eastern Utah and Carbon County to do a feasibility location study for the Carbon County Library Project. Councilmember Nielson questioned whether or not the feasibility study would consider a vast enough area within Price City to meet the needs of its citizens or if it would only be directed to one location.  The feasibility study may  focus on other locations depending on best accessibility and impact on the public and other attributing factors. All four groups need to be involved in order to keep the cost down for each entity. The MOU is necessary for CIB funding and construction costs. The bus garage location is the main focus area for the feasibility study but it may change even after the study is complete. There has been much consideration given to moving the bus garage even before the library project began. Therefore, this location may be acceptable because it is within walking distance from the High School, Junior High and College. MOTION. Councilmember McEvoy moved to approve the MOU for the Carbon County Library Project as it has already been reviewed by the City Attorney. Motion seconded by Councilmember Tatton and carried.


19.           PRWID – Update by Councilmember Tatton


PRWID had a public hearing on November 14th for the upcoming rate increases. The septic rates doubled from $25.00 to $50.00, effective Jan. 1, 2007. The Helper Interchange project is 5 weeks from the expected finish date. The Scofield Reservoir project has been delayed. The 2007 proposed budget is $5 million.


20.           COMMUNITY PROGRESS- Update by Councilmember Hanna-Smith


                The Adopt A Street and Do Not Litter signs have been installed around the City.


21.           POWER BOARD- Update by Councilmember Tatton


The Price City Power Board met on November 17th. Two of the members were chosen to attend the UAMPS sessions as alternates. The alternates will be Jeanne McEvoy and Gary Oliver. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to approve the alternates. Seconded by Councilmember Nielson. Motion carried.

The bid from ECI has been approved and needs Council approval to award the project. The work will begin in March of 2007 and the financing needs to be ready at that time. The material purchases have already been approved with the project total cost of $942,000. The Mayor would like staff to look at the most favorable loan and interest rate available to assist with the project costs. MOTION. Councilmember Tatton moved to accept the project bid from ECI and to authorize the non-outage option and demolition version and to authorize staff to prepare documents funding of the balance as may be necessary and to present the documents at the next City Council meeting, recognizing the project is under budget and request the budget be re-opened in January. Motion seconded by Councilmember McEvoy. Motion Carried. 



a. Emil Simone Complaint - 11-05

b. Buck and Claudia Moynier-Road- 7/06


23.           NEW BUSINESS: Update


·         The Sewer Pump Station bids for the Industrial Park area need to be held pending further review and consideration. The bid guarantee checks need to be returned to the bidding companies with a request to hold their bid until further notice. The bids were considerably higher than the budget allows and the City may need to look into other options.


·         BID OPENING: Bids were opened for the ¾ ton 4x4 extended cab pick-up at tonight’s meeting. This item will be ratified at the next Council meeting. A total of 3 bids were received.


1.        Price Auto Group                 $28,974.00              Dodge

2.        Price Auto Group                 $31,206.00              Ford

3.        Murdock Chevrolet             $31,987.00              Chevy



Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.





                                                                                                            Joe L. Piccolo, Mayor





Laurie Tryon, City Recorder
















Minutes of the Price Community Development and Renewal Agency Meeting

City Hall: Price, Utah

November 8, 2006


Present:                                                                                  Pat Larsen

Chairman Joe L. Piccolo                                                      Nick Sampinos

Boardmembers:                                                                     Aleck Shilaos

                Richard Tatton                                                     John Daniels

                Rick Davis                                                             Bret Cammans

                Kathy Hanna-Smith                                             Laurie Tryon

                Jeff Nielson                                                           Gary Sonntag


Excused: Nick Tatton, Executive Director and Boardmember McEvoy


1.         BID OPENING-Sewer Pump Station, Airport Road Price Business & Industrial Park


Redevelopment funds are available to construct a portion of the business and industrial park at 1900 East Airport Road. The sewer pump station will be built in advance of other project improvements. This does not include the electrical control system, emergency generator or collection piping. The estimated cost of the sewer pump station is $34,100. The $34,100 is a budgeted item in the Redevelopment fund. Two bids were received:

Nelco Contractors:    $65,945.00

Rick Krompel:          $51,892.50


MOTION. Boardmember Tatton moved to form a committee consisting of Nick Tatton, Gary Sonntag-Chairperson, Sam White and Pat Larsen to review the bids and move forward as necessary within the budget. Motion seconded by Boardmember Nielson and carried.


MOTION. Boardmember Tatton moved that the meeting adjourn and that the Council meeting reconvene. Motion seconded by Boardmember Davis and carried. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:03 p.m.






                                                                                                                Joe L. Piccolo, Chairman






Laurie Tryon, Dep. Exec. Dir.