Minutes of The Price Redevelopment Agency

City Hall: Price, Utah

November 23, 2004, 6:04 p.m.



Chairman Joe L. Piccolo                                   Nick Tatton, Executive Director

Boardmembers:                                                Joanne Lessar

     Betty P. Wheeler                                         Pat Larsen

     Stephen L. Denison                         Nick Sampinos

     Jeanne McEvoy                                           Gary Sonntag

John Daniels

Bret Cammans

Aleck Shilaos


Excused: Boardmember Richard Tatton


 1.        MINUTES - November 10, 2004


MOTION.  Boardmember Wheeler moved that the minutes of the November 10, 2004 meeting be approved as written.  Motion seconded by Boardmember Denison and carried.


 2.        HARD HAT FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE - Final Project Approval and Funding Authorization


Nick Tatton presented a request for final project approval and funding authorization submitted by Hard Hat Furniture and Appliance for safety and code improvements to the building they occupy at 21 West Main Street.  Invoices and cancelled checks have been submitted as proof of payment.  Based on the costs incurred, the reimbursement amount is $1,874.00.  MOTION.  Boardmember Denison moved that the project receive final approval and reimbursement in the above amount.  Motion seconded by Boardmember Wheeler and carried.


MOTION.  Boardmember Denison moved that the meeting adjourn and that the Council Meeting reconvene.  Motion seconded by Boardmember Wheeler and carried.


Meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.







ATTEST:                                                         Joe L. Piccolo, Chairman





Joanne Lessar, Deputy Exec. Director